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Growing up with low self-esteem

Child with low self-esteem

Resisting the constant pull of persistent negative emotional feelings is de-energizing and physically draining ; emotional and physical well-being is not sustainable under the burden of low self-worth and low self-esteem, in large part because it takes a great deal of energy to think and act positively and productively when we simply don’t feel great about ourselves. (more…)

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Canadian Democracy Needs Your Help!

Canadian Democracy at High Risk

Enforcement of a country’s democracy determines the state of its food security, drinking water, air and independence of its government from the influence of corporate corruption and greed.  Canada has been taken over by pharmaceuticals, biotechnology companies and corruption in government.  Citizens are becoming very angry. (more…)

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This is a question I have been asked many times in my career as a Clinical Hypnotherapist.  As a prerequisite to becoming a clinical hypnotherapist, I had to acquire my Hypnotist and Master Hypnotist certifications; I therefore feel I can answer this question with insight and accuracy.  As well, (more…)

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Plain Language Labelling Will Save Lives

Plain Language Labelling Will Save Lives

It’s a travesty that it took 13 years of cajoling  to get government to do a bit of its job for Canadians, but finally,  drug labels to warn patients about the true risks associated with prescription and over-the-counter drugs will now be mandated.  On June 14th, 2013,  Canada’s Minister of Health, Leona Aglukkaq, and Terence Young, MP for Oakville, ON  announced Plain Language Labelling Initiative  in Toronto. (more…)

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Municipal Bullying causes distress

Municipal harassment and abuse causes mental health issues in property owners.

Canadian law favors those with deep pockets…corporations, municipalities and governments.  Ontario Landowner’s Association (OLA) is setting up a litigation fund to help the disadvantaged and bullied…learn why you should help.  Property owners are some of the most victimized, suffering alone because the cost of legal assistance is prohibitive.  One’s health is severely affected when overwhelmed and victimized by a system so out of balance there is little recourse or democracy left.  (more…)

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Fluoride Causes Cancer, Does not Prevent Tooth Decay

Fluoride Does Not Prevent Tooth Decay – It Causes Cancer!

Think that your fluoridated drinking water is safe? Think again!  Top cancer researchers are showing that fluoride  causes more human cancer death and causes it faster than any other chemical. Millions of people are made ill by the very same toxic ‘treatment” reportedly used by Hitler to control & sterilize victims of his concentration camps.  Read this  example of what fluoride in drinking water will do to a human. (more…)

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