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  David Suzuki (Oct99): “When [corporate] scientists say these products [Genetically Engineered foods] are safe, they are either stupid or lying.” Independent scientists (2005) proved our gut cannot process this genetically altered food, now responsible for horrific new diseases such as Morgellon, soaring cancer, IBS, Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia rates and the kill-off of 30% of Thailand’s bees. 

Pigs, deer, raccoons, mice, rats —none will eat GE grains or beans. 94% of Canadians do not want GE foods …yet, 80% of all processed foods contain indigestible GE foods—without our knowledge … scorpion genes in tomatoes, fish genes in strawberries, bacterial genes in soya and corn, human and frog genes in potatoes.   

Monsanto, et al, dedicated to feeding us GE foods also specialize in pesticides, herbicides and drugs. Pharmaceuticals profit as their pesticides and frankenfoods sicken us, deplete the soil, use 10x more pesticides with very low crop yields. 

European banned GE food, so Canada lost its canola export industry. Western Canada now faces the GE- super weeds predicted.  

From 1980 our taxes subsidized GE companies ($700 million annually); our government refuses to require labeling of GE Foods. 

Research conclusively shows:

* GE foods adversely affect the immune system, pancreas, reproductive system, brain, thymus and ovaries; the residual pesticides and herbicides can trigger cancer and endocrine diseases and promote antibiotic resistance;

* Chemicals connected with GE crops further degrade the soil, reduce key nutrients, lead to increased allergic disease, promote emergence of new viruses and the extinction of entire eco systems.

* GE pharmaceuticals have uses for biological warfare, (eg. virus-bacteria of Gulf War Syndrome). 

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Are you aware of the hazards of Genetically Engineered Foods (also called Genetically Modified Foods or GMO:s)?  Are you aware that up to 95% of the food on your grocery stores shelves are  made from these frankenfoods and already deaths and new diseases, such as Morgallon’s are appearing?

Do you know that it has been experimentally proven that GE foods can damage health and that they have even killed animals? Still these foods are on the market.

Do you know that the foremost experts on genes in the world have recently admitted that science knows very little about genes and that scientists therefore cannot predict or imagine what will be the consequences of manipulating the genes of a food plant? Therefore unpredictable harmful substances may appear without their knowing it. And unexpected environmental disturbances may occur.

Are you surprised? Or even sceptical about these statements? This may be because the Biotech corporations have spent many millions on misleading propaganda under the disguise of scientific and objective information, often supported by professors bought to advocate their interests. It has made many people wrongly believe that GE foods are good and safe.

This is a really serious problem endangering our health and the environment.

For more information I suggest you visit one of the world’s most popular websites on this topic. It is popular because it is easy to understand and is an impartial evaluataion of the issue. It is the website of Physicians and Scientists for Responsible Application of Science and Technology (PSRAST) at If you wonder if its worth doing, I suggest you also read “Why is the PSRAST website so popular?” at

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