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Breaking News on Genetic Screening: 98% of newborns genetically screened!

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Foot_of_newborn_baby  Another perfect reason to home-birth.   As there is no ‘across-the-board’ genetic treatment for any disease or condition, the ramifications of this gross invasion of privacy is alarming. Learn the importance of avoiding the secret genetic screening of your child. 

   The Council for Responsible Genetics states in its recent report, Newborn Screening in America: “Before they are even a week old, ninety-eight percent of the 4.3 million babies born annually in the United States have a small sample of blood taken from their heels. These newborn bloodspots (NBS) are then screened for a variety of inherited conditions and may later be stored in state-operated databases…parents are often unaware of these screening programs and their consent options.”  Since Canada & the US are indistinguishable in terms of medical research and treatment dogmas, there is little reason to believe for a minute that the genetic screening and profiling of newborns is not happening in Canada as well.  Perhaps one of my readers will know if this is going on in the UK too and can provide the info… 

As Jon Rappoport, investigative reporter and author of an explosive collection, THE MATRIX REVEALED and a nominee for a Pulitzer Prize summarized in his highly popular on-line newsletter (Feb 13/13), there are no regulations as to storage, use, transparency and accessibility of these bloodspot samples.

Why Genetic Screening and Profile is Dangerous

It appears to many people that assurances of the protection of citizen privacy by the governments of Canada and USA went the way of the do-do bird long ago.  Think DNA database for ‘crime prevention’ purposes opening the door for even more profiling.  It is believed by many that this tracking of humans by secretly taking their DNA at birth makes the seriously controversial legislation introduced to force DNA samples from every adult, unnecessary.

One can already see technocrats obsessed with re-engineering humans, falling over one another for access to the database of millions? And we can easily imagine researchers interested in making (or inventing) genetic distinctions between various socioeconomic sectors of society salivating at the prospect of reducing some groups to 2nd, 3rd and 4th class citizens…or even to schedule the ‘inferior’ for soft-kill depopulation by medical ‘intervention’ as has been championed by The Rockefeller Foundation since the 1930s? 

As Rappoport stresses: “The idea of correlating genetic factors with “failure in life” is the Holy Grail for eugenicists. They will find a way to gain access to the data, because they want to build “a better world” and eliminate the “inferior” people.”  Avoiding the conventional birthing arena altogether may well help your child avoid being fingered as an ‘undesirable’ by the gene Nazi’s in the future!

Join the fight against tyranny of the elite…let your voice be heard in your comment below.  Visit my favorite news site:  and  is no slouch either.

How do you feel about the automatic genetic screening and genetic profiling of newborns?  How do you feel about the invasion of privacy of a human being too young to give informed consent?


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