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Animated-Flag-CanadaIf you care about Canada’s democratic principles being eroded by lobbyists for major corporations like Monsanto, Big Oil, Big Biz and countries like China and the USA, then please take the time to read this Democracy Watch summary of the terrible things Canadian politicians and government bureaucrats are doing to our country at all levels, clearly reducing our Canadian democracy in the direction of third world countries…this is alarming.  As a direct result of this mafia-like behavior, we have pharmaceuticals running our health care system, we have pharmaceuticals and psychopathic psychiatrists and other doctors freely drugging and maiming our children by the millions, we have doctors lying about the addictiveness and brain-damaging effects of the drugs they cavalierly supply to unwitting patients, we have a hospital care system rated as the worst in the civilized world and our health care system is imploding.  66% of people die in hospital and iatragenic illness (death or illness caused by medical treatment) is the 2nd leading cause of death and maiming in Canada. 

While our Canadian democracy is being decimated by big business and political interests, the federal government pretends its millionaire and billionaire supporters are not salting away money in tax havens to avoid paying taxes.  Our entire election system has been hijacked by lobbyists and corporate donors to political parties, most of the members of these parties involving in behavior that is designed to enrich them and their families.  We are paying for Senators who are rarely if ever audited..primarly because there are no rules that govern government ethics and where there are rules, they are either not enforced or penalties result in a slap on the wrist.  Canadian citizens are being robbed blindly, made ill at alarming rates by Big Pharma running wild, our skies poisoned by Chemtrails to ‘control weather’ and our lands ruined by Big Oil so that China can have our oil and gas. 

 Please, click here and read the brilliant summary by Democracy Watch and help recover our democracy by signing the petition demanding ethical standards in Canadian goverment at all levels

 We are now told by the arrogant pharmaceutical companies in TV commercials  that we can expect to live the last 10 years of our lives with catastrophic illnesses and for the first time in history, studies are suggesting that our children will live SHORTER lives then their parents.  Remember that the government pushes killer vaccinations and keeps secret ALL of the data regarding the damage they do and their wholesale ineffectiveness to accomplish what they claim they will do…all to protect Big Pharma. Ditto for the horrific damage done to psychiatric patients with psychiatric medications designed to lobotomize the patient, resulting in permanent disability and catastrophic ailments.

Then let me know how you feel about a democracy run by lobbyists and big businesses and whether you feel this state of affairs has anything to do with why what is in our food is kept secret, that our waters are laden with chemicals, drugs and toxins, with why are skies are sprayed with aluminum, cadmium, pathogens and viruses, or with why our children are made insane by vaccinations, antibiotics and brain-damaging psychiatric drugs for the convenience of parents, doctors and of course, the shareholders of pharmaceutical companies who profit the more we ill we become.

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