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This is a helpful guide from Dr. Mercola will help you and your family avoid cancer-causing, toxic health care products.  Print it off and post it somewhere handy.  Remember, if you can’t pronounce the name of the  ingredient, it’s probably not in the product to help you stay healthy!



personal care products

Your skin is your largest organ, and anything you put on it should contain only the best and safest ingredients from nature. So before slathering lotion or body wash on your skin, take a look at this infographic on toxic chemicals found in personal care products. Discover these common yet deadly chemicals and how they can potentially sabotage your health and well-being.

<img src="" alt="personal care products" border="0" style="max-width:100%; min-width:300px; margin: 0 auto 20px auto; display:block;"><p style="max-width:800px; min-width:300px; margin:0 auto; text-align:center;">Your skin is your largest organ, and anything you put on it should contain only the best and safest ingredients from nature. So before slathering lotion or body wash on your skin, take a look at this infographic on toxic chemicals found in 
<a href=""><strong>personal care products</strong></a>. Discover these common yet deadly chemicals and how they can potentially sabotage your health and well-being. </p>

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How can we, as a society claiming to be ‘evolved’ and civilized, continue to overlook the blatant misrepresentation of the facts regarding mental illness, psychopharmacology and conventional treatments of those suffering from normal emotional struggles?  Hundreds of landmark criminal and civil cases and scientific studies have proven that psychiatric treatments of emotional issues are nothing more than a wholesale crimes against humanity.  (more…)

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If you are a dog owner, and especially of a Pit Bull type, you need to know your legal rights, responsibilities and what to do if your dog is involved in an incident.  The current environment is often not friendly to dog owners and especially not to pit bull owners, so being aware and prepared may save you thousands of dollars in damages if your dog harms another animal or a person. Your preparedness may prevent a seizure of your dog.

Know Pet Laws

Know Pet Laws

Whether an altercation is innocent and initiated by your dog or another owner’s, you remain responsible for the actions of your dog.  Pet laws, including leash laws, are often very strict and by-law officers can be unforgiving.  In many instances, by-law officers are not trained in investigation, therefore arming oneself with the right sort of evidence of any altercations can save you a fine, damages and may help you in a legal action whether your dog is falsely accused or you or your dog is the victim.

If your dog initiated an altercation, knowing your rights and responsibilities can assist in mitigating damages.  It is important to know the Dog Owner‘s Liability Act (DOLA).  In particular, if you own a dog that is either a pit bull or a pit bull look-alike, there are particular actions that you should take in order to protect yourself and your dog from possible seizure.

In order to assist dog owners, Terrance Green of Green and Associates has prepared an excellent brochure called You, Your Dog and the Law.  I highly recommend this free information…being prepared may save you having to hire a lawyer to defend your dog.

CLICK HERE for the free downloadable brochure:  You, your Dog & the Law – brochure – 2013

Because the current environment for dogs and dog owners  is not secure or particularly friendly, it is also important to have handy, the name and contact phone number of a lawyer in your area who is well-informed in the area of pet legislation and regulations.  If you are located in the Eastern Ontario region you can contact:

Terrance Green
712-170 Laurier Avenue
Ottawa, Ontario    K1P 5V5                  Phone: 613-560-6565

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Rachel Parent and GMO Labeling

Rachel Parent Schools bully on democratic right to GMO Labelling

Just when we think kids are not paying attention and the new generations, in danger of destruction at the hands of eugenicists such as Gates, Turner, Monsanto and the UN might win, along comes a breath of much needed hope and courage in the form of 14- year old Rachel Parent, an anti-GMO activist demanding GMO Labelling.

See the video of her exchange with Kevin O’Leary who even suggests she is starving children around the world by demanding GMO Labelling and independent scientific testing:

Kevin O’Leary Ignores Canadians’ Democratic Right to GMO Labelling 

This child is not a hair-brained groupie.  She has done her homework, realized that kids her age are dying young of man-made illnesses and is standing up for our democracy.  Mr. Harper, pay attention! This is the way our government is supposed to be acting…not kowtowing to corporate agendas, making secret back room deals that decimate our basic human rights and shoving GMOs down our throats.

