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BEWARE FLUORIDATED DRINKING WATER: True story of Fluoride Poisoning

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Fluoride Causes Cancer, Does not Prevent Tooth Decay

Fluoride Does Not Prevent Tooth Decay – It Causes Cancer!

Think that your fluoridated drinking water is safe? Think again!  Top cancer researchers are showing that fluoride  causes more human cancer death and causes it faster than any other chemical. Millions of people are made ill by the very same toxic ‘treatment” reportedly used by Hitler to control & sterilize victims of his concentration camps.  Read this  example of what fluoride in drinking water will do to a human.

A Story Of Fluoride Poisoning (Short Version 2012.04.13)

by victim Richard Hudon, Ottawa, Ontario Canada (reprinted with permission)
I was unwittingly fluoride poisoned by successively more powerful doses of fluorinated antibiotics in 1989. With exposure to more Fluoride from water, in all beverages and foods, and other modes of exposure, because it’s in the water, I eventually developed Fibromyalgia of which Fluorine, Chlorine and Bromide ingestion are affective causative or aggravating agents. More on the others at some other time. I was formally diagnosed in 1996 by a very good rheumatologist.

My condition worsened rapidly with poor nutritional choices and I became effectively disabled and had to retire on a disability pension in 1999 while working at Canada Post head office. By Jan 2009 I was on 500 mg of morphine per day, two other pain killers, over a dozen other pharmaceuticals and still in excruciating pain; the other drugs were for drug side effects and opportunistic illnesses as a result of general immune system degeneration.

By sometime in late 2005 I had started researching natural cures for arthritic pain, since I had perceived that Fibromyalgia had a large arthritic pain component. I began trying out product after product and modifying my diet due to research until in March 2009, something clicked and I began experiencing some healing. It was dramatic! The product goes under the name of Vital-3.

As a newsletter subscriber to Dr. Mercola, I received a notice in late June 2010 that essentially said that some drink was damaging thyroid, brain cells etc (it was water!) and so I went to his web site and listened to his interview with Dr. Paul Connett and the fluoride connection to disease. This led me to attend Dr. Connett’s Fluoride conference in Canton, NY, on July 24-25 2010 where I learned, among other things, about the fluoride connection to Fibromyalgia.

I became very angry as a result of this new revelation, but I was motivated to research fluoridation more in depth and found out about how it also contributes to other ailments, via the Fluoride Action Network (FAN), and the Second Look web sites, and numerous research articles, papers and scientific reports. My superior IQ, though much impaired by fluoride chemicals and other toxins, still allowed me to assimilate and understand much of what I was reading. I was appalled, cried a lot, and began to organize a fluoridation cessation group in Ottawa with 2 other persons who had gone to that Conference and the help of Diane Sprules, Ontario coordinator for cessation contacts fed to her by the Mercola web site and the FAN.

The struggle is not going as well as I would like it to, but I know things will improve over time. There are over 800 people who have agreed to become my Facebook friends from messages to do so on the strength of that message. There is little motivation at this moment for these people to activate, but this may also change in time. I’m still seeking a key to make that happen!

Meanwhile, I’ve been stirring up the pot, as the saying goes. I made a significant contribution to creating a national network of activists in groups that support one another using social networking and emails. There are over 60 such groups across Canada at this time.

The Ottawa Facebook group and fan page continue growing in numbers as is my personal page.

The medical bureaucrats and supporters who promote fluoridation are known to misbehave by attempting to discredit and stop all truth seekers and spreaders on fluoridation and do all they can to prevent us from spreading the truth about this poison. A short explanation of why and how I have obtained my fluoridation knowledge and why I have become a “cessationist”

There’s more work to be done and it is becoming more and more clear what that is. Action sometimes speaks louder than words and are needed here. As the project matures in my mind, so are actions taking shape. We have an action plan and it will be implemented as time passes.

Sorry at being so long winded, but it sometimes helps assess where things are at. So much more needs to be done. For now, I seem be a force of one in Ottawa, but I sense this is about to change from recent contacts made.

Thanks for being there.


President, Fluoridation-Free Ottawa

As a Clinical Hypnotherapist working with people with multiple chronic illnesses, I can attest to the fact that fluoridated water worsens all conditions.  Once my clients remove fluoridated water from their lives, their health improves dramatically.

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