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Great sources of information on staying healthy… recommended!

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Here are sources of valuable information as to how to stay healthy and what is being hidden from us by the current medical system and the pharmaceutical companies.

At KOS Publishing you will find free downloads.  The author, Helkie Ferrie, is a highly regarded international medical writer who exposes many of the scams and frauds perpetrated on us.  “Dispatches from Environmental War Zone” is also available free from KOS Publishing…in my view it is a must read!  She is Canadian and writes particularly for Canadians.   

One of my favorite websites for real information on keeping healthy is:  (wddty stands for What Doctor’s Don’t Tell You).  WHAT DOCTORS DON’T TELL YOU is a journal that uncovers the hard-to-get facts about health and the causes of illness.  It’s  practically addictive! 

There is a new International Medical Journal available to all people, which provides information about many things we are being sold as ‘health care’.   Go to: . It is exposing many horrific things being done to our food and health without our knowledge.  The doctors, scientists and health care providers who contribute to this Medical Journal are not affiliated in any way with the drug companies.  

I urge you to follow these sites regularly to keep yourself and your family healthy.

I highly recommend Dr. Vladimir Topalo, a European medical doctor and naturopath living in Vancouver, BC…I usually refer my clients to him if they have physical challenges…he uses only natural remedies.  He does not have to see you in person…he uses  technology from Europe referred to as Iridology, which relies on the unique properties of the cells of the irises of the eye to determine what systems of the body need asssistance to make one well  (also used in Airport Security systems) and everything can be done over the internet and telephone.  Dr Topalo’s web address is:   

 I hope you’ll visit my website at . If I can ever be of assistance please don’t hesitate to contact me.   I also have a specialized parenting course (Good Kids on Purpose) which has benefited many people who are raising kids in this day of mis-information and deliberate fraud in the health care and food supply world. 

 If you want to be added to my Alert List in order to get timely health-related information direct to your r email inbox,  contact me at  and just ask that you be added to the Alert List and provide the email address you want me to send to.. 

If you find all these sites helpful please be sure to pass it on to others.  Awareness is everything!

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