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This is a helpful guide from Dr. Mercola will help you and your family avoid cancer-causing, toxic health care products.  Print it off and post it somewhere handy.  Remember, if you can’t pronounce the name of the  ingredient, it’s probably not in the product to help you stay healthy!



personal care products

Your skin is your largest organ, and anything you put on it should contain only the best and safest ingredients from nature. So before slathering lotion or body wash on your skin, take a look at this infographic on toxic chemicals found in personal care products. Discover these common yet deadly chemicals and how they can potentially sabotage your health and well-being.

<img src="" alt="personal care products" border="0" style="max-width:100%; min-width:300px; margin: 0 auto 20px auto; display:block;"><p style="max-width:800px; min-width:300px; margin:0 auto; text-align:center;">Your skin is your largest organ, and anything you put on it should contain only the best and safest ingredients from nature. So before slathering lotion or body wash on your skin, take a look at this infographic on toxic chemicals found in 
<a href=""><strong>personal care products</strong></a>. Discover these common yet deadly chemicals and how they can potentially sabotage your health and well-being. </p>
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How can we, as a society claiming to be ‘evolved’ and civilized, continue to overlook the blatant misrepresentation of the facts regarding mental illness, psychopharmacology and conventional treatments of those suffering from normal emotional struggles?  Hundreds of landmark criminal and civil cases and scientific studies have proven that psychiatric treatments of emotional issues are nothing more than a wholesale crimes against humanity.  (more…)

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Canadian governments at all levels are treating Canadians as incompetent, distracted sheeple; corporate interests are proffering ‘corporate-friendly science’ as fact.

Government decisions based on corrupt science ruining Canadian  agriculture and farming culture

Government decisions based on corrupt science ruining Canadian agriculture and farming culture

Bureaucrats are falling over themselves to dignify this fraudulent, biased ‘science’ with legislation that is decimating our agricultural base, wiping out our ‘real’ food supply and turning our health and well-being over to chemical giants like Monsanto, Dow Chemical and others.  Meanwhile, the government itself is firing ethical scientists, corrupting scientific findings everywhere and destroying decades of valuable data and documentation.

We are seeing corrupted seed and agricultural science accepted as legitimate in policy-decisions, while our Canadian farmers are left with entirely unsustainable rules and regulations written by multinational corporations.  It seems that only when the last farmer closes his operation down will we realize that the Monsanto’s of this world are not interested in feeding us, but in polluting our country with mega tons of toxic chemicals.

Here is a link to an article by Ann Slater, VP of the oldest farming organization in Canada — National Farmer’s Union.  This article is a wonderful summary of what we can all see with our own eyes…the corporate take-over of Canada.

Unless you think you can survive on chemicals passing as food forever, please consider taking the time to support the NFU with donations or a membership…you wont’ be sorry at

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Michael Ellner can tell you a thing or two about chronic pain management!  He’s an expert at hypnosis pain relief, providing clients everywhere with an alternative to health-damaging, life-decimating addictive pain medications.  Zohydro, a pure opiate, is sure to add millions more to the rolls of addiction.

Guest Blog By Michael Ellner, CHT   © 2014

Michael Ellner on hypnosis for chronic pain

Michael Ellner on hypnosis for chronic pain

I believe that the last word on the use of prescription drugs for the relief of pain should be between a doctor and his or her patients, however, the fact is that most people living with chronic pain are not aware of the evidence-based alternatives to drugs because their doctors are not aware of alternatives like hypnosis.

A new drug, “Zohydro”, that is set to hit the market, is a cause for serious concern.  This is yet another approval in which the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) ignored their own Advisory Committee which strongly voted against approval (11 votes against and 2 votes for approval)! The FDA’s own Advisory Committee stated, “The FDA should not approve (extended-release and long-acting) opioids without tamper-resistant or abuse-deterrent formulations”.  Quite frankly, this approval should raise a lot of red flags and indicates the urgent need for heads to roll at the FDA!

According to The Partnership of, Attorney Generals from twenty eight states, along with four US senators, have requested the overturn of the FDA approval!  Also, the sale of the Zohydro will be banned in Massachusetts. There is good reason for this because there are many other opioid drugs currently available and there was no need or reason to put Zohydro on the market without first making it tamper-proof to avoid this potent drug’s huge potential for abuse!

