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The Mayo Clinic among many other major IBS research facilities spearheaded countless studies on IBS over the last 20 years and found that it was not caused by dietary/nutritional/bacterial problems and attention to diet has never provided permanent relief. Indeed, one’s doctor would have checked for this as well as for parasites and pathology before settling on the diagnosis of IBS. In fact, research shows that many sufferers have a perfect balance of digestive enzymes and gut bacteria, leaving stress and cortisol the likely culprits.

Dr. Grant Thompson, one of the world’s leading authorities on IBS concluded in his review of drug management of IBS “the sheer number and variety of drugs sold for IBS treatment are testimony to their collective uselessness (Thompson, 1994). There is occasionally temporary relief of symptoms by diet control.

Permanent response of IBS to hypnotherapy treatment is in 80-95% range (studies: Whorwell et all 1984,1987), Palsson et al 1997,2000). They concluded it is a comfortable, relaxing and enjoyable treatment, without side-effects, often resulting in significant improvement or complete dissolution of other problems usually found with IBS, such as headaches.

According to solid data by IBS expert Michael Mahoney, Hypnotherapy has proven highly effective in alleviating IBS symptoms. In his 15 year scientific research, it is shown that it is safe and inexpensive and conclusively shows Hypnotherapy routinely produces positive results in over 85% of the people who use it.

Adriane Fugh-Berman, MD, Chair of the National Women’s Health Network in Washington DC stated because of it’s efficacy Hypnotherapy should be the treatment of choice for IBS before drugs or the humiliating treatments are tried.

Journal of Gastroenterology: Dr. Peter James Whorwell, Manchester, UK, a world leader in IBS research, reported significant benefits of Hypnotherapy in all gastrointestinal disorders, particularly IBS. Many studies in pain management at Case Western Reserve University, found Hypnotherapy to be a very valuable and reliable tool.

The BMA (British Medical Association Journal) specialist publication “Gut” reported a long term study of more then 200 IBS patients and found 71% of patients had permanent improvements with 8-12 sessions and that this was faster, more cost-effective treatment then the temporary fixes of medicine and surgery. The UK government operates hypnotherapy clinics for IBS sufferers and their results are phenomenal as well.

Hypnotherapy is not counseling (talk-therapy) in the sense people are accustomed to. Hypnotherapy works with the subconscious mind of a person to convince it to normalize body functions. It guides a person into a state of relaxation and lower brain-wave frequency that allows that person’s subconscious to accept direct suggestions about gut function, as well as to help reduce the sufferer’s reaction to stress.

Whether stress is/was the precipitating reason for the development of IBS, stress affects all bodily functions and distorts memory and thought…those are also very well researched facts. People under stress get headaches, irritability, etc. etc., therefore it is not hard to see how stress could impact the way their digestive tract functions. The reason for the stress may be long gone, but the memory of the events may well work subconsciously.

It only stands to reason that if a person is stressed and they hold the stress in, their entire body will be tense. If the entire body is tense long enough, not only their breathing, but other bodily functions are affected…affected long enough, the effect becomes permanent. Just as people subjected to prolonged stress soon become shallow breathers, many people subjected to prolonged stress also develope digestive problems.

The common thread for all sufferers I have worked with is how they have learned to manage stress…many of those who internalized stress ended up with gastro-intestinal issues. There are many forms of stress…physical, mental, emotional. Therefore it is not only the source of the stress, but how the person has learned to manage stress that factors in. There is a great deal of stress associated with having to manage a life with IBS for instance.

My Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) treatment program therefore targets not only the resumption of normal gut behavior, but the sufferer’s reaction to stress. If the stress is emotional and is tied to past unresolved events, then those old memories are neutralized in hypnosis as well, so that they no longer impact the sufferer’s current life.

IBS can start in childhood, as children have even less opportunity to relieve emotional and mental stress. It is not something that starts overnight and it takes years to manifest as full-blown IBS, a syndrome that often gets worse with time, severely interfering with a person’s quality of life and mobility.

In the past it was thought that diet/enzymes, etc. caused IBS, however better information through research is conclusive on that issue now…certain foods can cause a worsening of the symptoms in some people some of the time, but they are not the cause of IBS and attention to this, as many have discovered, does not relieve IBS symptoms.

The program used at GracePlace Wellness focuses on resolving the emotional root-cause of the sufferers anxiety and once that has been completed, attention is directed toward teaching the client new ways to manage stressors in their lives, so that their reactions result in the release of calming hormones into their bodies rather than the damaging stress hormone cortisol.

I see many clients with IBS…always there is ‘stress’ factoring in, whether it is recognized or not. Some may be from past unresolved events and always there is some accumulated from having to deal with this suffering. To heal through Hypnotherapy it is not necessary to believe in hypnosis, hypnotherapy or even agree on the causes….it just works because the subconscious mind is convinced.

