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When pharmaceuticals started touting Botox as the slayer of the wrinkle a few years ago, I actually thought people would see through the marketing ploy, take a deep breath and think twice about injecting a deadly substance into their bodies. But by the sounds of things, I guess Botox was just too alluring and vanity won out over common sense. And I lost my bet with a friend who claims that some people will buy into anything and he wishes he could get their names because he has an igloo for sale in Florida.

A few weeks ago I heard on CBC News that some terrible effects (and they skimmed adeptly over the word terrible) were being experienced by people getting therapeutic doses of this poison. The users of Botox found themselves with weakening muscles in areas away from the sites of injection. Now of course, the promoters quickly tried to massage the story down to manageable levels by saying that there is a difference between therapeutic and cosmetic doses and ‘users’ needn’t be concerned if their legs started to feel like their faces..

In the meantime it seems other researchers are saying the exact opposite…that the cosmetic doses were pretty much the same as the therapeutic doses, and indeed there are direct effects in the form of muscle damage being experienced in areas of the body away from the injection site when used for cosmetic purposes.

There would have to be damage. Think of the cumulative effects of injecting poison into any area of the body. Just because you inject it in the face doesn’t mean it’s going to stay in the face muscles…we have circulatory systems and lymphatic systems designed to move things around. Where did people think this Botox was going to go eventually?

What about circulation to the brain and heart (a nice big, important muscle)? Did the promoters of Botox and the many doctors promoting it for cosmetic purposes think that there are little dams in the arteries that allow only certain things to pass on to the rest of the body. And the kidneys and liver have to filter this stuff out of the body…I guess promoters and users figured that a wrinkle-free liver would be a nice accessory.

And to think these doctors went to ‘school’ for years to get this smart!

As long as people are convinced that we can treat the body like a machine, put a part here, remove this part, customize that part and so on, people will get hurt…very hurt. I have no doubt that down the road we will hear many sad stories of Botox users having major heart problems, for starters. I noticed that when the news item mentioned ‘muscle weakness from Botox use’, they did not utter a word about the heart muscle being affected. It may well be that when people start showing up with heart problems they’ll give them a pill for that too and forget to mention the cause of the problem in the first place.

I like wrinkles, I like anything natural…it’s a sign we’ve lived, accepted, participated and earned them. I love smile lines, frown lines and just plain old age wrinkles…tells me a lot about a person…that they are real, have lived real lives and are not hiding behind a mask so I can’t see the real them.

No doubt there will be lots of lawsuits over this…taking more years out of a person’s life. We need to wake up to the fact that pharmaceuticals are medicalizing natural life processes and making us believe they are a disease to sell yet more snake oil…menopause, aging, childhood spontaneity, being poor at math, wrinkles and now of all things, daydreaming…which will be the subject of another blog.

How can a person safely remove this Botox poison from their bodies. My opinion…find a real doctor, with real ethics and heart who is an expert in homeopathic detox. One that I can highly recommend is Dr. Vladimir Topalo, Surrey, BC…he has an on-line consultation service and uses state-of-the art iridology to determine what systems are affected and what remedies are required for the detox.

To quote Dr. Topalo on the subject: “A safe alternative to the Botox is mesotherapy with natural substances that result in a safe homeopathics/vitamins mixture. Hypnotherapy, homeopathy and other natural modalities serve as direct alternatives to Botox. The problem is that North American society is always in search of a quick fix even if it’s only temporary and with side effects. Few want to live the natural way and people fake and substitute everything including their looks in a big way. Since the inner being of human body protests, the conflict then brings depression, anxiety, addictions etc. Media contributes a lot to the problem, heavily promoting celebrities with fake features, many of whom no longer have any single spot of the body left untouched. The bottom line is people don’t want to live naturally, age naturally, be in natural relationships etc and because of this proliferate cosmetic surgery and cosmetic psychiatry.”

