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Grace Joubarne

Welcome to Ask Grace! – here you will find help and everyday answers to everyday problems.  I’d love to get your feedback.  While I don’t really want to get into debates and politics, anything you can and want to add that would help folks keep healthy and happy would be very welcome!

I’m a clinical hypnotherapist and one of my passions is helping children, teens and adults  navigate the challenges and stressors we all face today. 

Through my parenting project Good Kids on Purpose™ I help parents by teaching them techniques and an understanding of how children’s minds develop.  Quickly, with the awareness I impart, parenting becomes a joy and win-win situation for all, especially the kids who are inherently so unequipped to deal with today’s heavy stress load.

I’ve travelled the road to emotional wellness from a childhood of hardship to reach  happiness and contentment. Today I am relentless in my goal that everyone willing to heal themselves be afforded the experience this life-saving healing modality offers.

My personal journey and the journey I’ve  taken with many now-happy clients has forever convinced  me that healing is about working with the entire being … mind, body and spirit.  I believe, based on my  own life experience and those of my clients, that medications and surgery cannot fix what originates in the soul/subconscious.

I live  a natural lifestyle, embracing organic foods, recycling and activities that honor our connection with all of creation. In addition to assisting clients to self-heal through hypnotherapy,  I enjoy sharing knowledge I gained from decades of natural living by teaching clients how to read product labels, how to acquire the healthiest of food and how to protect themselves from toxic products and so on.

I am available for presentations, workshops (including intensive parenting workshops through the Good Kids on Purpose project) and group sessions.

Anytime you have a question or concern and prefer to contact me directly please feel free to do so at .  I assure you privacy and confidentiality  at all times.  I know that hypnotherapy helps most of the people, young and old, most of the time, so I am always  happy to share my knowledge and skills.  Please note that any comments I post are intended to be educational and not a subsitute for proper medical advice or the expert guidance of a properly trained hypnotherapist.

My dream is to see every child grow up happy and well-adjusted, resilient and resourceful, confident and content…maybe it seems overly optimistic, but I know that without a dream to shoot for, nothing can happen.   My other equally powerful dream is to see all adults live happily and to their potential in all ways good.

Join me in my dream to leave this world a happy, productive place for future generations.

Note:  I want to thank  some people who have been especially thoughtful in helping me develop my website and blog…as anyone who knows me knows, I don’t consider all this technology stuff terribly delightful, but realize it’s a necessary evil.  Dale Campbell of has been an amazing source of inspiration and technical  knowledge and she is responsible for setting up my blog and designing my website, which I hope you’ll visit soon.  As well, a friend, John Smith of Ottawa has given me loads of technical assistance and has been so very patient in teachning me Adobe Photoshop.  I thank so very much Dr. Vladimir Topalo  (surely the most gifted naturopathic physician anywhere) for his inspiration and encouragement as I tackle my dreams.

And….a heartfelt thank you to my many clients who inspire me with their goodness and determination.  Love and thanks to my friends and family!


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