Using my emotional freedom program, which targets and resolve the root cause of the high anxiety levels which manifest as Irritable Bowel Syndrome, my success rate has been over 90% .

In the end, it doesn’t matter what the stressor is, the subconscious mind can be convinced to resolve the issue and restore normal gut function and that is what is important. Working with the subconscious mind while a person is in a relaxed hypnotic state is the purview of a competent hypnotherapist specializing in IBS symptom relief….that is why hypnotherapy is fast becoming the treatment of choice for permanent IBS symptom relief world-wide.

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It is astounding on many levels how parental indifference can impact a child’s life and society. My practice sees many children who have been handed the latest technology and ‘allowances of money’ only to find themselves trying to manage fear, insecurity and intense loneliness alone. I meet many parents who have no idea what is going on in their child’s life or where they are when not home.

Time after time I interview children in my hypnotherapy practice whose parents have treated them as apprenticing adults – little people expected to have the experience and knowledge of most adults – while the children became increasingly more unable to cope with the onslaught of stressors such as cyber bullies, junk foods entirely lacking nutrition, violence and sex on TV and intense loneliness and despair.

Increasingly children are expected to make their way in life without the guidance they need to remain safe and secure. Many children get to interact with their parents in a meaningful way for barely a few minutes each day, yet quality time with at least one parent for several hours per day is vitally important to a young mind struggling to understand a world he/she has no experience with.

It seems that the more parents rely on technology including TV and communication devices, such as cell phones, to educate and ‘babysit’ their children, the bond between parent and child is strained and the education about life the child receives is seriously deficient in the aspects that would be in the child’s best interest. TV commercials make children lifelong consumers of junk food and unhealthy habits and the TV ‘sex and violence’ programming is surely the biggest culprit in selling early sex, unhealthy lifestyles and aggressive behavior to children as the way to live.

We now have the highest rate of child and teen suicide in history. Children are not at fault for being unable to manage in a world that is becoming increasingly more frightening and dangerous. It is the parents’ responsibility to ensure that a child feels safe and secure, loved and lovable as they make their way through life. It is a parents’ obligation to be there physically and emotionally for a child…it is not enough to give them money and tell them to find something to eat.

We need to get back to letting children be children and to acting like nurturers and caring human beings toward our children to ensure they feel confident in themselves, are learning, feeling safe and secure, loved and lovable, protected and cared about. That requires parental involvement in the child’s life…parental time and physical presence, understanding, caring and love on a daily basis.

I have yet to meet a cell phone or IPod which could replace a real live caring caregiver. I have seen the devastation of a child raised by the TV set…fearful, lacking confidence, helpless, soaked in beliefs that violence is standard fair in our world and that junk food is all there is to eat.

I hear children say they feel invisible, worthless, less than nothing, not even as good as the household pet which gets the extra attention they crave. I see children crying because they are scared, lonely and feel helpless to be able to change their circumstances. They cannot articulate what they need; all they know is that they don’t have ‘it’. It seems that intense loneliness from spending so much time alone is the prevailing condition in children today.

I have yet to hear a child say they felt unhappy because they didn’t receive the latest most popular runners, the latest technology or the clothes that are in fad. But I routinely hear them complain that mom and dad never make time for them, that they aren’t important in their house because mom/dad spends more time with the pet. Many have said they wished they were a dog or cat so mom/dad would pat them too. One child said that if he were a dog, his mom would tell him she loved him too because she always told the dog she loved it, but never him.

I personally think the most loving thing any parent can do for their children is give them their time…real quality time. Not time spent watching TV together, but real time walking outdoors or playing together, for example. Get rid of the TV; limit cell phone and technology use to a half hour per day. Monitor all texting and calls to be certain your child is not trying to manage bullies and inappropriate ‘friend’ behavior. Help them with their homework, insist on sit-down meals….walk, talk, love with them!

Remember that children grow up to be adults with a vivid memory of how you made them feel! If they are not your priority and first love now, don’t expect to be theirs later.

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Diabetics need to know that they do not have to avoid all sweetners…yes, white sugar and artificial sweetners are extremely unhealthy…but natural source sweeteners such as Coconut Nectar are not only wonderful tasting, but they provide a great deal of nutrition along with a very low average Glycemic Index (GI) of 35.

Coconut nectar ingredients include an abundant source of minerals, 17 amino acids, Vitamin C, B Vitamins, naturally contains a prebiotic and it has a nearly neutral pH. Raw coconut sap is grown without chemicals, pesticides or herbicides and the process does not require heating and extensive processing as do other syrups such as maple and agave. This product is a raw syrup that is enzymatically alive, gluten free, non-diary, vegan and GMO free.