Dr.Topalo is absolutely correct about hypnotherapy also being a nice alternative to Botox. I have many clients who have noticed a significant easing of wrinkling after hypnotherapy sessions and I have several clients who book regular appointments for hypnosis relaxation sessions because they realize that when their mind is at ease, their whole body shows it. After hypnotherapy sessions, the face appears calm, with a wrinkle-erasing glowing effect on the skin.

How can a person get happy with who they are just the way they are? I offer hypnotherapy for improved self-esteem, self-acceptance and self-confidence. And it’s all natural, dignified and honors who you really are…and we love your face just the way it is :)

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I’ve lived long enough to notice that when something is working too well, the money makers (Big Pharma, Big Biz, Big Chema) start putting lots of money and time into trying to turn the public against it.

Their attention lately seems to be on Vitamin D which seems to improve health in a myriad of ways. I happened to catch some ‘news’ on CTV recently about the latest ‘study’ by an esteemed government panel of experts on Vitamin D and how it might not be as beneficial as first thought (they didn’t say whose ‘thought’ of course) and that the recommended doses are too high. There was no logical reason to reduce the dosage provided, and no indication of damage or ill health caused by higher doses of Vitamin D….they (the esteemed panel) just wanted people to take less for some vague reason.

This expert mentioned that there was evidence to support the claim that it improved bone health, but he diminished the value of higher doses of Vitamin D by adding that there was no ‘proof’ it helped in other illnesses, as many people claimed it does.

Again, on Sunday, December 5/10 the CBC Radio had an ‘expert’ physician commenting on Vitamin D and how we needed to avoid surpassing the dosages recommended by this new panel.

I can’t see how he could not have been a puppet of the pharmaceuticals. He pushed vagueness with authority I’m not clear he had, since I didn’t hear him say he was a dietician, a nutritional expert, naturopath or that he had training in nutrition beyond the few hours offered in College. This CBC guest was making pronouncements about Vitamin D, apparently based entirely on this ‘study’. It sounded very contrived and apparently this was the only study he was really interested in…that he had not looked for much else. He made questionable comments – that people with mal-absorption problems should have a higher then suggested dose …da! The introduction of more Vitamin D isn’t going to help if the person can’t absorb it in the first place!.

This CBC expert was speaking about how various groups, such as the Cancer Society felt a much high dose of Vitamin D was helpful for some catastrophic illnesses. Of course this expert didn’t explain why they felt this way, he just quickly brushed off their opinions as though it was just a disagreement … an opinion offered by groups who just weren’t as knowledgeable as this panel of experts he was so reliant upon.

And then there is Avis Favaro of CBC who reports on the latest in medicine. I swear that sometimes I can actually see what appear to be strings running from her mouth to some invisible force in the sky. She reports on studies but seems to not be inclined to report on who paid for the study, whether the researchers were those chosen by a pharmaceutical or how big and reliable the study was…she just seems to refer to a ‘study’ and seems to expect people to accept it as gospel. And they call this lop-sided dribble ‘medical news’.

I feel lucky I have a great naturopathic medical doctor who relies on real evidence …. evidence you can feel, touch and see…health and wellness type of evidence. He highly recommended I have 2000 mg of Vitamin D daily based on decades of study of natural preventatives and remedies. When I hear the media reporting on the findings of government studies I am immediately reminded that there is next to no useful distinction between government and pharmaceuticals and that most studies that tend to be ‘against’ something natural somehow have the fingerprint of a pharmaceutical on it.

I think there is an interesting co-relation between reports that one half of the American population was using complimentary and alternative health care last year and the type of biased ‘reporting’ that casts doubt on natural products such as Vitamin D. It seems the more people flock to natural medicine, the more panicky and ridiculous the behavior of the conventional medical community.

Personally, I trust my body and trust nature to provide me with what I need to stay well. I’m no spring chicken, but I feel like one and that’s all the evidence I need.