(She’s also the founder of the Kids Right to Know GMO Walk.)  See more about this story at  Contribute to her efforts at her website:

Kevin O’Leary Should be Removed from CBC for Attempts to Bully 14-year old Anti-GMO Activist Demanding GMO Labelling and Independent Safety Testing

Kevin O’Leary is a major bully and his kind seem to take over the airways.  He made it clear he doesn’t care about democratic principles or that citizens should be able to decide for themselves what they get to eat….in fact, his disregard for our democracy is so clear that he should not be permitted the platforms he gets on CTV, CBC and other programs such as The Lang and O’Leary Exchange.  He should be removed.

I’ve declined to watch even Shark Tank and other such programs since I saw him bully a young woman into explaining why she had to take a break from her business for a few years…as if that has anything to do with the quality of the investment she was proposing.

Ad nauseam, this classless tyrant repeated the same questions over and over and this child, with none of the experience of a seasoned debater and responding under time constraints calmly left him in the dust with her truth, her facts, her resolve.  She even confidently corrected his deliberate misrepresentation that the government independently safety tests GMO products!

Democratic Right to Food and GMO Labelling Ignored

The issue is clear, we all have a right to know what is in our food and to choose to avoid GMOs if we want to.  And we all have a right to be compensated, including farmer’s whose farms become contaminated with this poison as the GMOs do more and more damage.

This is still a democracy and Monsanto telling us what they want us to hear about their deadly products is not SCIENCE.  Monsanto science is about lying, deceiving, forcing, and making ill millions of unsuspecting people. If their ‘tests’ were reliable, they would not be spending billions to silence real scientists who can prove they are poisoning us deliberately.  They would not be fighting GMO labelling so hard.

Not a single promise GMO companies have made about the reliability and safety of their GMOs have panned out.  Monsanto and the other GMO companies would not have to take over the governments of Canada and the USA to move their agendas.  If their GMOs were so wonderful, they would not be the most hated company in the world.  They would not have to hide the truth, avoid truthful debate, send in bullies to quash protest at being poisoned, and certainly like any product that is supposed to be awesome, they would be labelled.

Rachel Parent raised the important issues around GMOs, to counter O’Leary’s tall tales about how Monsanto will feed the world, by noting for him that studies and experience has shown that GMO crops are actually far less productive then naturally grown crops.  True to form, he would constantly cut her off.  Unperturbed, she still managed to get her point across.  Why is it so important for Kevin O’Leary to prevent us from knowing what is in our food and making our own choices.

O’Leary even suggested she was a ‘shill’ for the anti-GMO movement!  And that she wanted to starve the children of the world!  In fact, it is he who is a ‘shill’ of the lowest form.  By trying to cow this child on TV, he was attempting to send the message to all kids to avoid speaking up or they too will be bullied.  I was supremely disappointed with Amanda Lang…she was quietly standing by watching a major bully and a GMO advocate act in full force on her show!  Yet these are the same hypocrites who tell kids to stand up for those being bullied!  Wonderful example you were Amanda Lang of how to stand up for those being bullied.

Well done Rachel…may the Universe send us many more like you!  Some of us older folk are becoming exhausted with the constant effort it takes to get the inattentive out there to pay attention before its really too late.  Many more have heard you.

GMOs are contaminating farmers fields everywhere, causing tumors, catastrophic illnesses, bankruptcies and suicides, yet Monsanto is protected in the USA by the Monsanto Protection Act which prevents any damages from being recovered through their irresponsibility.  Monsanto has NO background in agriculture, nutrition or food…only in producing gases and substances of mass destruction (DDT, Agent Orange, Sarin Gas, Aspartame just to name a few).

Please join me in calling/writing to Bell Media (who owns CTV amongst others) and CBC (where The Lang and O’Leary Exchange originates) demanding they act to have Kevin O’Leary removed from the airways:

CBC contact information:      

Complete an on-line comment at 

Toll-free phone (Canada only):
TTY/Teletypewriter (Hearing impaired Only): 1-866-220-6045

by mail: 

Audience Relations, CBC,
P.O. Box 500 Station A,
Toronto, ON   M5W 1E6

Bell Media

299 Queen St. W.
Toronto, ON M5V 2Z5
Tel.: 416 384-8000


Grace Joubarne is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and founder of GracePlace Wellness, a freelance writer, blogger (AskGrace!) and decades-long advocate of sustainable living, non-GMO and chemical-free foods, fluoride-free drinking water and alternative health care modalities.  For Grace’s verifiable credentials: .  Your comments are always welcome!

