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CAT | The World According to Monsanto

Contributors to, and hundreds of ethical doctors and scientists are warning of the soft-kill, de-population agenda of the elite, headed by the Rockefeller Foundation since in 1930.

Apparently the elite have set in motion a plan to reduce the population of 7 billion down to 1 billion!  See and

Bill Gates lists vaccines, GMO foods and medications as the best ways to quickly reduce the world’s population.  See mid-way in the video at . The suppliers of these soft-kill ingredients are none other than the same bunch that facilitated the Nazis horrors:  I.G.Farben parent company of Monsanto, BASF, DuPont and Bayer of Aspirin fame (who built and ran Auschwitz).

At Ted Turner explains that the world’s population should be reduced by 70% to result in a young, educated, well-heeled and compliant homogeneous race of people governed as a one-nation world. 

The old, poor, uneducated, disadvantaged, indigent, non-white and non-compliant must go.  The Rockefeller Foundation had this to say “The unchecked fertility of the indigent does much to perpetuate poverty, under-education, and underemployment, not only in urban slums, but also in depressed rural areas.

They’ve executed their soft-kill plan with military precision:  people are unwittingly shortening their lives 15-25 years thanks to psychiatric drugs, which are now the leading cause of addictions in North America.  (Anatomy of an Epidemic,  Emperor’s New Drugs).

Since GMO crops have overrun 80-90% of the world, we have more people starving then ever (View: The World According to Monsanto), epidemics of new super-diseases such as Morgellon’s and we endure never-before-known cancers in epidemic proportions.  GMO wheat is addictive and linked to epidemics of diabetes and obesity (Wheat Belly by William Davis, MD).  Monsanto’s aspartame and other artificial sweeteners have repeatedly been linked to brain tumors and their GMO sugar beets worsen the addictive, neuro-toxic effects of sugar.

The Rockefeller Foundation found that gossypol, a toxic polyphenol derived from the cotton plant, was an effective sterilant and there are reports Monsanto has been integrating it into GMO crops.  The rate of Canadian infertility has tripled since 1982 (National Post report, Feb 15, 2012).

The elderly are overprescribed damaging drugs and in North America alone, some 10 million school children are force-fed addictive, brain-damaging psychiatric drugs to keep them quiet. (Commonsense Rebellion, Bruce Levine).

Wondering how only getting rid of the old, the troublesome, the uneducated and the poor is going to reduce the population when people can still have kids to replace the culled? 

We are learning that conventional cancer treatments are not only ineffective and in most cases unnecessary (see German New Medicine studies), but that they cause sterility.  One of the ‘side effects’ of psychiatric drugs is low to non-existent libido in adults and the brain damage kids suffer from psychoactive drugs can ruin their whole life.

Rockefeller Foundation admitted funding and developing anti-fertility vaccines intended for “mass-scale distribution” (Jurriaan Maessen March 26, 2012).  These can be hidden in ‘regular’ anti-viral vaccines at will.

Misleading advertising, drug company collusion with unethical doctors and scientists, mass rigging of clinical trials, controlled mainstream media, Ivy League university leadership and promotion and fear-mongering about every little virus on the planet has caused us to run to killer vaccines and antibiotics.  The over-prescription of antibiotics, especially to children, has caused mutant super-bugs, epidemics of previously rarely known problems in children, franken-bacteria such as the flesh-eating variety and life-ending immune system issues.

As reported in Natural News Aug 2012:  Importantly, vaccines contain stealth cancer viruses that are passed along through multiple generations. The SV40 viruses introduced to the population through polio vaccines in the 1950’s still exists today in the grandchildren of those who were first vaccinated. This is openly admitted by top scientists who helped develop these vaccines.

Iatrogenic disease, defined as disease or death caused by medical treatment, is the leading cause of death in North America!   Any surprise there?

 What to do? 