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I’ve been trying to find out who to write to at Visa and PayPal to protest their violation of my democratic right to freedom of expression and freedom of speech, which I want to exercise by supporting Julian Assange and WikiLeaks.

I was actually naïve enough to believe I could do that…that I was free to send him my donation. Reality certainly hit me hard…like millions of other Canadians I have found myself dictated to by a mighty corporation or two, Visa, PayPal and MasterCard, as to whom I can and cannot support.

What’s worse, while there is a mass violation of millions of Canadian’s right to express their support, there is not a single peep from our government!

I wrote directly to RBC Visa (Royal Bank Visa) and received the responses at the bottom of this post. I wrote to PayPal and obviously they’ve blown me off because there’s not a peep from them.

What a bunch of !#$$%%, as my father would have said. Hiding behind a large corporate fog, claiming they have no influence until the annual meeting of Visa shareholders and if I want to talk with Visa about this violation of my basic freedoms, I can do it at the time of their shareholders’ meeting and what’s more, I need to find out through other sources when that meeting is.

The man (Assange), has never been charged with anything to do with espionage, criminal activity, etc. It’s pretty clear to everyone that he is being framed with these ‘sexual’ charges. While I can use PayPal and Visa to support KKK, pornographers, child molesters and terrorists cells, I cannot support Assange, whose only ‘crime’ was to disseminate information he received from others….as in journalism. It seems the big wigs in US government are stopping at nothing…many people are worried that ‘nothing’ means that they will eventually kill him off.

I hate to be cynical, but this is the nest of people who let loose the CIA and other conscience-less power dealers every time they want to generate more income or get more power somewhere in the world.

I want to support Assange because I am ashamed that all these horrible crimes against humanity, from bank manipulations that cause horrific hardship in people’s lives to illegal wars, are done in my name as a citizen of a country that supports such activity. There should be no secrets from me when they are acting in my name as a citizen of a free country…ever.

According to Norman Solomon, author of War Made Easy: How Presidents and Pundits Keep Spinning us to Death, 15% of the casualties in WW1 were civilians, 65% in WW2 and now more than 90% of the casualties in Iraq have been civilians. Notice the trend? Soon the only way to be sure you are safe will be to enlist in the military!

I happened to come upon a list of the characteristics of a ‘psychopath’ by Michael Conner, Psy.D. (2001). Here are some from that list and I leave it to your imagination as to how well these characteristics fit the ‘leaders’ you know:

• superficial charm (politicians and bankers???)
• self-centered & self-important (politicians, bankers and CEOs????)
• deceptive behavior & lying (ditto???)
• conning & manipulative (ditto???)
• little remorse or guilt (ditto???)
• shallow emotional response (notice how so on National TV as they scurry to cover up their misdeeds)
• callous with a lack of empathy (who cares if 90% of the casualties in Iraq were civilians?)
• living off others or predatory attitude (Big Business, Banks, Monsanto, etc with headliner politicians working for them???)
• poor self-control (as in telling the public anything and everything, none of which is true) Check out some pretty enlightening quotes at Question War which tell us exactly how these people think and feel.
.promiscuous sexual behavior (I’m thinking Clinton and Edwards here and don’t know about the others, but I’ll bet you could have a long list if you wanted to research it)
• early behavioral problems (think the Bush dynasty, lead by Prescott Bush, the patriarch of the Bush dynasty, who said in an interview in 1966: “There are three things to remember: claim everything [that is supposedly good], explain nothing [about what you do behind people’s back], [and] deny everything [when your wrongdoings are revealed].” I believe we are at the ‘deny everything stage now’.
• lack of realistic long term goals (this we’ve all seen for ourselves)
• impulsive lifestyle (start a war or two, ask questions later)
• irresponsible behavior (Iraq, Afganistan, Vietnam, Monsanto, BP, etc)
• blaming others for their actions (starting with Julian Assange and WikiLeaks)
• varied criminal activity (lying, murdering in the name of ‘protecting us’, flying the Bin Laden family out of US without interrogation first…you get the drift)

Enjoy this wonderful article in the “>Huffington Post on the hipocrisies and travesties launched in our names.