As I pointed out, people living in chronic pain are often quite surprised to learn that pain relief without drugs is possible.  But it really is!  Physicians today are educated specifically to prescribe drugs to relieve symptoms and are ignorant of the efficacy of well-documented alternative approaches to pain reduction like hypnosis.  That doesn’t mean that YOU have to be ignorant about the many pain relief benefits of hypnosis as a supplement to or alternative to pain drugs!

The constant wear and tear of chronic pain can undermine a person’s emotional and physical health. What’s worse is that patients who suffer from chronic pain often develop reactions to their pain that actually increase their painful experience. This cycle becomes more powerful over time. Many of these unfortunate sufferers begin to think of their pain as normal and fear they will never be able to enjoy the lives they left behind.

I hope my guest blog helps change their perception.

That brings me back to hypnosis. Hypnosis can help people reduce or eliminate all types of pain – pain that results from injury or diseases, such as cancer and diabetes, as well as the chronic, medically unexplained pain found in syndromes like fibromyalgia and irritable bowel syndrome.

There are many factors that can impact the way a person experiences pain. These include stress, anticipation, arousal, deeply held beliefs, intentions and expectations. Stress, for example, will almost always intensify any pain experience. Alternatively, techniques like hypnosis lead to pain relief. It’s enlightening to know that we can actually change your painful experience by altering your neuro-physio-emotional tone.

Hypnosis works by helping you learn how to creatively manage stress and to increase your coping and self-regulation skills. By itself, this can make the pain feel less urgent and more manageable, thus, putting joy back into life!

Michael Ellner is a certified consulting medical hypnotist and self-help coach in private practice in Pompano Beach, FL.  He teaches advanced courses in medical hypnosis at schools throughout North America, the UK and South Africa and was a featured instructor of accredited continuing medical education courses in hypnotic pain relief at the annual Major Medical PAINWeek conference (2007-2012).  He is the co-author of Hope is Realistic – A PHYSICIAN’S GUIDE TO HELPING PATIENTS TAKE SUFFERING OUT OF PAIN and the lead author of a Peer Reviewed paper, Hypnosis in Disability [PAIN] Settings. More information can be found on his websites: and pompanobeachhypnosis

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CALL to ACTION!  You could be the next to receive an obscenely high hydro bill, so get angry now and join the fight against Ontario Hydro rates to be held April 4th, 2014 at noon at an Ontario town near you.  Check facebook page Join the Fight Against Hydro Rates, click on EVENTS to learn where a rally is organized in your area.  If none in your area is organized yet, start one and list it as soon as possible on the facebook page.

Not only are the Hydro rates obscene, but the new Smart Meters are actually killing people as they blast people inside their homes with microwaves 24/7.  Look up SmartMeterMurder

In Ottawa, Ontario the rally is as follows:


Energy Minister Bob Chiarelli’s Office

2249 Carling Avenue -Ottawa, Ontario

Beginning at 12:00 noon

SEE YOU THERE!   If Canadians do not start to stand together soon, we will all end up homeless.  So please pass this on.

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If you are a dog owner, and especially of a Pit Bull type, you need to know your legal rights, responsibilities and what to do if your dog is involved in an incident.  The current environment is often not friendly to dog owners and especially not to pit bull owners, so being aware and prepared may save you thousands of dollars in damages if your dog harms another animal or a person. Your preparedness may prevent a seizure of your dog.

Know Pet Laws

Know Pet Laws

Whether an altercation is innocent and initiated by your dog or another owner’s, you remain responsible for the actions of your dog.  Pet laws, including leash laws, are often very strict and by-law officers can be unforgiving.  In many instances, by-law officers are not trained in investigation, therefore arming oneself with the right sort of evidence of any altercations can save you a fine, damages and may help you in a legal action whether your dog is falsely accused or you or your dog is the victim.

If your dog initiated an altercation, knowing your rights and responsibilities can assist in mitigating damages.  It is important to know the Dog Owner‘s Liability Act (DOLA).  In particular, if you own a dog that is either a pit bull or a pit bull look-alike, there are particular actions that you should take in order to protect yourself and your dog from possible seizure.

In order to assist dog owners, Terrance Green of Green and Associates has prepared an excellent brochure called You, Your Dog and the Law.  I highly recommend this free information…being prepared may save you having to hire a lawyer to defend your dog.