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Vaccine damage linked to autism

Courts: Autism and Vaccines linked

If there was any doubt that many Canadian government bureaucrats and politicians were working for pharmaceutical interests, then this incident should clarify nicely.  Toronto’s Department of Public Health and specifically David McKeown, the city’s medical officer of health has reached right into the USA and lobbied the American network ABC to sack Jenny McCartney from The View before she starts sharing her views on vaccine damages…which no doubt would significantly reduce pharmaceutical profits.  

The Toronto Public Health bunch has started a Twitter campaign (yes, with taxpayer dollars) demanding that she be fired from The View, even before she starts with the popular program, due to ‘concerns’ that her facts about vaccinating little children with poisonous substances may cause people to stop vaccinating their children.  The veiled concern for pharmaceutical profits, however, does not escape any of those following this outright crime against children.  McKeown is reaching into another country to help protect a status quo that is killing and maiming millions of children, by threatening a free citizen of a democracy with loss of livelihood. Vaccines kill…he ignores that fact. (more…)

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90 Million people vaccinated with cancer-causing polio vaccine

Polio Vaccine causes Cancer

Time and again we learn that those very government departments and agencies that are supposed to be protecting the public are instead wilfully asleep on the job.  When they do wake up, they minimize, explain away and suppress critical health information.  In fact, they endanger the public.  Because this is the prevailing attitude of these people, should there not be a system where all pharmaceutical products are tested on the government officials and manufacturers first?  If they do not get ill and/or die after a few years then we can pronounce their products safe?  Why does the public have to be the vaccine guinea pig? (more…)

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Fluoridation of Drinking Water a Mass Violation of Basic Human Rights

Fluoridation of Drinking Water is Mass Medication

According to the scientists, investigators and laypeople who know the facts, perhaps the biggest fraud ever perpetrated on the public has been that of the practice of fluoridation of drinking water – the result of collusion of dentists, eugenicists and fertilizer companies for over 65 years.  The fraud persists today in many areas of North America.

In 1934, the dental association stated:  “The public attitude is impressed by, and is inclined to adopt as its own, that which it reads and that which it sees. Tell an individual or a community anything long enough or often enough and faith in its truth will almost certainly be established.” – Christiansen J.F.: “The relation of certain professional trends to private practice”, J. Am. Dent. Assn. 21 (Oct. 1934) 1763.  Translated this  means people are stupid and if you repeat a lie often enough, they will accept it as truth.

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Justice is Not Justice if Psychiatry is Involved in the Justice System

Justice System Hijacked by Psychiatry is Not Justice

If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed. Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it.  ~Adolf Hitler

The truly useless expenditure of time and intellect in the process of pumping air into a dead horse will remain just that…useless, and in the end, extremely damaging to the person who believes the horse will get up.  However, as long as the marketing pump and the courts, justice system and governments believe that the junk science of psychiatrists and psychologists has merit in the assessment of a person’s mind and intentions, the decisions of the courts will be, essentially, the decisions of pseudo-scientists who cannot objectively prove a single thing they claim as ‘fact’, but who will arrogantly claim the horse is rising! 

What is Junk Science and How Does it Affect Justice?

In his 1993 book Galilee’s Revenge: Junk Science in the Courtroom (pp. 2,3), author Peter Huber defined the term as follows:  “Junk science is the mirror image of real science, with much of the same form but none of the same substance.. . . It is a hodgepodge of biased data, spurious inference, and logical legerdemain, patched together by researchers whose enthusiasm for discovery and diagnosis far outstrips their skill. It is a catalog of every conceivable kind of error: data dredging, wishful thinking, truculent dogmatism, and, now and again, outright fraud. “  (more…)

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Chinese Organic Food labelling misleading

Misleading labelling of Chinese Organic Food

Have you noticed that in the last few years big box stores have jumped onto the organic food and natural product bandwagon? You may be thinking “Great, I can pick up everything at …. “.  There are things you need to know first! (more…)

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Saturday at the Ottawa Organic Farmers' Market

Ottawa Organic Farmers’ Market

Take the stress out of finding healthy food.  This organic farmers’ market offers great seasonal produce, honey, organic skin care products…something to delight everyone.

