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Fluoridation of Drinking Water Has Nothing to Do with Preventing Tooth Decay

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Fluoridation of Drinking Water a Mass Violation of Basic Human Rights

Fluoridation of Drinking Water is Mass Medication

According to the scientists, investigators and laypeople who know the facts, perhaps the biggest fraud ever perpetrated on the public has been that of the practice of fluoridation of drinking water – the result of collusion of dentists, eugenicists and fertilizer companies for over 65 years.  The fraud persists today in many areas of North America.

In 1934, the dental association stated:  “The public attitude is impressed by, and is inclined to adopt as its own, that which it reads and that which it sees. Tell an individual or a community anything long enough or often enough and faith in its truth will almost certainly be established.” – Christiansen J.F.: “The relation of certain professional trends to private practice”, J. Am. Dent. Assn. 21 (Oct. 1934) 1763.  Translated this  means people are stupid and if you repeat a lie often enough, they will accept it as truth.

Historical Review of the Practice of Fluoridation of Drinking Water Exposes Wholesale Fraud

The practice of fluoridation of drinking water involves the addition of a toxic waste by-product of the fertilizer industry to public water supplies. This same fluoride substance is considered a serious environmental toxin not to be released into the waterways, air or soil – yet it is put into municipal drinking water without decontamination, adding not only poisonous fluoride compounds, but arsenic, mercury and other contaminants as well. Pure pharmaceutical grade fluoride is used in many medications, especially psychiatric medications as well as toothpaste, salt and milk.  Tap water containing this hydrofluorosilicic acid  is used in baby formula, food and drink production increasing the dose of this toxin to truly poisonous levels in the body.

The claim was that the practice would help children, but the most negatively affected were children of people considered ‘inferiors’.  At the same time as fluoridation of drinking water was being heavily promoted by the dental associations and eugenicists, forced sterilization of ‘undesirables’ was public policy in the USA and Canada.  Undesirables were defined as the poor, unemployed, black, Hispanic, Native American, women of low socio-economic status, prostitutes, non-whites and so on.  This stopped in Canada in 1975 when a forcibly sterilized woman sued and won.  It appears to many anti-fluoridation scientists, researchers and community dissenters, that today sterilization appears to be accomplished through the side effects of psychiatric medications and the fluoridation of drinking water.

Fluoridation of Drinking Water is the Direct Violation of Basic Human Rights

What is fact is that the fluoridation of drinking water is not about making it safe; it is specifically to ‘medicate’ the entire population, supposedly to prevent tooth decay, violating not only our basic human right to safe drinking water (as declared by the UN), but our right not to be mass-medicated.  Not only are our rights ignored, but for 65 years the overwhelming evidence that it causes cancer (especially liver), causes hypothyroidism, lowers IQ, causes gastrointestinal diseases, depression, dental fluorosis and fluoride poisoning has been entirely ignored.

In plain English it means that anyone drinking fluoridated water, or eating foods prepared with it, are storing major toxic waste-by products  in their bodies.  It also means that they have been medicated against their will with a toxic substance in violation of their right to be free of involuntary medical treatment and the right to SAFE drinking water as defined by the UN.

Fluoridation of Drinking Water Prevents Tooth Decay Proponents Claim!

Not at all say independent researchers. The link to liver cancer and hypothyroidism, as well as to dental fluorosis and bone disease cannot be clearer and comparative studies have shown the claim of preventing dental caries is nothing more than a  colossal hallucination on the part of dentists.

A ménage-a-trois situation started in the 1930’s USA, with all 3 parties pushing fraudulent data and propaganda while suppressing it’s true effects of sterility, cancer and docility (established during post WWII).  The practice of fluoridation of municipal water made it possible for industrialists to mask the increasing health issues among workers involved in aluminium smelting and fertilizer production.  By colluding with the dental association to push it as a medical treatment for the prevention of tooth decay, they dodged lawsuits.

Industrial magnates avoided the huge cost of mandatory decontamination of this heavily regulated toxic by-product of their activities: Unloading fluoride this way allowed corporations to turn the otherwise very high cost of decontamination into a huge profit by selling the toxic fluoride waste material, as is, to municipalities, many of which were run by openly eugenics-inclined officials as late as 1980s.  The profit earned from selling it was reinvested through slight-of-hand marketing that continues to this day, where questionable industry-funded ‘studies’ are peddled as ‘scientific’ proof of safety.

Dental associations of Canada and the USA were and are heavily influenced by the Kellogg Foundation (formerly known as the Better Race Foundation, but now known as the W.K. Kellogg Child Welfare Foundation).  Kellogg Foundation was a major player in the eugenics programs in Canada and the USA.

How did this stuff get into Canada you might wonder?

The President of the Eugenics Society of Canada, Dr. W.Hutton did ‘secret’ experiments on Brantford, Ontario residents in 1945, when he released toxic fluoride waste into the drinking water system. (See Historical Notes at 1936)  As the story goes, no one complained, so the practice continued and the dental association kept spinning the story that the fluoridation of drinking water prevented dental caries – all the while knowing it was not true and skewing studies and research to ensure no one was the wiser.  (Note: Eugenicists share the same goals as the Nazis and were openly active in Canada until about 1980.)

Think you are Protected from Fluoridated Drinking Water Because You Drink Non-fluoridated Bottled Water?  Think again!

The food you eat, the pop and beer you drink, the foods and drinks you ingest at restaurants have all been prepared with fluoridated water.  The vapor from your shower water, together with the fluoridated toothpaste and the fluoride in medications (especially Paxil and Prozac and other psychiatric drugs) and dental preparations all combine to push your fluoride levels into the major toxicity zone.  Causing major health issues seems to be a trade-off for potentially preventing one dental cavity, in one person in one lifetime, if you buy their theories.

And the kicker? Comparative studies show that fluoride does not provide any protection whatever against dental caries, but does cause dental fluorosis, a disfiguring of teeth that requires dental treatment, and which enriches dentists considerably.

What to do About Fluoridation of Your Drinking Water

Tired of fearing your food and water? Demand that your municipality stop fluoridating your drinking water in violation of your basic human right to ‘safe’ drinking water and to not be involuntarily medicated.  To learn if your community artificially adds this poison to your water check with The Genesis Project.   

Fluoride poisoning is reversible, consult with a competent naturopathic doctor.


Grace Joubarne is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and founder of GracePlace Wellness, a freelance writer, blogger (AskGrace!) and decades-long advocate of sustainable living, non-GMO and chemical-free foods, fluoride-free drinking water and alternative health care modalities.  For Grace’s verifiable credentials: .  Visit her new GracePlace Wellness Blog where your comments are always welcome!

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