CLICK HERE for the free downloadable brochure:  You, your Dog & the Law – brochure – 2013

Because the current environment for dogs and dog owners  is not secure or particularly friendly, it is also important to have handy, the name and contact phone number of a lawyer in your area who is well-informed in the area of pet legislation and regulations.  If you are located in the Eastern Ontario region you can contact:

Terrance Green
712-170 Laurier Avenue
Ottawa, Ontario    K1P 5V5                  Phone: 613-560-6565

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Rachel Parent and GMO Labeling

Rachel Parent Schools bully on democratic right to GMO Labelling

Just when we think kids are not paying attention and the new generations, in danger of destruction at the hands of eugenicists such as Gates, Turner, Monsanto and the UN might win, along comes a breath of much needed hope and courage in the form of 14- year old Rachel Parent, an anti-GMO activist demanding GMO Labelling.

See the video of her exchange with Kevin O’Leary who even suggests she is starving children around the world by demanding GMO Labelling and independent scientific testing:

Kevin O’Leary Ignores Canadians’ Democratic Right to GMO Labelling 

This child is not a hair-brained groupie.  She has done her homework, realized that kids her age are dying young of man-made illnesses and is standing up for our democracy.  Mr. Harper, pay attention! This is the way our government is supposed to be acting…not kowtowing to corporate agendas, making secret back room deals that decimate our basic human rights and shoving GMOs down our throats.

(She’s also the founder of the Kids Right to Know GMO Walk.)  See more about this story at  Contribute to her efforts at her website:

Kevin O’Leary Should be Removed from CBC for Attempts to Bully 14-year old Anti-GMO Activist Demanding GMO Labelling and Independent Safety Testing

Kevin O’Leary is a major bully and his kind seem to take over the airways.  He made it clear he doesn’t care about democratic principles or that citizens should be able to decide for themselves what they get to eat….in fact, his disregard for our democracy is so clear that he should not be permitted the platforms he gets on CTV, CBC and other programs such as The Lang and O’Leary Exchange.  He should be removed.

I’ve declined to watch even Shark Tank and other such programs since I saw him bully a young woman into explaining why she had to take a break from her business for a few years…as if that has anything to do with the quality of the investment she was proposing.

Ad nauseam, this classless tyrant repeated the same questions over and over and this child, with none of the experience of a seasoned debater and responding under time constraints calmly left him in the dust with her truth, her facts, her resolve.  She even confidently corrected his deliberate misrepresentation that the government independently safety tests GMO products!

Democratic Right to Food and GMO Labelling Ignored

The issue is clear, we all have a right to know what is in our food and to choose to avoid GMOs if we want to.  And we all have a right to be compensated, including farmer’s whose farms become contaminated with this poison as the GMOs do more and more damage.

This is still a democracy and Monsanto telling us what they want us to hear about their deadly products is not SCIENCE.  Monsanto science is about lying, deceiving, forcing, and making ill millions of unsuspecting people. If their ‘tests’ were reliable, they would not be spending billions to silence real scientists who can prove they are poisoning us deliberately.  They would not be fighting GMO labelling so hard.

Not a single promise GMO companies have made about the reliability and safety of their GMOs have panned out.  Monsanto and the other GMO companies would not have to take over the governments of Canada and the USA to move their agendas.  If their GMOs were so wonderful, they would not be the most hated company in the world.  They would not have to hide the truth, avoid truthful debate, send in bullies to quash protest at being poisoned, and certainly like any product that is supposed to be awesome, they would be labelled.

Rachel Parent raised the important issues around GMOs, to counter O’Leary’s tall tales about how Monsanto will feed the world, by noting for him that studies and experience has shown that GMO crops are actually far less productive then naturally grown crops.  True to form, he would constantly cut her off.  Unperturbed, she still managed to get her point across.  Why is it so important for Kevin O’Leary to prevent us from knowing what is in our food and making our own choices.

O’Leary even suggested she was a ‘shill’ for the anti-GMO movement!  And that she wanted to starve the children of the world!  In fact, it is he who is a ‘shill’ of the lowest form.  By trying to cow this child on TV, he was attempting to send the message to all kids to avoid speaking up or they too will be bullied.  I was supremely disappointed with Amanda Lang…she was quietly standing by watching a major bully and a GMO advocate act in full force on her show!  Yet these are the same hypocrites who tell kids to stand up for those being bullied!  Wonderful example you were Amanda Lang of how to stand up for those being bullied.

