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Are There Any Justifiable Reasons for Using Psychiatric Drugs on Children?

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In my view there are not and I feel strongly that there are many justifiable reasons for referring to the drugging of children to manage so-called behavioral problems what it is…a form of child abuse. Just who is advocating for the child when he is accused of misbehaving? And, why should it be a crime punishable by ill health and life damaging drugs? Ethical doctors and scientists all over the world are calling for a ban on the psychiatric drugging of children.

Children are born loving and with a desire to please…this is consistent with the unconscious need to be accepted and therefore to survive. If a child is acting out, that child is trying to say something he is not linguistically able to express. He is frightened, feeling threatened and doing the best he can to survive with the little experience he has with life.

I have seen countless beautiful children in drug-induced stupors…on Ritalin, Concerta, Adderal, Prozac and so on. Once I get information from the caregivers, it often becomes apparent that the medications are to serve the agenda of the caregiver. More often then not, I learn those parents and caregivers have busy lifestyles and little time to spend with their children; the children are lonely and feel abandoned. They arrive at school, to a world that is even scarier then home with all its stressors. School may pose many hazards…bullying, incompetent and abusive teachers, and impossibly long days that would tire a healthy adult.

There is mounting evidence that the drugging of children is done to cover up neglect and abuse of all kinds at home. What better way to ensure that a child being sexually molested or physically assaulted can’t alert the authorities. All such abusers need do is take the child to the nearest psychiatrist and he comes out with a perfect way to avoid detection.

All sorts of chemicals and toxins in the environment can cause a negative reaction in a child and TV and video games are damaging to all little children. This was shown in research done in Australia not long ago. Then there are the additives in food and the lack of real nutrition…how can anyone expect a child to learn if he is tired, hungry, wired on sugar and neglected?

There should be a law to ensure that before any drugs are forced onto a child, all possible stressors are completely eliminated from that child’s world. With such a law it is quite likely no child would ever be on medication and Big Pharma would not like that much would they? And maybe some parents/caregivers wouldn’t either.

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