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Oprah introduced Dr. Oz to viewers as a trusted source of information on natural living in 2004; he urged viewers to buy organic foods and use natural remedies.  Now, he’s considered a ‘sell-out’ by many.

Dr.Oz  ‘highly recommended’ that perfectly healthy people take an aspirin daily to prevent heart attacks, despite a 2004 Journal of the National Cancer Institute  study showing women who consumed two or more aspirins/week were at a 58% greater risk of developing pancreatic cancer and at an 86% greater risk if ingesting more than 14 aspirin/week!

In 2010, a group of researchers, medical experts, and public health officials unequivocally stated: “aspirin actually destroys the protective lining in the intestines, which can lead to severe bleeding, colitis, or even intestinal perforations, which can cause systemic infections and other very serious health problems and death”. (

While owning a huge number of option shares in a vaccine technology company, Dr. Oz promoted vaccines that he admitted to CNN’s Anderson Cooper his wife and children would not be receiving and he failed to mention vaccines contain mercury, formaldehyde, aluminum and MSG (powerful neurotoxins) . See the one-minute mark of

Former Dr. Oz supporters are outraged over his recent Time Magazine interview where he suggests choosing organic food is snooty and undemocratic, as well as over his “RealAge” internet scheme recruiting innocent people into a promotional network where they were bombarded by drug-pushing ads from Big Pharma.  In his Time interview he declares:  “Organic food is great, it’s just not very democratic…You don’t need to eat like the 1% to eat healthily…”   

 Dr. Oz ignored the countless peer-reviewed publications confirming that organics are nutritionally superior, lower in pesticide residues and lower in antibiotic-resistant pathogens. Independent sources such as Consumer Reports (Consumer Union) and government agencies (USDA) corroborated the studies.

Personally I’d rather die snooty and undemocratic, but happy and healthy – illness costs too much.  With 40 years of natural therapy and organic nutrition experience, I assist my clients to get free of illness, emotional issues, excess weight and pain naturally and safely.

For mental and emotional wellness, a regression hypnotherapy program is an effective and safe option to harmful drugs.  Notwithstanding the pharmaceutical and psychiatric propaganda, drugs, lobotomies and electro shock don’t work.  They definintely don’t work for the normal emotions of normal living such as anger, depression, anxiety, obsessive-complusive behaviors, fears and unwanted habits such as excess alcohol drinking.

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