Sometimes it seems there are not many gems left in this world.  Our food security apepars to be at great risk of not only not meeting our nutritional requirements, but of being deliberately adulterated by harmful GMOs, pesticides and herbicides of all sorts.  Monsanto has its dirty corporate hands in our food to the point where it is estimated that 90-95% of our grocery store shelves are filled with franken GMOs and harmful chemicals. 

As people try to recover from illness – the result too often these days of relying on unhealthy food products – they are also realizing that most products sold as ‘food’ are merely food-like products (imitations) that have not only little nutritional value, but are extremely harmful to the body over time.  People are also realizing that to save oneself from the clutches of the medical/ pharmaceutical/biotech complex that makes money only when people are sick, they must get back to basics.  This involves accessing, growing and preparing whole foods free of chemicals and biotech manipulation. Ottawa’s organic farmers’ market provides just such whole foods.

Ottawa Organic Farmers’ Market is open all year round, Saturdays from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.  Vendors offer a splendid selection of Certified Organic Meats (beef, pork, chicken, sheep, lamb and even rabbit), cheese, yoghurt, Kefir, breads, vegetables, fruit, Olive Oil, teas, herbs, local maple syrup, as well as skin care products and essential oils and many other ‘treats’ such as sprouts.  Fresh, locally grown organic greens like lettuces, spinach, kale, oriental greens, chard, chives, and rhubarb truly make one’s mouth water.  During off-growing seasons, there are local organic greenhouse veggies like broccoli, cucumbers, and zucchini!

This organic farmers’ market is snuggled in behind the Canadian Tire store at the corner of Heron Road and Bank Street in Ottawa.  Click here for the directions and a map.  Lots of parking, no pressure, tons of camaraderie and sooo friendly.  Have a question? No problem, as they take the time to nurture and educate everyone who has an interest.

Several vendors are at the organic farmers’market every Saturday, regular as clockwork and with a smile and invitation to learn and enjoy – they have become my favourites.  Not only are they extremely reliable, but they take active roles in the running of the market and have a long history of organic certification.

David Charette is the President and Market Manager of the Ottawa Organic Farmers Market and the owner of the Terre-a-Terre farm .  He exudes professionalism, dedication to the organic movement and love for his work and his customers.  He and his family set an excellent example for all other vendors, thus helping to keep the market authentic and fun.  He ensures that all vendors sign an Ottawa Organic Farmers’ Market Commitment Contract and Vendor Contract.  On top of all that, the produce he offers at the market every Saturday is second to none in quality, variety and quantity. 

Samantha Klinck, owner of Funny Duck Farms has the patience of angels, as she takes the time to explain and guide any and all who line up for her many products.  Her organic butter is to die for and her Kefir is so thick you can eat it with a fork at times.  It is not unusual to see people lined up in the hallway during the winter months, when the market is held indoors, waiting for their turn to enjoy her smile, knowledge, wisdom and reasonable pricing.

I also look forward to seeing the Leduc family produce from their farm Ferme la Rosée. They have been Certified Organic for almost 20 years already and you can visit their farm with prior appointment. Their produce is always so fresh you feel you are picking it off the plant yourself.

Special mention goes out for a vendor who has become a personal friend – Klazina Kettling.  I lived in BC for 10 years  before moving back to Ottawa in 2008; as a result, I became spoiled by the easy access to wild salmon.  So when I met Klazina at the Ottawa Organic Farmers’ Market , I was absolutely thrilled.  Klazina, who was trained as a nurse and midwife in the Netherlands before coming to Canada, offers her skills in nursing, bio-energy, and nutrition to the market.  Her offerings include Certified Wild Caught Fish, Himalayan Salts, nutritional supplements, and coconut oil. Klazina carries the AIM INTERNATIONAL line of whole food supplements and Barleylife juices.  Just a note about why I prize the Wild Salmon Klazina sells:  The Stikine River Salmon Run is one of the last wild salmon runs remaining along the B.C. Northern Coast. Unlike most wild salmon along the Southern coast, these salmon DO NOT HAVE TO PASS extensive fish farm units and water affected by fish farms to enter their natural fresh water spawning grounds.  Klazina is not always at the market, so feel free to pre-order or call her at (613) 421-6679  

See you there for some stress-free shopping…make friends, learn, share!


Grace Joubarne is a Clinical Hypnotherapist and founder of GracePlace Wellness.  She is a writer, blogger (AskGrace!) and long-time advocate of sustainable living, non-GMO and chemical-free foods and alternative health care modalities.

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