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The W 5s of Fluoridation of Drinking Water

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Growing up with Dental Fluorosis due to Fluoridation of Drinking Water

Fluoridation of Drinking poisoning children

Fluoride poisoning due to the ingestion of municipal drinking water ‘treated’ with poisonous fluoride compounds exacerbate the severity of various mental and emotional illnesses through its effects on the thyroid and pineal glands. The practice of fluoridation of municipal drinking water must stop!

What is Fluoridation all About?

Fluoride additives are a toxic by-product of the super-phosphate fertilizer industry, dumped into our drinking water straight from the stacks of industry…the equivalent of the forced licking of fertilizer industry chimneys!  Fluoridation of drinking water is not the beneficial action it is touted as being….it is incredibly harmful, especially to children.

In a large majority of the cases the chemical known as hydrofluorosilicic acid classified as a hazardous waste product produced by the phosphate fertilizer industry is used in the fluoridation process. Proponents of fluoridation deceptively claim that study after study support its benefits, withholding that those studies were conducted on sodium fluoride, a different chemical then what is actually being used and that they were undertaken by dental and fertilizer industry-friendly researchers.

Toothpaste containing fluoride has a warning:  Do not ingest, poisonous to children!  As does the bag it is shipped in.  Yet children drink and bath in it daily. Fluoridation of Canadian water means that the following also gets dumped into the water:  fluorine, hydrogen fluoride, lead, arsenic, mercury, cadmium, chromium, phosphorus, iron, iodine, silver, plus uranium238, barium, radon, cobalt, radium and polonium because it is derived from the mining processes used to extract the phosphate used in the super phosphate fertilizer industry, thus violating even further our basic human right to SAFE water.

Fluoride has been deemed an environmental toxin and environmental laws around the world forbid any company to dump it, in any form, into the air, the soil or waterways unless decontaminated. 

Clever deceptive practices by the dental and medical associations in North America who gain financially from the dental fluorosis and cancers and other medical issues the practice causes, and who are flush with major infusions of fertilizer industry money to push propaganda, made the intolerable become acceptable.  Now fertilizer companies save decontamination costs by selling it for release into drinking water during the fluoridation process, in what must be the best example of turning a lemon into lemonaide.  Therefore, as only 1% of the fluoridated water supply is ingested by humans and stored in the bones and glands, the rest goes into the waterways, onto gardens and is re-circulated into the water system and food production, each time with more fluoride added.

Dr. Frederick B Exner, author of Economic Motives Behind Fluoridation 1966:  “….Fluoride is also a compound that is a known carcinogen and a tranquilizer and that has been proven to build up to toxic levels in the body and in the environment over time.”

From ‘Everything You Wanted to Know About Fluoride But Were Afraid to Ask’ a poignant quote: “Dr Dean Burke an American biochemist, a co-discoverer of biotin, medical researcher, and a cancer researcher at the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute and the National Cancer Institute and not a dentist, was quoted “In point of fact, fluoride causes more human cancer death, and causes it faster than any other chemical.” Congressional Record 21 July 1976.

In 1997, it was shown that fluoridation caused about 10,000 cancer deaths in epidemiological studies by Dr. Dean Burk, former head of the Cytochemistry Section at the National Cancer Institute (and clearly not a dentist). After analyzing the study results in rats, it was found that animals who drank fluoridated water  showed an increase in tumors and cancers in oral squamous cells, developed a rare form of bone cancer called osteosarcoma, showed an increased in thyroid follicular cell tumors and developed a rare form of liver cancer known as hepatocholangiocarcinoma.  According to a recent report on CBC, this liver cancer is now at epidemic proportions in Canada.

In a government report it was noted that as of 2011, 40% of American kids had severe dental fluorosis caused by fluoridation, with the minorities (Blacks and Hispanics) who can’t afford filtering systems showing the most severe results.  Interestingly, although Canadians were fluoridated at the same time and rate as Americans, the 2007-2009 Oral Health Statistics by the Office of the Chief Dental officer of Canada claimed that ‘dental fluorosis remains an issue of low concern in this country”!  Low concern??  This statement alone suggests that the low concern is likely the result of a more sinister agenda then we would be led to believe.  That any person may be harmed as a result of his decision-making process should make it a matter of extreme concern, not low concern, particularly since the practice has nothing to do with making drinking water safe.

Why Fluoridation  of Drinking Water?

The story we were told in 1945 after the President of the Eugenicist Society of Canada, Dr. W. Hutton, was caught secretly adding fluoride compounds to Brantford’s drinking water, was that it ‘prevented’ dental cavities.  The only time fluoride (in it’s pure form, which is not the form dumped into our water) MAY be helpful is when applied topically to the teeth, at which time it is regulated as a drug.

Industrialists skirt strict environmental laws that prohibit the release of fluoride products into the air, soil or waterways by selling them off to municipalities who are doing just that…breaking environmental rules by proxy during the fluoridation process.  The kicker is that they are spending our tax money to poison us and to directly support the depopulation agenda, ongoing since 1920s and 1930’s through the Rockefeller Foundation and the Kellogg Foundation.

