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Drugs Ineffective in Preventing Memory Loss

Drugs Can Contribute to Memory Loss

Many people, especially the elderly are prescribed health-damaging prescription drugs with claims that they will slow memory loss and cognitive decline.  Turns out the opposite is true…they are ineffective and in many cases harmful.

According to a report by Paul Taylor, ‘Drugs, Supplements Don’t Stop Memory Loss‘, researchers at St.Michael’s Hospital in Toronto concluded that there was no consistent evidence that drugs, herbal products or supplements could keep memory loss at bay, although mental exercises might be of some benefit.  Moreover, some drug therapies actually worsened outcomes.

According to Taylor’s report, these researchers studied the results of 32 randomized controlled trials involving about 25,000 participants, keeping their search as broad as possible to include any study of any therapy that might be a possible means of halting or slowing memory loss and cognitive deterioration.  The study included a look at the prescription medications typically used to treat dementia patients: donepezil (brand name Aricept) and memantine (Namenda) and found that there was no evidence of benefit of either drug in the slowing of memory loss.

Do Natural Supplements Help Slow Memory Loss?

The researchers also considered studies involving herbal and vitamin supplements such as ginkgo, vitamin B6, omega-3 fatty acides and DHEA, all products that many feel help maintain a healthy brain, but they found no evidence that these substances slowed memory loss.  However, many in the field of natural remedies point to the fact that when ‘studies’ on natural therapies are carried out by pharmaceutical companies as these likely would have been, the study methods are often suspect, since the point of the studies is usually to show that natural products do not work, but that pharmaceutical products do.  The skewing of trial results is apparently standard behavior in the pharmaceutical research world, so it would seem reasonable to also suspect that the natural products they ‘studied’ were substandard in quality or not used as they would be normally.  At least they were not shown to be damaging to the patient, as were the drugs and many independent studies have shown great benefits.

Some Pharmaceutical Drugs Cause Memory Loss!

Researcher Nagvi commented that ‘Some of the therapies that are proposed to help prevent memory decline sometimes turn out to be more harmful than beneficial”.  In particular he cited the use of estrogen in healthy women saying “Rather than helping memory, the estrogen products worsened memory over time…”  He went on to note that anti-inflammatory medications – naproxen and celecoxib – also seem to make patients slightly worse. While it seems that the report did not consider the significant cognitive decline caused by psychiatric drugs, anyone who works in the mental health field can attest to the findings of doctors such as Dr. Peter Breggin who have reported extensively on this issue – memory loss and reasoning ability decreases considerably and often permanently after starting on these drugs.

Some hopeful news did come from the study however…that mental exercises and keeping physically active may be of benefit, but so far only computerized training programs or one-on-one teaching sessions have been studied.  These are both therapies that would not be available to the majority of the public.

Commonsense Ways to Prevent Memory Loss

It seems that the best way to keep a sound mind is the same way one keeps a healthy body: eating and drinking non-processed foods and addictive, chemical-laced drinks, avoiding GMO foods and sugars, avoiding high fructose corn syrup, antibiotics, vaccinations and all things that don’t belong in a healthy mind and body.  Remember always that 90-95% of the products on grocery store shelves today does not meet the definition of ‘food’ and Big Pharma and the medical community can only survive if you believe their ‘marketing’ and fear-mongering, designed to get you on illness-creating drugs and treatments.

What are you doing to keep yourself healthy and free of memory loss and cognitive impairment?  Do you know anyone who is elderly and living illness free…share with us how they are doing it.  Do you know an elderly person who has excellent cognitive function…tell us about them.

Grace Joubarne, is a Clinical Hypnotherapist, freelance writer and advocate for natural healing, natural foods and healthy environmental behaviors.  1-888-390-3553

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