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Finally! The truth about Cell Phones damage from the microwave company’s expert !

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Statement by the expert trusted most
by the mobile industry

“…with medical science indicating increased risks of tumors, cancer, genetic damage and other health problems from the use of cellphones, the government and the cellphone industry have abandoned the public.

This is a statement by Dr George Carlo, a leading scientist, who was trusted by the Mobile Phone Industry in the US to be most competent to correctly assess the safety of the mobile phones. Therefore he was commissioned to make a a very thorough examination. But after a few years of denying the hazards to the satisfaction of his sponsors, he changed his opinion in the face of accumulating evidence about the dangers and wrote a book about it.

Since the public communication of his findings, Dr Carlo “has been threatened, physically attacked, defamed, and his house mysteriously burned down.” Instead of listening to the well founded evaluation of the scientist the mobile phone industry trusted as most suitable for assessing the issue, they did not only ignore his results, but they sought to discredit him personally among reporters and other scientists.

How can anyone trust research and scientists sponsored by such corporations as it is very evident from the case of Dr Carlo that the corporations do not accept other than favorable results regarding safety?

Yet it is this pseudoscience that has been used by governments as the justification for continued support to the buildup of the mobile phone system in spite of the increasingly strong evidence about its hazards. See also “Corrupt Science” below.

Source: George Louis Carlo, Ph.D., Martin Schram Cell phones: Invisible hazards in the wireless age: An Insider’s Alarming Discoveries about Cancer and Genetic Damage.

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