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Canadian governments at all levels are treating Canadians as incompetent, distracted sheeple; corporate interests are proffering ‘corporate-friendly science’ as fact.

Government decisions based on corrupt science ruining Canadian  agriculture and farming culture

Government decisions based on corrupt science ruining Canadian agriculture and farming culture

Bureaucrats are falling over themselves to dignify this fraudulent, biased ‘science’ with legislation that is decimating our agricultural base, wiping out our ‘real’ food supply and turning our health and well-being over to chemical giants like Monsanto, Dow Chemical and others.  Meanwhile, the government itself is firing ethical scientists, corrupting scientific findings everywhere and destroying decades of valuable data and documentation.

We are seeing corrupted seed and agricultural science accepted as legitimate in policy-decisions, while our Canadian farmers are left with entirely unsustainable rules and regulations written by multinational corporations.  It seems that only when the last farmer closes his operation down will we realize that the Monsanto’s of this world are not interested in feeding us, but in polluting our country with mega tons of toxic chemicals.

Here is a link to an article by Ann Slater, VP of the oldest farming organization in Canada — National Farmer’s Union.  This article is a wonderful summary of what we can all see with our own eyes…the corporate take-over of Canada.

Unless you think you can survive on chemicals passing as food forever, please consider taking the time to support the NFU with donations or a membership…you wont’ be sorry at

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Municipal Bullying causes distress

Municipal harassment and abuse causes mental health issues in property owners.

Canadian law favors those with deep pockets…corporations, municipalities and governments.  Ontario Landowner’s Association (OLA) is setting up a litigation fund to help the disadvantaged and bullied…learn why you should help.  Property owners are some of the most victimized, suffering alone because the cost of legal assistance is prohibitive.  One’s health is severely affected when overwhelmed and victimized by a system so out of balance there is little recourse or democracy left.  (more…)

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