First, heed the warnings of ethical doctors and scientists about vaccine damage and chemical medications (psychoactive or otherwise) and request natural treatments, avoid non-organic red meat and pork and any meat that doesn’t have its original bones and skin on (thus avoiding  ‘meat-glue’).  Grow a simple organic vegetable garden and triple filter city water, especially if treated with fluoride, another proven neuro-toxin. 

Avoid non-organic wheat and grains and GMO foods like the plague they are. Support efforts to take back our food supply from Monsanto et al by buying from local organic farmers, support global efforts to force GMO labeling, support child advocacy groups calling for an end to the psychiatric drugging of children and calls to ban psychiatry altogether. Push your MPs and MPPs to do their jobs.

Avoid mainstream TV, especially News, as the content is controlled by the corporations and consumer scientists.  Medical information on mainstream media is almost exclusively pharmaceutical propaganda. Follow and other independent news media, such as RT TV.

My primary care giver is a naturopathic medical doctor ; my ‘medicine’ is homeopathic and herbal – if it’s good enough for the British Royal family, it’s certainly good enough for me. I handle stress with Reiki, massage, hypnotherapy and meditation – and good friends. I work at something I love – clinical hypnotherapy.

My work as a Clinical Hypnotherapist allows me to assist people to heal themselves of emotional issues by using drug-free, label-free regression hypnotherapy, so they too can avoid pharmaceutical poisoning.  Natural remedies and treatments and organic foods enhance life; chemicals and drugs, as we are learning the hard way, kills. 

Hypnotherapy provides drug-free assistance with your issues, from insomnia to anxiety, depression, anger, weight and pain management and more.   ~Much spiritual love, Grace

Main office-Ottawa, part-time office-Belleville.  Toll-free number 1-888-390-3553 (local:  613-422-7027). Email: 

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I am always so incensed at the way Monsanto forces GMO’s onto the world, undermines our democratic rights, single-handedly ruining our food supply world-wide, creating new diseases and running rough-shod over humanity for the almighty buck.

Today I was reading a wonderful blog about how Monsanto moved into Brazil and connived with the government to pass a law to outlaw organics…under penalty of law one is not permitted to grow organic, have organic seeds, educate, talk or promote organics ….well you get the idea!

Here was a wonderful joke on that website which put it all into context in a most humorous way:

Permalink Reply by Vaikunthanath das Kaviraj. on August 7, 2009 at 12:42pm

A farmer named Van was overseeing his herd in a remote mountainous pasture in Montana, when suddenly a brand-new BMW advanced out of a dust cloud towards him.

The driver, a young man in an Armani suit, Gucci shoes, Ray-Ban sunglasses and YSL tie, leans out the window and asks the farmer, ‘If I tell you exactly how many cows and calves you have in your herd, will you give me a calf?’
Van looks at the man, obviously a city-slicker and yuppie, then looks at his peacefully grazing herd and calmly answers; ‘Sure, Why not?’

The yuppie parks his car, whips out his Dell notebook computer, connects it to his Cingular RAZR V3 cell phone, and surfs to a NASA page on the Internet, where he calls up a GPS satellite to get an exact fix on his location which he then feeds to another NASA satellite that scans the area in an ultra-high-resolution photo.

The young man then opens the digital photo in Adobe Photoshop and exports it to an image processing facility in Hamburg, Germany.

Within mere seconds, he receives an email on his Palm Pilot that the image has been processed and the data is stored. He then accesses a MSSQL database through an ODBC connected Excel spreadsheet with email on his Blackberry and, after a few minutes, receives a response.

Lastly, he prints out a full-colour, 150-page report on his hi-tech, miniaturized HP Laser¬Jet printer and finally turns to the farmer and says, ‘You have exactly 1,586 cows and calves.’
‘That’s right. Well, I guess you can take one of my calves,’ says Van.

He watches the young man select one of the animals and looks on amused as the young man stuffs it into the trunk of his car.

Then Van says to the young man, ‘Hey, if I can tell you exactly what your business is, will you give me back my calf?’

