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Hypnotherapy Office now open in Belleville, Ontario

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GracePlace Wellness Hypnotherapy & Counseling Office

GracePlace Wellness Hypnotherapy & Counseling is proud to announce the opening of a satellite office in Belleville, Ontario to provide clients of Central Ontario easy access to an all-natural, self-help modality of healing from emotional issues that may be preventing their lives from being as productive as they desire.  The office is located in the Pinnale Property Management building at 200 Dundas Street East, Belleville.

There are no drop-ins.  All persons interested in this Belleville  hypnotherapy service should call GracePlace Wellness founder Grace Joubarne at her Ottawa office, for a free  telephone consultation and to book an appointment.  Anyone interested in resolving their emotional issues and fears or in managing chronic pain or weight are encouraged to call her at 1-888-390-3553 (toll-free) and she will return the call to save you long distance charges.  In the alternative, you are encouraged to view her website at  for all the information you made need, including frequently asked questions, signed testimonials and contact information.

 Grace Joubarne is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist with specialized certification in such issues as IBS.  Her credentials are readily available for your review at the above noted website.  You are invited to visit her blog at where you will find a whole host of valuable information on what to avoid and how to stay well.

 Grace ‘s main office is located at 279 Columbus Ave, Ottawa and in 2009 she opened a part/time office in Belleville, ON to facilitate the recovery to wellness of those Belleville area residents who found the trip to Ottawa too difficult.  By bringing hypnotherapy to smaller towns, Grace feels she is making it possible for more people to easily access drug-free health care and therefore IBS and other chronic pain sufferers find it very convenient not to have to endure a long car drive. 

Hypnotherapy is fast becoming the first choice in health care for those recovering from emotional issues and such physical issues as chronic pain, IBS and Fibromyalgia.  People experiencing stress, frustration, anger, low self-worth, sexual dysfunction and most normal emotions associated with everyday living can now avail themselves of a self-help modality that honours their spirit and assists their mind and bodies to recover in drug-free, diagnosis-free ways. 

Hypnotherapy can also assist you with unwanted habits and addictions in a dignified, thoughtful and mindful way, helping to ensure you reach your goals.  Hypnotherapy helps to improve study and learning, exam taking, sports performance and relationship building.

Grace is offering a FREE 15-20 minute telephone consultation….call 1-888-390-3553.

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