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Canadian Landowners Subjected to Municipal Bullying: how to help OLA help property owners protect their rights and their health

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Municipal Bullying causes distress

Municipal harassment and abuse causes mental health issues in property owners.

Canadian law favors those with deep pockets…corporations, municipalities and governments.  Ontario Landowner’s Association (OLA) is setting up a litigation fund to help the disadvantaged and bullied…learn why you should help.  Property owners are some of the most victimized, suffering alone because the cost of legal assistance is prohibitive.  One’s health is severely affected when overwhelmed and victimized by a system so out of balance there is little recourse or democracy left. 

You have probably heard the saying “You can’t fight city hall!”, but the fact is that because so many people either gave up out of frustration or because they could not afford a decent lawyer, we are now in a position where municipalities simply take over a property owner’s life and  property, bully them into getting building permits they don’t need, cause massive cost over-runs, block re-zoning and other applications if they don’t know the right people and so on.  In fact, if there was ever legislation that invited corruption and bullying, it has to be the Planning Act and especially the Ontario Building Code.

Property Owners Abused and Harassed

I, like so many other Ontario property owners, have experienced the ‘whim’ and tyranny of municipal bullying and paid the high price of standing up to them, both in legal fees and in later retaliation and I firmly believe it has to stop.  The carnage at the hands of unfair rules, by-laws and out-right harassment by government and municipalities directly affects the health of many families, including the children – often for years and decades.

The harassment includes, but is not limited to,  forcing people to tear down buildings, demands for building permits not required, being subjected to stop work orders on a whim without justification because the building code is vaguely written to the extent that a ‘suspicion’ will do to cause a cascade of abuse, having government spies video one’s home and kids, restricting a property owner’s ability to clear out ditches to prevent flooding, imposing draconian environmental standards to force family businesses to go bankrupt and preventing landowners from harvesting firewood on their own property!

There has been so much abuse of property owners, that now, led by OLA, property owners are joining forces to go on the offensive.  Their plan is to invest in legal action that has as it’s goal, the result of eliminating egregious laws and regulations passed by municipal councils and the legislatures.  The OLA will seek out opportunities to launch their own legal challenges against abusive and undemocratic policies of governments and their agencies.

Why should you join in, become a member (even if you are not yet a property owner)?

Because soon enough, you, a loved one, a landlord or other person you know will be abused and harassed by a government agencies or municipality and it will affect you directly or indirectly.  Another more important reason…to protect our own democratic rights, we must join forces with others to protect everyone’s rights.  We need to take our efforts directly to those who try to dissolve our rights in everything from food security to property ownership and choice in health care.

How to  Contribute to Help Property Owners Protect Land Rights?

When good people do nothing…terrible things that will eventually encompass them too will inevitably happen.  Most of us have $25.00 to spare…please send it with your best wishes:

The Ontario Landowners Association,
OLA Litigation Fund,
P.O. Box 346,
Woodlawn, ON  K0A 3M0.    

Make cheques payable to OLA Litigation Fund

And thank you!

Have you got a story of abuse at the hands of a municipality or government agency that you would like to share?  Please leave it in the comment box with my thanks!  Need some help with a property issue…contact the OLA at

Grace Joubarne is a Clinical Hypnotherapist and a freelance writer who likes to bring attention to all manner of issues that directly or indirectly affect our health and well-being.  Reach her at or call 1-888-390-3553.  Suggestions for a post?  Let me know and I’ll check it out.

Property Owners Abused by Municipalities Suffer Mentally
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  • Sharon Grunwald · January 17, 2018 at 10:35 pm

    Trespassing to go into are own property on roadway

  • Miss Berenzon · February 25, 2017 at 11:15 am

    RE: Danny April 28 2016
    You probably already know this but paralegals are not permitted to practice municipal law. Thus increasing the financial burden of defending themselves for homesteaders

  • Ray Shaw · January 22, 2017 at 9:01 am

    BULLDOZED MY OFFICE I live in a bible belt area. The minister became mayor. The town with the use of lawyers found a way to bulldoze my office. I believe due to my marrying two gay girls from Colorado.

  • joe sciberras · October 27, 2016 at 7:33 am

    i live in innisfil ontario. it is the worst township i have lived in for disregard for the ontario building code and other policies. i could go on and on but i would rather get a call from your association. i would gladly be a member and donate after i talk to you reach me at 1 705 436 4035 thanks joe sciberras i feel like i am fighting a loosing battle.i cant blame it on one person it is just the whole atmosphere they operate under

  • Danny · April 28, 2016 at 12:09 pm

    I’m looking for some aggressive lawyer or paralegal to fight municipal bylaw-they ticket people for having their boat/trailer parked on their own driveway.

  • Grace Joubarne · October 22, 2013 at 9:53 am

    I am so sorry to hear of this bullying Arlene, but it is indeed very common. Municipal bullies, trained under the Agenda 21 policy are key instigators of property owner hardships intended to drive them off their properties. Once entangled in the municipal webs of deceit and tyranny, a property owner ends up selling their property for a pittance just to save what is left of their health…elites pick up property for a song. Everyone must read Ecofacists by Elizabeth Nixon (Canadian) to educate themselves about what is going on in Canada before they become targets..and remember that ALL property owners are now targets. Everyone needs to join the OLA (Ontario Landowners Association) asap and keep up to date on your property rights. These municipalities bargain on the fact that you do not know the law and do not know that they have no power whatever on private property, except that which property owners give them through ignorance of the facts. I have alerted the OLA to your plight Arlene.

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