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Health Canada: Plain Language Labelling Now Mandatory for All Prescription Drugs

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Plain Language Labelling Will Save Lives

Plain Language Labelling Will Save Lives

It’s a travesty that it took 13 years of cajoling  to get government to do a bit of its job for Canadians, but finally,  drug labels to warn patients about the true risks associated with prescription and over-the-counter drugs will now be mandated.  On June 14th, 2013,  Canada’s Minister of Health, Leona Aglukkaq, and Terence Young, MP for Oakville, ON  announced Plain Language Labelling Initiative  in Toronto.

Health Canada is moving forward to make sure that the information doctors and patients get from drug companies is clear, easy to read, in large print and lays out the risks of adverse reactions for patients.  Terence Young, who needlessly lost a beautiful young daughter to a prescription drugs effects states: Prescription drugs used as prescribed are the fourth leading cause of death in Canada – leading to approximately ten thousand deaths a year and causing 100,000 serious injuries.  Yet 70% of these deaths are preventable.    These deaths are referred to as iatrogenic deaths and illnesses.  No wonder over 150 Million people in the USA alone have moved to alternatives treatments!  No wonder our health care costs are through the roof.

Unfortunately, there is no word on how quickly Big Pharma will be required to implement the new labelling requirements.  But there is hope that sneaky labelling practices that allow pharmaceuticals to refer to withdrawal symptoms as discontinuation syndrome  to prevent a patient from recognizing that what they are going to ingest may well be impossible to give up, will eventually end.  The other words that should be banned outright is the use of the term  ‘side effects’, which is a deliberate attempt to minimize the harm

Prescription Drugs Kill

Proper labelling of prescription drugs mandatory!

cause.  The truthful words are ‘direct effects’.

The next step should be for the Minister of Health to ban the psychiatric drugging of children, but that is likely to take them at least 1,000 years, given that this is now a huge source of income for Big Pharma.  Let’s face it, drugging little children with addictive, brain-damaging, heart-damaging, growth-stunting drugs on the say so of doctors who could not care less that these drugs have been shown to be toxic and entirely ineffective for anything but making a life-long medical case out of anyone who has used them, is a perfect crime.

No Minister of Health should have to be asked to do the right thing, but once asked, to take 13 years is just disgraceful and just another sign that Big Pharma has our government right where it wants it.

Do you feel that Health Canada should be abolished?  Do you feel that the medical/pharmaceutical cartel should now be disbanded and health care opened to alternatives on the basis of what people want and not on the basis of what doctors promote for the pharmaceutical companies?

See Terence Young’s press release here…its not likely to make it on the major news programs.

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Grace Joubarne, CCHt, LAPHP is a clinical hypnotherapist with offices in Ottawa and Belleville, Ontario Canada and  a freelance writer on topics involving health.  


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