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CAT | Botox and muscle damage

When pharmaceuticals started touting Botox as the slayer of the wrinkle a few years ago, I actually thought people would see through the marketing ploy, take a deep breath and think twice about injecting a deadly substance into their bodies. But by the sounds of things, I guess Botox was just too alluring and vanity won out over common sense. And I lost my bet with a friend who claims that some people will buy into anything and he wishes he could get their names because he has an igloo for sale in Florida.

A few weeks ago I heard on CBC News that some terrible effects (and they skimmed adeptly over the word terrible) were being experienced by people getting therapeutic doses of this poison. The users of Botox found themselves with weakening muscles in areas away from the sites of injection. Now of course, the promoters quickly tried to massage the story down to manageable levels by saying that there is a difference between therapeutic and cosmetic doses and ‘users’ needn’t be concerned if their legs started to feel like their faces..

In the meantime it seems other researchers are saying the exact opposite…that the cosmetic doses were pretty much the same as the therapeutic doses, and indeed there are direct effects in the form of muscle damage being experienced in areas of the body away from the injection site when used for cosmetic purposes.

There would have to be damage. Think of the cumulative effects of injecting poison into any area of the body. Just because you inject it in the face doesn’t mean it’s going to stay in the face muscles…we have circulatory systems and lymphatic systems designed to move things around. Where did people think this Botox was going to go eventually?

What about circulation to the brain and heart (a nice big, important muscle)? Did the promoters of Botox and the many doctors promoting it for cosmetic purposes think that there are little dams in the arteries that allow only certain things to pass on to the rest of the body. And the kidneys and liver have to filter this stuff out of the body…I guess promoters and users figured that a wrinkle-free liver would be a nice accessory.

And to think these doctors went to ‘school’ for years to get this smart!

As long as people are convinced that we can treat the body like a machine, put a part here, remove this part, customize that part and so on, people will get hurt…very hurt. I have no doubt that down the road we will hear many sad stories of Botox users having major heart problems, for starters. I noticed that when the news item mentioned ‘muscle weakness from Botox use’, they did not utter a word about the heart muscle being affected. It may well be that when people start showing up with heart problems they’ll give them a pill for that too and forget to mention the cause of the problem in the first place.

I like wrinkles, I like anything natural…it’s a sign we’ve lived, accepted, participated and earned them. I love smile lines, frown lines and just plain old age wrinkles…tells me a lot about a person…that they are real, have lived real lives and are not hiding behind a mask so I can’t see the real them.

No doubt there will be lots of lawsuits over this…taking more years out of a person’s life. We need to wake up to the fact that pharmaceuticals are medicalizing natural life processes and making us believe they are a disease to sell yet more snake oil…menopause, aging, childhood spontaneity, being poor at math, wrinkles and now of all things, daydreaming…which will be the subject of another blog.

How can a person safely remove this Botox poison from their bodies. My opinion…find a real doctor, with real ethics and heart who is an expert in homeopathic detox. One that I can highly recommend is Dr. Vladimir Topalo, Surrey, BC…he has an on-line consultation service and uses state-of-the art iridology to determine what systems are affected and what remedies are required for the detox.

To quote Dr. Topalo on the subject: “A safe alternative to the Botox is mesotherapy with natural substances that result in a safe homeopathics/vitamins mixture. Hypnotherapy, homeopathy and other natural modalities serve as direct alternatives to Botox. The problem is that North American society is always in search of a quick fix even if it’s only temporary and with side effects. Few want to live the natural way and people fake and substitute everything including their looks in a big way. Since the inner being of human body protests, the conflict then brings depression, anxiety, addictions etc. Media contributes a lot to the problem, heavily promoting celebrities with fake features, many of whom no longer have any single spot of the body left untouched. The bottom line is people don’t want to live naturally, age naturally, be in natural relationships etc and because of this proliferate cosmetic surgery and cosmetic psychiatry.”

Dr.Topalo is absolutely correct about hypnotherapy also being a nice alternative to Botox. I have many clients who have noticed a significant easing of wrinkling after hypnotherapy sessions and I have several clients who book regular appointments for hypnosis relaxation sessions because they realize that when their mind is at ease, their whole body shows it. After hypnotherapy sessions, the face appears calm, with a wrinkle-erasing glowing effect on the skin.

How can a person get happy with who they are just the way they are? I offer hypnotherapy for improved self-esteem, self-acceptance and self-confidence. And it’s all natural, dignified and honors who you really are…and we love your face just the way it is :)

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