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Rachel Parent and GMO Labeling

Rachel Parent Schools bully on democratic right to GMO Labelling

Just when we think kids are not paying attention and the new generations, in danger of destruction at the hands of eugenicists such as Gates, Turner, Monsanto and the UN might win, along comes a breath of much needed hope and courage in the form of 14- year old Rachel Parent, an anti-GMO activist demanding GMO Labelling.

See the video of her exchange with Kevin O’Leary who even suggests she is starving children around the world by demanding GMO Labelling and independent scientific testing:

Kevin O’Leary Ignores Canadians’ Democratic Right to GMO Labelling 

This child is not a hair-brained groupie.  She has done her homework, realized that kids her age are dying young of man-made illnesses and is standing up for our democracy.  Mr. Harper, pay attention! This is the way our government is supposed to be acting…not kowtowing to corporate agendas, making secret back room deals that decimate our basic human rights and shoving GMOs down our throats.

(She’s also the founder of the Kids Right to Know GMO Walk.)  See more about this story at  Contribute to her efforts at her website:

Kevin O’Leary Should be Removed from CBC for Attempts to Bully 14-year old Anti-GMO Activist Demanding GMO Labelling and Independent Safety Testing

Kevin O’Leary is a major bully and his kind seem to take over the airways.  He made it clear he doesn’t care about democratic principles or that citizens should be able to decide for themselves what they get to eat….in fact, his disregard for our democracy is so clear that he should not be permitted the platforms he gets on CTV, CBC and other programs such as The Lang and O’Leary Exchange.  He should be removed.

I’ve declined to watch even Shark Tank and other such programs since I saw him bully a young woman into explaining why she had to take a break from her business for a few years…as if that has anything to do with the quality of the investment she was proposing.

Ad nauseam, this classless tyrant repeated the same questions over and over and this child, with none of the experience of a seasoned debater and responding under time constraints calmly left him in the dust with her truth, her facts, her resolve.  She even confidently corrected his deliberate misrepresentation that the government independently safety tests GMO products!

Democratic Right to Food and GMO Labelling Ignored

The issue is clear, we all have a right to know what is in our food and to choose to avoid GMOs if we want to.  And we all have a right to be compensated, including farmer’s whose farms become contaminated with this poison as the GMOs do more and more damage.

This is still a democracy and Monsanto telling us what they want us to hear about their deadly products is not SCIENCE.  Monsanto science is about lying, deceiving, forcing, and making ill millions of unsuspecting people. If their ‘tests’ were reliable, they would not be spending billions to silence real scientists who can prove they are poisoning us deliberately.  They would not be fighting GMO labelling so hard.

Not a single promise GMO companies have made about the reliability and safety of their GMOs have panned out.  Monsanto and the other GMO companies would not have to take over the governments of Canada and the USA to move their agendas.  If their GMOs were so wonderful, they would not be the most hated company in the world.  They would not have to hide the truth, avoid truthful debate, send in bullies to quash protest at being poisoned, and certainly like any product that is supposed to be awesome, they would be labelled.

Rachel Parent raised the important issues around GMOs, to counter O’Leary’s tall tales about how Monsanto will feed the world, by noting for him that studies and experience has shown that GMO crops are actually far less productive then naturally grown crops.  True to form, he would constantly cut her off.  Unperturbed, she still managed to get her point across.  Why is it so important for Kevin O’Leary to prevent us from knowing what is in our food and making our own choices.

O’Leary even suggested she was a ‘shill’ for the anti-GMO movement!  And that she wanted to starve the children of the world!  In fact, it is he who is a ‘shill’ of the lowest form.  By trying to cow this child on TV, he was attempting to send the message to all kids to avoid speaking up or they too will be bullied.  I was supremely disappointed with Amanda Lang…she was quietly standing by watching a major bully and a GMO advocate act in full force on her show!  Yet these are the same hypocrites who tell kids to stand up for those being bullied!  Wonderful example you were Amanda Lang of how to stand up for those being bullied.

Well done Rachel…may the Universe send us many more like you!  Some of us older folk are becoming exhausted with the constant effort it takes to get the inattentive out there to pay attention before its really too late.  Many more have heard you.

GMOs are contaminating farmers fields everywhere, causing tumors, catastrophic illnesses, bankruptcies and suicides, yet Monsanto is protected in the USA by the Monsanto Protection Act which prevents any damages from being recovered through their irresponsibility.  Monsanto has NO background in agriculture, nutrition or food…only in producing gases and substances of mass destruction (DDT, Agent Orange, Sarin Gas, Aspartame just to name a few).

Please join me in calling/writing to Bell Media (who owns CTV amongst others) and CBC (where The Lang and O’Leary Exchange originates) demanding they act to have Kevin O’Leary removed from the airways:

CBC contact information:      

Complete an on-line comment at 

Toll-free phone (Canada only):
TTY/Teletypewriter (Hearing impaired Only): 1-866-220-6045

by mail: 

Audience Relations, CBC,
P.O. Box 500 Station A,
Toronto, ON   M5W 1E6

Bell Media

299 Queen St. W.
Toronto, ON M5V 2Z5
Tel.: 416 384-8000


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