But again, regardless whether it was harmful or not, which clearly it is, this practice of fluoridation of drinking water has nothing to do with making water safe to drink or saving teeth and is a violation of our basic human rights to SAFE drinking water and food security.  In fact, it categorically is making our water toxic and causing catastrophic health issues, especially for children.  It exacerbates all mental health issues and when combined with the fluoride ingredients added to psychiatric medications, results in profound fluoride toxicity.

It was proven by distinguished scientists, later blacklisted for whistleblowing, that a baby ingesting infant formula or juice prepared with tap water is automatically subjected to fluoride poison.

Where Did Fluoridation Start?

Having started with the secret addition of fluoride compounds to Brantford, Ontario municipal drinking water in 1945 by their city medical officer, fertilizer and dental lobbyist pushed their agenda across Canada for 65 years.  However 66 towns and cities are now free of fluoridated water.  Check The Regenesis Project to learn if your water is being poisoned with fluoride:  Unfortunately, until the Canadian government actually steps up to protect our basic human rights with legislation that would prohibit the addition of any substance to our drinking water that is not specifically proven to make water safer to drink, there is always the risk of the big money interests steam rolling Canadian citizens into accepting the practice of  fluoridation yet again.

When did Fluoridation Start in North America?

The practice of fluoridation of drinking water was well underway in the USA in the 1930’s as the result of the financial nurturing of the dental association by the Rockefeller and Kellogg Foundations – major proponents of eugenics (eugenicists share the goals of Hitler and the Nazi’s for one master race). In Canada, the practice was secretly started in Brantford, Ontario in 1945.  The provincial governments of Canada have bestowed on municipal authorities the right to violate our basic human rights to not be medicated without our consent, our right to SAFE drinking water as acknowledged by the UN and the right to food security (fluoride poisons food supplies, especially infant formula and juices prepared with tap water).  This behavior on the part of provincial and municipal governments violates the Canadian constitutional imperatives.

Who is Opposed to Fluoridation and Why?

Thousands of ethical and esteemed scientists and researchers around the world have called repeatedly for an end to the practice of fluoridating drinking water for a disease that is neither contagious nor life-threatening, because the claimed ‘treatment’ by fluoridation causes catastrophic health and dental issues, especially in the poor where the effect of fluoride toxicity cannot be mediated by good diet and proper health care.

In fact, the most esteemed US toxicologist, William Marcus, Senior Sciences Advisor, Criteria and Standards warned of the Fluoridegate happening in the USA as early as 1990.  For his efforts, as he explains in the Fluoridegate Video, he was fired, harassed and intimidated.  He won reinstatement in court, but still all legitimate science showing the catastrophic damage resulting from this practice, especially to children, was suppressed, oppressed and withheld from the public.  ANY and ALL efforts to warn the public were met with swift consequences, thus for decades women have been unwittingly feeding their babies infant formula and juices containing poisoned tap water with horrible and predictable health effects.

Negative consequences have also been experienced by dissenters in the Ottawa area to the point where councilors are advised by the Chief Medical Officer of the City on how to deal with any citizen who tries to make them aware of the latest ethical scientific findings and epidemiological study results of the fluoridation of drinking water.

Summary: The Practice of Fluoridation of Drinking Water:

We are not deficient in fluoride in Canada, we are deficient in public outrage and meaningful action.  City authorities are hard-pressed to disagree with the conclusion that an entire population suffers or is at high risk of suffering catastrophic health issues (especially thyroid and bone cancer) to theoretically prevent 1 dental carie in one child’s whole lifetime.  They refuse to listen to the facts or consider that they are supposed to be representing the welfare of dissenters as well as industry-funded proponents and acting in the city’s best interests!

It makes no sense that a practice such as this should be remotely considered a ‘treatment’ in Canada so important as to necessitate violation of our basic human rights, even if the fluoride product used was effective at decreasing tooth decay, which it is not.  It makes little sense to continue to fight a system bent on violation of our constitutional and UN declared basic human rights to safe drinking water and food security, using only good will and honest efforts to share legitimate information that is summarily disregarded on the whim of council members and city medical officers concerned about not ‘rocking the boat’.

When will we stand up to end the practice of medical and dental lobby groups backed by Big Pharma, Big Business and the Monsanto’s of this world poisoning us at will?  The city medical director’s opinion should never been permitted to trump the basic human rights and the constitutional rights of Canadians, ever.

Do you think a class action lawsuit against the municipalities still engaged in the wholesale and deliberate poisoning of its residents would be a meaningful step forward?

Check The Regenesis Project to learn if your water is being poisoned with fluoride:

For much more life-saving info on this subject please visit my practice blog at GracePlace Wellness where I will be running a series of posts on this subject.  I’d love to have your comments :)  

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