Coconut nector is different from coconut water and milk. It is tapped from the tree blossoms themselves, thus it is environmentally safe and does not damage the tree in any way. The health benefits, especially to diabetics is amazing.

Coconut Nector typically contains as low as 0.5% glucose, 1.5% fructose, 16% sucrose and 82% inulin. It has a naturally mild, sweet flavor and because it is free of coconutty essence, it can be used in limitless ways…anywhere you would use other syrups (pancakes, toppings) or sugar (tea, coffee, beverage sweetner, baking etc).

This indeed is a blessing for those suffering diabetes and those who wish to avoid the disease in the first place, as it is supports health and makes it possible for everyone to have their sweet tooth satisfied without regret.

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Eczema is a common skin disorder which has an inflammatory and itching component no matter which of the many types one may have.  It is a condition often found in children and the cause is unknown.  What’s more there is supposedly no cure. However, I did finally beat eczema and my experience may help you.

In 2009 I was diagnosed with eczema after a year of suffering with increasingly larger areas of itchy skin patches  on my face, which turned bright red, became very dry and scaly…and embarassing!  The local doctor told me it was a skin disorder for which there was no known cause and no cure.  She offered me her only solution…steriods.

Because I had always had excellent skin, especially on the face, this created a great deal of additional stress and now I realize that the additional stress only enouraged greater areas of my face and neck to be affected.  As well, my facial skin became excessively dry no matter what moisturizer I used, as did my hands, despite my being a heavy water drinker and consumer of organic only foods and drinks. I also do self-hypnosis daily and I believe in the end this helped considerably in preventing the condition from affecting my entire body.

Baffling and frustrating are understatements that only touch the surface of how I felt as I tried to understand this entire situation …adding to the stress!  I was not about to take steriods, being completely aware of the adverse health effects it has over time.  So what did I do?

First I consulted with Dr.Topalo, a medical doctor who treats only with natural remedies and he advised me that while I’m a laid-back person who is usually very calm, I am always very busy, sometimes taking on more than I should.  My iridology report showed that I had been subjected to high stress levels…indeed, in 2008 I had been through a very sad and demoralizing situation and shortly thereafter the first little spot showed up. A good detox was in order for certain!

I  took Dr.Topalo’s liver detox remedy and I felt considerably better…and I reduced my workload and other stressors.  I felt great, but the skin eruptions continued although significantly diminished in severity, each time encompassing yet another small area of my face.  But the cummulative effect of all these little spots turning bright red and violent-looking over almost 2 years was taking its toll.  My forehead had become fully affected in the area above my eyebrows, on both sides of my nose I had major rough spots and so too down my cheeks, around my mouth and on one temple.  Sometimes the itchiness was distracting and relentless, even at night when I was asleep.

Finally, roughly 5 months ago, I decided to look into all of the products (yes, all of them natural) that I was using.  I also started using Traumeel, a homeopathic cream which pretty much eliminated the itchiness and reduced the redness.  I took Bach Rescue Remedy and it seemed the redness and breakouts diminished yet again in both severity and frequency. But, I did continue to have very mild eczema outbreaks from time-to-time.

As I was eliminating one thing after the other from my diet and my skin care products and then re-introducing them one at a time to learn whether I might be allergic to something, I discovered that I was reacting to glycerin (vegetable glycerin) products.  Many soaps and most facial cleansing products contain some glycerin.  As I don’t wear makeup, I decided to wash my face only with warm water.  Also, at this time, I noticed that the rest of my body was just fine…not dry, not itchy, not breaking out.  This suggested that whatever I was using outside the shower was the culprit as it affected my face and hands….I was not using glycerin products in the shower!

Once I stopped using glycerin (which is a natural product) I had no further breakouts.  But I did continue to have a very slight dryness to my facial skin.  I reviewed all my products and sure enough, there were one or two which contained very slight amounts of glycerin.  When I eliminated those, all breakouts stopped, my skin is clear and supple and there is no hint I ever had such angry looking rashes and such a disconcerting skin disorder.

Today I can see that the severe stress I was under in 2008 set my skin up for trouble… not only because of the cortisol released into the body during stress reactions, but because it depleted my immune system.  Perhaps my skin was not fond of glycerin in the past, but now that stress had compromised it’s ability to heal itself, the dislike of glycerin was perfectly evident.

So, if you are suffering eczema, I suggest you try what worked for me…identify and reduce stress, get a good liver detox, take Bach Rescue Remedy to help you remain calm in stressful situations, use Traumeel ointment to quell the itchiness and redness and eliminate glycerin or any other ingredient you discover exacerbates the problem. And don’t forget to meditate or do self-hypnosis!

I don’t believe there was only one culprit at work here…it was just a set of circumstances that made the situation come to a head.

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