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Attack on Vitamin D Sounds Like Pharmaceutical Panic

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I’ve lived long enough to notice that when something is working too well, the money makers (Big Pharma, Big Biz, Big Chema) start putting lots of money and time into trying to turn the public against it.

Their attention lately seems to be on Vitamin D which seems to improve health in a myriad of ways. I happened to catch some ‘news’ on CTV recently about the latest ‘study’ by an esteemed government panel of experts on Vitamin D and how it might not be as beneficial as first thought (they didn’t say whose ‘thought’ of course) and that the recommended doses are too high. There was no logical reason to reduce the dosage provided, and no indication of damage or ill health caused by higher doses of Vitamin D….they (the esteemed panel) just wanted people to take less for some vague reason.

This expert mentioned that there was evidence to support the claim that it improved bone health, but he diminished the value of higher doses of Vitamin D by adding that there was no ‘proof’ it helped in other illnesses, as many people claimed it does.

Again, on Sunday, December 5/10 the CBC Radio had an ‘expert’ physician commenting on Vitamin D and how we needed to avoid surpassing the dosages recommended by this new panel.

I can’t see how he could not have been a puppet of the pharmaceuticals. He pushed vagueness with authority I’m not clear he had, since I didn’t hear him say he was a dietician, a nutritional expert, naturopath or that he had training in nutrition beyond the few hours offered in College. This CBC guest was making pronouncements about Vitamin D, apparently based entirely on this ‘study’. It sounded very contrived and apparently this was the only study he was really interested in…that he had not looked for much else. He made questionable comments – that people with mal-absorption problems should have a higher then suggested dose …da! The introduction of more Vitamin D isn’t going to help if the person can’t absorb it in the first place!.

This CBC expert was speaking about how various groups, such as the Cancer Society felt a much high dose of Vitamin D was helpful for some catastrophic illnesses. Of course this expert didn’t explain why they felt this way, he just quickly brushed off their opinions as though it was just a disagreement … an opinion offered by groups who just weren’t as knowledgeable as this panel of experts he was so reliant upon.

And then there is Avis Favaro of CBC who reports on the latest in medicine. I swear that sometimes I can actually see what appear to be strings running from her mouth to some invisible force in the sky. She reports on studies but seems to not be inclined to report on who paid for the study, whether the researchers were those chosen by a pharmaceutical or how big and reliable the study was…she just seems to refer to a ‘study’ and seems to expect people to accept it as gospel. And they call this lop-sided dribble ‘medical news’.

I feel lucky I have a great naturopathic medical doctor who relies on real evidence …. evidence you can feel, touch and see…health and wellness type of evidence. He highly recommended I have 2000 mg of Vitamin D daily based on decades of study of natural preventatives and remedies. When I hear the media reporting on the findings of government studies I am immediately reminded that there is next to no useful distinction between government and pharmaceuticals and that most studies that tend to be ‘against’ something natural somehow have the fingerprint of a pharmaceutical on it.

I think there is an interesting co-relation between reports that one half of the American population was using complimentary and alternative health care last year and the type of biased ‘reporting’ that casts doubt on natural products such as Vitamin D. It seems the more people flock to natural medicine, the more panicky and ridiculous the behavior of the conventional medical community.

Personally, I trust my body and trust nature to provide me with what I need to stay well. I’m no spring chicken, but I feel like one and that’s all the evidence I need.

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