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Chinese Organic Food labelling misleading

Misleading labelling of Chinese Organic Food

Have you noticed that in the last few years big box stores have jumped onto the organic food and natural product bandwagon? You may be thinking “Great, I can pick up everything at …. “.  There are things you need to know first!

People want real food; people want truthful labelling.  People are tired of having to worry about what poisons are put into their food in the name of profit.  So consumers feel relieved when they see the label ‘organic’ or ‘natural’ in places such as Walmart and Costco and other big box stores.  But should they always feel safe when they see products touted as organic food

Keep in mind the new ploy to get you buying pesticides, GMOs, lead and aluminium is to source the products from China and Asia, where, as you might have already guessed, fraudulent labelling and dangerous manufacturing processes abound, with no oversight and even less ethical concern for the welfare of the people and pets eating their ‘produce’ and ‘products’. In China, particularly, organic food does not necessarily mean safe food.

Reports of Chinese Organic Food being Deceptively Labelled

Mike Adams, Founder of and a world leader in bringing the truth to the health-conscious public, states in his Apr 15/13 article:  “This story (referring to a study on the presence of lead, mercury and pesticides in Chinese organic food) further supports my warning to avoid foods grown in China unless you know the concentration of metals in those foods. China remains the world’s most polluted agricultural hub, and a wide array of metals are routinely found in samples from China, including cadmium, lead, arsenic and mercury.  China refuses to enforce environmental regulations in its country, and in some cases the river water used for irrigating crops for export contains industrial waste in the form of heavy metals, solvents and dangerous organic compounds.  This has led to the rise of so-called “cancer villages” across China…”.

In a long article “In China, no food is safe…” by Heng He, Epoch Times (Mar 2013), the author aptly points out that the Chinese regime is famous for not telling the truth about epidemic disease, melamine-tainted milk, the overuse of antibiotics in food animals, heavy-metal poisoning of pigs with arsenic and cadmium to make the meat look ‘fresher’ and the spread of diseases such as SARS. Can we trust them to be truthful about their organic food?

How to Be Sure Organic Food is Actually Organic

One of the latest ‘tricks’ many big box stores use in order to confuse consumers who seek to avoid pesticides and herbicides, GM foods and dangerous chemical additives, can also be a heads-up.  These stores allow their Chinese and Asian suppliers to package their products using misleading labels.  For example, instead of Product of China, they will state, Packaged in Canada, Distributed in Canada…anything to avoid using the word China or Chinese while still suggesting it is a Canadian product and subject to our more reliable Canadian laws.  When a package does not clearly state “Product of Canada”, and if it does not say ‘Certified Organic”, it is best to leave it on the shelf because it is probably not organic food. In addition, consider discussing this deceptive practice with the store manager and/or writing to the head office of the store.

For those who love their rice, but can’t be certain it is safe despite the labelling, Canadian wild rice – a naturally organic crop, full of awesome nutrients and protein and grown in the clear fresh water lakes and streams of Ontario, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan – is a superb and healthy substitute.  Canada is simply too cold a climate in which to grow rice, so this is a wonderful alternative for all rice dishes. You would never know it, but wild rice is not really rice…it is a wild grass from which the grain can be harvested.

For more information:

Toxic China: Widespread lead pollution is poisoning children, Ethan A. Huff, Natural News, March 20, 2012

China admits to existence of ‘cancer villages’ sprouting up due to extreme pollution, chemical exposure, Mike Adams, Natural News, February 23, 2013  

Organic Consumers Association’s Ronnie Cummings discusses corporate greed and organic milk, Mike Adams, Natural News, Nov 28, 2006

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