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About GracePlace Wellness™

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My practice is GracePlace Wellness™ located in Ottawa, the Nation’s Capital. The office is double sound-proofed, very private and easily accessible by public transit or vehicle.

Belleville and area residents can access the benefits of my satellite office in Belleville, Ontario. Clients simply contact me at my  main Ottawa office either by phone or  e-mail .  Feel free to leave a message and I’ll call you back on my dime.

My website  offers about 60 pages of important information on hypnotherapy and emotional wellness.  Again, please call  anytime for a free telephone consult (limited to 15-20 minutes).

The GracePlace Wellness™ approach is to assist, guide, coach and motivate clients to realize their personal life goals through the use of the art and science of hypnotherapy. I believe emotional freedom facilitates the living of life unlimited in all ways good.   My role is one of guide to achieve this state of wellness.

I can provide evening and weekend appointments to those who are unable to manage day appointments due to work or other inflexible commitments. I make every effort to remove all barriers to becoming emotionally free and unlimited.

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