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Money and Fame Likely to Produce Unhappiness and Illness: Study

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Did you know research is showing that having an abundance of money, good looks and lots of admirers can actually make you feel less happy? As a Clinical Hypnotherapist, I see many clients caught in the web of chasing the wrong goals in life.

According to the latest research, published in the June issue of the Journal of Research in Personality which seems to confirm what Clinical Hypnotherapists have always known, goals are important, but the ones we are traditionally raised to believe are most important to our wellness and happiness often turn out to leave us wanting on a deeper emotional and psychological level.

Researchers studied 147 alumni from two universities during their second year after graduation. The post-graduates (chosen because the 2 years after graduation seem to be the most pivitol to the later success of graduates), were assessed on satisfaction with life, self-esteem, anxiety, physical signs of stress, and the experience of positive and negative emotions.

Respondents also reported on whether they had reached their extrinsic goals (money, looks, etc) and intrinsic goals (helping others, community involvement, deep enduring relationships, etc) and to what degree.

The conclusion was that in accordance with the pscyological belief that the more you are committed to a goal the more likely you are to achieve it, most respondents did succeed in reaching their goals. But the satisfaction derived from the success depended on the type of goal (extrinsic or intrinsic).

Contrary to the psychological tradition which holds that all goals succeeded will result in wellness, this study showed the achievement of extrinsic goals involving money and image-making actually resulted in unwellness and even illness. Materialistic goals resulted in more frustration, anger, stress reactions and the like…all illness-related emotions and behaviors.

In complete contrast, those seeking intrinsic goals (community service, helping others, close relationships) were much more satisfied with their lives. These post-graduates expressed gratitude, wellness, feelings of positive emotion, balance and harmony.

Check out the video about this study: “Money vs.Happiness” video produced by ScienCentral (May 14, 2009).

If you have been conditioned to chase the goals that leave you only temporarily satisfied and want to learn how to connect with your deeper needs and aspirations, contact a competent and qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist. At GracePlace Wellness we guide clients to emotional and physical wellness,by helping them redirect their energies from materialistic goals to more satisfying intrinsic aspirations. This is done through the use of the subconscious mind…the seat of all achievement.

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