In Canada it seems, we sit quietly hoping that we won’t be affected by the chaos around the world… the indifference probably the result of fluoride in the water, causing us to be complacent and placid (side effects of fluoride known since the days of Stalin).

If every conscious American and Canadian would write a protest letter to their heads of government and to these dictator companies, we may avert a world-wide takeover of what’s left of our democracies. Bless people like Assange who have the courage to put their entire lives (he may get killed over this) on the line to make the truth percolate to the top. I can’t wait for him to release information about the robber bankers and the destructive systems they have foisted on us…can’t wait 

Conversation with RBC Visa:

Dear Ms. Joubarne:

My name is Brad, and I’m happy to continue our conversation about Visa Inc.

Thanks for following up–according to Visa’s corporate site, the last annual meeting was held January 20, 2010. It’s likely the next meeting will be held around that time.

You can find Visa Inc.’s investor relations page here:

I would suggest keeping an eye on it to see when the next annual meeting is scheduled.

Thanks for contacting us, Ms. Joubarne, and I trust I’ve pointed you in the right direction. We’ll be happy to help you again if there’s anything else you’d like to discuss.

If you prefer, you can call us any time at 1-800-769-2512. Also, look for the option to chat live with us on select pages on .


Brad Kaine
Customer Service Representative
Royal Bank of Canada

Royal Bank of Canada, © 2010
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— Original Message —
From: “Grace Joubarne”
Received: 12/10/10 8:26:51 PM EST
To: “‘RBC Card Products'”
Subject: RE: Your RBC Royal Bank Credit Card Inquiry
Thank you Brad.
Can you advise when the next shareholders meeting is…the one you mentioned that would allow RBC to bring our protests to Visa’s attention?
RBC is associated with a very undemocratic, tyrannical enterprise. Maybe RBC feels it has to accept that sort of behavior, but I’m a little person and I don’t. That will be the day when I accept that a company like Visa is going to treat me as though I have no right to decide what/who I support with my money.

I look forward to your advisement about this ‘annual meeting’.

I would also appreciate it if you could provide me with the direct address (email or snail mail) where I can personally protest to Visa.

Grace Joubarne

From: RBC Card Products []
Sent: Friday, December 10, 2010 8:13 PM
Subject: Re: Your RBC Royal Bank Credit Card Inquiry <<#1483-1384957#>>


Dear Ms. Joubarne:

My name is Brad, and I appreciate your concern regarding credit card processors’ recent decision regarding Wikileaks.

I would like to thank you, first, for taking the time to write in about this. I know that it’s frustrating to be told who you can or cannot give your money to–and I want to assure you that if it were up to us here at RBC, we wouldn’t prevent you from directing your disposable income to the philanthropic cause of your choice.

That said–as you know, the decision was made by Visa Inc. RBC Royal Bank only sends out the money to pay the merchant/organisation–the Visa network is what makes sure that the payment actually arrives. Unfortunately, Visa has decided not to process any charge to WikiLeaks–which means that since they won’t allow WikiLeaks to receive money, there’s no point in charging it to your RBC credit card.

At the same time, I’ve documented your concern for the RBC feedback department. While we don’t have total control over Visa Inc, we are a shareholder along with every other Visa bank. If enough clients like you raise their voices about an issue they consider to be alarming, there’s little doubt it will become an issue at the next annual meeting.

Thanks for contacting us, Ms. Joubarne, and we appreciate your continued business with RBC Royal Bank. We’ll be happy to help you again if there’s anything else you’d like to discuss.

If you prefer, you can call us any time at 1-800-769-2512. Also, look for the option to chat live with us on select pages on .