Well done Rachel…may the Universe send us many more like you!  Some of us older folk are becoming exhausted with the constant effort it takes to get the inattentive out there to pay attention before its really too late.  Many more have heard you.

GMOs are contaminating farmers fields everywhere, causing tumors, catastrophic illnesses, bankruptcies and suicides, yet Monsanto is protected in the USA by the Monsanto Protection Act which prevents any damages from being recovered through their irresponsibility.  Monsanto has NO background in agriculture, nutrition or food…only in producing gases and substances of mass destruction (DDT, Agent Orange, Sarin Gas, Aspartame just to name a few).

Please join me in calling/writing to Bell Media (who owns CTV amongst others) and CBC (where The Lang and O’Leary Exchange originates) demanding they act to have Kevin O’Leary removed from the airways:

CBC contact information:      

Complete an on-line comment at 

Toll-free phone (Canada only):
TTY/Teletypewriter (Hearing impaired Only): 1-866-220-6045

by mail: 

Audience Relations, CBC,
P.O. Box 500 Station A,
Toronto, ON   M5W 1E6

Bell Media

299 Queen St. W.
Toronto, ON M5V 2Z5
Tel.: 416 384-8000


Grace Joubarne is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and founder of GracePlace Wellness, a freelance writer, blogger (AskGrace!) and decades-long advocate of sustainable living, non-GMO and chemical-free foods, fluoride-free drinking water and alternative health care modalities.  For Grace’s verifiable credentials: .  Your comments are always welcome!

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Vaccine damage linked to autism

Courts: Autism and Vaccines linked

If there was any doubt that many Canadian government bureaucrats and politicians were working for pharmaceutical interests, then this incident should clarify nicely.  Toronto’s Department of Public Health and specifically David McKeown, the city’s medical officer of health has reached right into the USA and lobbied the American network ABC to sack Jenny McCartney from The View before she starts sharing her views on vaccine damages…which no doubt would significantly reduce pharmaceutical profits.  

The Toronto Public Health bunch has started a Twitter campaign (yes, with taxpayer dollars) demanding that she be fired from The View, even before she starts with the popular program, due to ‘concerns’ that her facts about vaccinating little children with poisonous substances may cause people to stop vaccinating their children.  The veiled concern for pharmaceutical profits, however, does not escape any of those following this outright crime against children.  McKeown is reaching into another country to help protect a status quo that is killing and maiming millions of children, by threatening a free citizen of a democracy with loss of livelihood. Vaccines kill…he ignores that fact. (more…)

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Feel safe with hypnotherapy

Eliminate anxiety with hypnotherapy

Believe in yourself and all that you are.  Know that there is something inside you that is greater than any obstacle.         ~Christain D. Larson
The foundation of all life’s successes and positive sense of self is grounded in a belief that one is safe.  The fruits of a strong belief that we are safe include good self-confidence, trust in oneself and life, and gratefulness for being who we are.  These in turn directly influence the choices we make, the actions we take or don’t take and especially how we treat ourselves.

All so-called mental illnesses are a ‘crisis of belief’; hopelessness that one’s safety can ever be assured.  After doing everything society encouraged us to do…follow certain standards, seek specific knowledge, work for certain employers, engage in relationships with those who society approves of and so on, we may well be left empty and anxious about that emptiness.  We may have every material item consumer scientists assure us will make us happy, yet we may well continue to be dissatisfied and despairing that the future is more of the same.  We may have reached the pinnacle of our profession, considered the best parents on the block or the best community volunteer ever, but perhaps we are left feeling not quite accomplished.  We may have become people pleasers out of fear that if we disappoint others, there will be some terrible consequence that we cannot identify or control, all the while seething with resentment because others take advantage of our inability to protect ourselves.  We may faithfully take the antidepressant(s), drink several beers, or smoke a pack of cigarettes, only to find we feel alternately dulled and lifeless or hyper and agitated.  All of these actions we may have taken.  Yet, we still don’t feel quite safe, quite good enough, quite worthy, quite valued…

When we feel ‘unsafe’ we trigger primal responses that ensure we survive.  We are born pre-programmed to find ways to ‘survive’.  Some of that automatic response includes the release of the ‘fight or flight’ hormone called cortisol.  Unfortunately cortisol only makes things worse by fueling the urgency to ‘save’ oneself; it does not allow for rational, objective thinking and problem solving.