The young man thinks about it for a second and then says, ‘Okay, why not?’
‘You’re a Representative of Monsanto’, says Van.
‘Wow! That’s correct,’ says the yuppie, ‘but how did you guess that?’

‘No guessing required’, answered the farmer. ‘You showed up here even though nobody called you; you want to get paid for an answer I already knew, to a question I never asked. You tried to show me how much smarter than me you are; and you don’t know a thing about cows. This is a herd of sheep. Now give me back my dog!
Thing is, the reality is not funny…in North America as one blogger at that website mentions, Monsanto is well entrenched in governments around the world and especially in Canada and USA..or maybe the government is well entrenched in Monsanto? Thus, the government ensures that we are kept ignorant by refusing to legislate the labelling of food! We can yell and scream and the government/Monsanto ignores us. But we can eat organic and support the people trying to keep our food supply safe…we can complain vehemently to our grocery store manager and insist he brings in real food, we can inundate our politicians with letters and calls, etc.

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Today I sent on a magnificent documentary to a person I met in my travels.  I highly recommend it to everyone, but advise them to be sure they are not eating or standing when watching it.     The World According to Monsanto was produced by a European journalist who tracked just what has happened to the world since Monsanto moved in with their GMOs (genetically modified crops). 

 I would give the link, but apparently some power keeps deleting it and health care advocates have to keep reloading it…which they do, because what is happening in these other countries has already started to happen in North America.  Apparently this is information that Monsanto and corporate America simply do not want the public to know about…no wonder! 

In this documentary, you will see that genetically modified cotton workers have developed horrible skin diseases…never before known to man.  This disease is eerily similar to the Morgellon skin disease that showed up a decade or so ago in many states in the USA where cotton is grown.  Fiber-like bugs crawl their way out of a person’s body, leaving life-long scars. 

If you have a weak stomach do not look up pictures of Morgellon’s disease because they get worse as you run down the page…  here is the link:

 Already the medical researchers (aka friends of Monsanto) are circling their wagons and telling the public that it can’t possibly be caused by GM organisms…no, not at all.  But when you watch the hour and a half of evidence in the documentary, it’s pretty hard not to come to the conclusion most reasonable people are coming to…GMO’s are slowly killing us…or maybe not so slowly.  

We now have epidemics of hundreds of diseases and disorders that in the past were almost unheard of….IBS, Crohns, Cancer, thyroid dysfunction, dementia.  Weren’t we promised miracle drugs and food? 

Until we stop buying GM foods, this will get worse.  But then again how can you avoid GM foods…the governments in Canada and US where Monsanto rules, resist all attempts by their citizens to force the legislated labeling of GMO foods.  Maybe some people enjoy scorpion genes in their food…I don’t.   I talk to every manager of every store I shop in…I ask them to bring in real food if they want my regular business.  I write to my MP, etc.  Join me please!

I think it would make a huge difference if some of us started protesting in front of major grocery chain stores, demanding they provide labelled foods and insisting they bring in real food…not additives masquerading as food and not frankenfoods designed to make us sick!  What do you think?

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For many years now I’ve hoped that somehow things in this world would change….the relentless poverty, sweeping decimation of the world’s natural food supply by Monsanto, killing and maiming in the name of ‘medicine’ by pharmaceuticals, the constant lip service paid by politicians to the abuse of children, elderly, women and so many other injustices perpetrated by big multi-nationals in the name of profit. All these wars…all in the name of making somebody, somewhere, richer.

Things are changing, big time. I believe millions are, like me, manifesting change through focussed intention.

The styrofoam pillars of our seriously dysfunctional society are collapsing before our very eyes…myths and misconceptions about our safety and security dismantled lie by lie. Monsanto’s real agenda has been revealed. It’s to control the entire world’s food supply – not to feed the hungry as claimed. The biggest religions in the world are now revealed to be among the most serious of abusers and condoners of abuses…a far cry from the ‘divine’ they led followers to believe they were.