Brad Kaine
Customer Service Representative
Royal Bank of Canada

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• – Regular, unencrypted email is not secure. Never include personal or confidential information in a regular email.
• – To discuss your personal information with us safely, send us a message via the RBC Royal Bank Online Banking message centre or one of our other secure message centres, or contact us by phone.
• – RBC will never send a regular email that asks you to provide, confirm or verify personal, login or account information. Also, RBC will never include a link to an online service in a regular email and ask you to sign in using that link. If you receive an email of this type, that appears to be from RBC, please forward it to and then delete it. For more information please visit Email & Website Fraud.

— Original Message —
Received: 12/10/10 12:59:56 PM EST
Subject: Your RBC Royal Bank Credit Card Inquiry

Date : Fri Dec 10 12:58:51 2010
Remote Internet Address :
Browser Identification String : Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 7.0; Windows NT 5.1; GTB6.6; .NET CLR 2.0.50727; .NET CLR 3.0.4506.2152; .NET CLR 3.5.30729; MS-RTC EA 2; MS-RTC LM 8)
Server Address :
Category : Other
Subject of your query : Protest Visa behavior
Name-First Name : Grace
Name-Last Name : Joubarne
Email :
Contact-Contact Via : Email
Comments :
I am a Visa credit card account holder and fervent blogger. I am, by way
of this letter, registering my absolute fury over Visa’s anti-democratic
behavior…that you would think for one minute that you have the right to
interfere with my support of any person or organization I choose,
particularly when that person and organization has never been found guilty
of any crime is very upsetting.

I am giving Visa a week to reverse their decision to engage in tyrannical
and controlling behavior otherwise I am going to apply for and use a non
MasterCard and non-Visa affliated credit card. And, I will encourage all
my blog readers to do the same en-masse.

I look forward to your speedy response to my concerns,

Grace Joubarne, CCHt, LAPHP, MH
613-422-7027 or 1-888-390-3553


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Si vous recevez ce courriel par erreur, veuillez m’en aviser immédiatement,
par retour de courriel ou par un autre moyen.

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Now that the truth has come out about Botox and how it is affecting muscles in the body away from the injection site, suddenly cosmetic surgeons are all high on moving the fat from your body to your face to fill it in or somehow ‘improve’ it. They are even suggesting a person store their fat in case they need it at a later time!

You have to give these cosmetic surgeons and ‘doctors’ high marks for ingenuity….they can see people dropping Botox like the poison it is and their bank accounts suddenly becoming in need of an injection. It seems that they have been using fat to restore damaged areas since the late 1800’s, but now, since the 1980s, have been promoting the concept for the cosmetic enhancement of butts, breasts, and penises . Yet again, they’ve ratched up the marketing to where this is touted as the way to have a beautiful face.

One can have a lovely face if they don’t mind the side effects…some temporary, if your lucky and some of the permanent type…death. In the case of the former Miss Argentina, Solange Magnano, the gluteoplasty led to pulmonary embolism, which she succumbed to on November 29, 2009 after three days in critical condition. A close friend, Roberto Piazza, was quoted as saying the liquid from the injections “went to her lungs and brain.”

Besides the possibility of death and other horrific side effects, the problem with this whole idea is that toxins are stored in the fat…and there have never been more toxins in our bodies in the history of mankind. Why would someone want to recyle something that contains toxins of all kinds to their face?

In my view this procedure would suddenly cause major toxins of all kinds from food-borne toxins to environmental toxins and additives to be concentrated in the face in one fell swoop…a face won’t know what hit it! Toxins are accumulated in various body areas over time…injecting this toxin-riddled fat all at once should nicely overwhelm the supporting tissues and cause all sorts of skin problems….for which they undoubtedly have a pill just right for that too.

Again, I offer that if you don’t like your face, are not satisfied with yourself for any reason, contact a good hypnotherapist and get to the subconscious reason for your dissatisfaction before you make yourself really ill (or dead) doing all sorts of invasive stuff. You are just fine being You the way you are…

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