By finding creative ways to eliminate the feeling of danger many people refer to as anxiety or fear, the brain, starting in the formative years, develops a set of conditioned responses that will ensure a feeling of survival.  Because these responses do in fact work (that you have survived is proof enough for the brain), an adult becomes a person who is trying valiantly to build a life on a belief system established in early childhood that has at its core, a prevailing feeling of being unsafe.  The problem is that the logical brain (with the minuscule amount of data it has at its disposal) simply cannot figure out what the danger actually is.  It often chooses to react with cortisol to old triggers of the past that it filed away as data – just to be on the safe side – thereby keeping us filled with cortisol, negativity and relentless anxiousness.  Sadly, the harder the brain works to keep us surviving and ‘safe’, the subconscious mind believes we are simply not safe.

People seek healing from their ‘crisis’ sometimes succumbing to therapies that seek to prove them flawed and ‘ill’, resigning themselves to a fate involving addictive chemical concoctions (psychiatric drugs) and electroshock designed to damage their brain without realizing their brain is only doing the job it is required to do by nature.  Like the mailroom boy in a large organization, the brain has nothing to say about the direction our lives will take or why…it simply carries out orders. It reacts as one’s belief instructs it to. There is simply no use blaming the brain as conventional therapies tend to do.

Pharmaceutical drugs, alcohol, pot (cannabis), cigarettes or any other psychoactive drug appears to the brain to be assisting in the survival process because these substances dim, for a while, the strength of the anxiousness and feelings of fear.  In fact, though the person is distracted by the drug’s effects, the actual emotional distress is still very much alive, resurfacing again as soon as the drug’s effects subside.  The brain, conditioned to rely on this relief, though it may be very short-lived, soon becomes dependent and eventually addicted to the substance as a way of generating a feeling of survival.  You will note that I say “feeling of survival’…a feeling of safety.  But in fact the substance is interfering with survival and preventing a true review of what is actually causing the feelings of being unsafe.  The brain is indeed being misled by a feeling of being safe, when in fact the behavior engaged in to produce that feeling is dangerous.

Many people recognize that psychiatric drugs and long talk-therapy cannot overcome issues of ‘belief’ in ones worth and safety.  They reach for therapies that can help them climb yet one more rung on the ladder to complete fulfilment of their own unique journey.  They are looking for a feeling of completeness, of peace, of acceptance, of trust.  Upon finding these aspects of themselves, a feeling of safety prevails, complete with an understanding that natural human feelings are just that, ‘natural’, and an important guidance mechanism.  By taking the natural route to self-fulfilment, they have avoided harming their brain and other organs and especially the resultant life-long withdrawal symptoms and psychotic experiences caused by psychiatric drugs.

The seed of belief that one is unsafe in one’s world is planted in very early childhood.  Thereafter, events occur that will only confirm in that’s persons mind, their view of not being good enough and therefore of not being quite safe in their environment.  Soon, it becomes impossible for that person to allow themselves to trust in the fact the Universe knows precisely what it is doing and regardless what society has presented them with as experience, there is nothing or no one that can diminish their worth and importance to this Universal puzzle we call life.

This is where a qualified regression hypnotherapist can be invaluable.  They can guide a client to that place within themselves where the unproductive belief is found and help to dissolve not only the seed but the roots to all issues of being unsafe using the subconscious mind. They can also help plant a new, productive belief of self-love and self-appreciation, nourish the roots to good self-confidence and gratefulness and build a rock-solid foundation of trust in oneself and one’s Universe. 

Grace Joubarne is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and founder of GracePlace Wellness, a freelance writer, blogger (AskGrace!) and decades-long advocate of sustainable living, non-GMO and chemical-free foods, fluoride-free drinking water and alternative health care modalities.  For Grace’s verifiable credentials: .  Visit her new GracePlace Wellness Blog where your comments are always welcome!




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90 Million people vaccinated with cancer-causing polio vaccine

Polio Vaccine causes Cancer

Time and again we learn that those very government departments and agencies that are supposed to be protecting the public are instead wilfully asleep on the job.  When they do wake up, they minimize, explain away and suppress critical health information.  In fact, they endanger the public.  Because this is the prevailing attitude of these people, should there not be a system where all pharmaceutical products are tested on the government officials and manufacturers first?  If they do not get ill and/or die after a few years then we can pronounce their products safe?  Why does the public have to be the vaccine guinea pig? (more…)

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