And now, thanks to WikiLeaks and other whistleblowers, we know what really goes on behind the closed doors of the offices of people who are supposed to be ‘leaders’ and acting in our best interests. We are learning that we have sent young men and women to their deaths on the say-so of people who were either lying, knew there was lying or who were making profits from keeping the lies a secret.

I was never able to fathom how 2012 could bring the huge changes in humanity and consciousness that spiritualist have talked about for ions. But now it is very evident. Truth, no matter how suppressed and oppressed, will percolate to the top…to come into plain view of even those who choose to be indifferent.

I am so happy that people like Julian Assange (WikiLeaks) have the courage to release the truth as he has. I am relieved to know that the young people of the world are using technology to hamper the unscrupulous activities of big businesses such as MasterCard, Visa and PayPal,who are engaged in censoring information and interfering with the free dissemination of evidence and knowledge that should be made transparent and available to all people of the world as a matter of democratic process.

I praise the people who produce documentaries such as The World According to Monsanto which shows clearly the irreversible damage the company has done all around the world. Big Business subverts democracy in the most profound ways, meanwhile keeping us distracted with weapons of mass distraction such as TV, which is so controlling that our children are being lured into drugs and sex by the ages of 8 and 9 years old and vital information about vaccines and drugs censored in favor of the propaganda of pharmaceutical companies.

And to the Irish and French who are organizing and making runs on the banks in their respective countries, bravo. These banks are not part of the government…they are private businesses who print money. We all think these ‘banks’ are part of the governmental structure. They are not. The wonderful book “Spontaneous Evolution” by Bruce Lipton and Steve Bhaerman, explains how important sounding names attached to what are nothing more than big businesses have completely duped us….The US Federal Reserve Bank, the Bank of England, the Swiss National Bank and the Euopean Central Bank are all titles impressive to the average person. They cause us to erroneously link them in our minds with government, but in fact, each of these ‘banks’ is a privately held corporation with the sole mission of making a profit on the backs of the unsuspecting public.

I’m writing to PayPal about their unacceptable behavior and if their interference with my right to pay whomever I want to continues, I will close out my PayPal account in protest of their audacity in trying to censor information that I am entitled to, as a citizen of a supposed democracy. I am furious at their attempts to decide for me who I can/should support. I am also going to write to Visa and protest their behavior and if it continues, as I’m sure it will, I will look for another more ethical company to do business with. They are circling their wagons…I wonder what is in it for them in censoring Julian Assange or in preventing me from supporting him, as is my democratic right. I wonder just who was behind this anti-democractic behavior.

I have already been using my ATM less and less, almost negligibly now….in protest of the fact that these highway robbers have tricked us into using a convenience that costs us dearly. First we deposit our money for them to use to make interest and then these ‘banks’, many masquerading as government institutions, charge us to get our own money back out of their banks.

Despite the fact that the Irish and French have been organizing major runs on their banks and that this would certainly rate as news more important than the latest entertainment information, there was not a peep about this on Canada’s national news broadcast…CBC. CTV is even worse…they are reduced to having entertainers, contests for the cutiest Halloween pictures…well, you get the idea.

We are deliberately kept in the dark by the media, prevented from being able to make our own decisions or knowing fully how our elected politicians are ignoring our wishes and doing their own thing. Deadly pharmaceuticals are advertised with impunity on our major TV channels and medical ‘news’ is nothing more than fodder from the drug companies pushing their propaganda. I can’t remember the last time I saw balanced reporting on the local channels. Now, I get my TV news from RT Channel…far superior in my mind to the US/Canadian nonsense now offered. And I’ve come to love The Epoch Times, a small but wholesome newspaper.

These fear-mongring, money-hungry, heartless corporations are never going to be able to keep truth suppressed…there will always be loving, courageous humans to fight them by exposing truths and blowing the whistle on horrors perpetrated in our name.

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