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Dentists/Scientists speak on damaging effects of fluoride in drinking water

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Please take a listen to this wonderful video by Dr. Bill Osmunson on the poisonous effects of fluoride in water, particularly in children.  He is an American dentist, but it’s exactly the same situation here in Canada where cities such as Ottawa are still damaging our healths for no reason.

Also note that there is historical evidence that this technique of fluoridation of drinking water started with Josef Stalin when they discovered that fluoridated water kept the prisoners and inmates of concentration camps extremely placid and complacent.  Apparently the Nazi’s used the same technique to keep the concentration and death camp inmates similarily  placid and complacent.

We all need to keep after our city councillors until they stop fluoriding our water.

And by the way, there are lots of natural toothpastes out there, free of fluoride and sugar.  Very fine baking soda works just as well to keep teeth clean and healthy with no damaging effects.

Love and light,
Grace :)

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