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Democratic Right to Choose Our Medicine Assailed

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According to WDDTY (What Doctor’s Don’t Tell You) in May 2011, UK and citizens right across Europe will find that all but 79 herbal supplements will disappear from store shelves and this includes traditional remedies and therapies such as Ayurvedic and traditional Chinese medicine (TCM).

The Alliance for Natural Health International (ANH), which is legally challenging this EU Traditional Herbal Medicinal Products Directiive says that valerian and Echinacea will still be available but because of the demand by the EU that all manufacturers have a license for their products, the less common but important herbal products will disappear for lack of license. The licensing of products costs up to £150,000, which is clearly a prohibitive cost for most small manufacturers.

Interestingly, only 26 companies have the required license for the 79 ‘approved’ herbal products, and pharmaceutical companies own one third of these 79 licenses. It would not be surprising that third of products licensed by pharmaceuticals will also be pulled or the costs become so prohibitive the average citizen will not be able to afford it.

WDDTY reports that not one herb from the traditional Chinese, Amazonian or Ayurvedic medicines, including arjuna, bibitaki, goldthread, foxglove, cat’s claw, Pau d’Arco and graviola has been licensed, so as of May 1st, citizens wil be unable to purchase them anywhere in Europe or the UK.

If you too feel this directive is disproportionate, non-transparent, discriminatory and violates basic democratic rights of all citizens, you can support the efforts of ANH’s executive Robert Verkerk who is mounting the legal challenge in the High Court. Verkerk advises that it costs £100,000 to mount the challenge, and so far they have raised £60,000. The ANH number is 01306 646600.

If it smells like a pharmaceutical tactic, walks like one, it probably is and that by any standard is non-democratic in my humble opinion. Forcing people to drug-therapies that have at best questionable track records and and worst caused death and untold health damage by imposing costly licensing that only pharmaceuticals can afford is certainly not democratic in my view and we need to get behind all efforts to stop these tactics.

In Canada and the USA citizens who prefer herbal, homeopathic remedies and natural treatments such as hypnotherapy are constantly under threat and assault. One only needs to research the movement of Codex into North America to see the silent, but highly, in my honest opinion, anti-democratic behaviors.

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