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On TV recently, parents shared the tragic story of their accomplished 17-year old son’s death by recreational drug.  Apparently their ‘talk’ with him about the dangers of non-prescription drugs went unheeded. 

Daily, many hypnotherapy clients tell me of being hooked on their powerful mood-altering prescriptions, unable to wean off once the early ‘relief’ has morphed into a worsening situation.

The disconnect is evident when the events are considered side-by-side, especially about the absence of any difference between street drugs and prescription psychoactive and pain drugs.  Children emulate parent behavior and naturally absorb their belief systems.  As parents trot off to a doctor to pick up drugs to feel ‘better’, children learn that drugs are ‘ok’ if you need to feel better.

It is important to experience a full range of emotions if one is to become resilient and adaptive.  When children are taught a quick way to avoid unwanted feelings, the results are predictable … brain damage, legal and social issues, death.

Slick pharmaceutical marketing promotes psychoactive drugs as safe – the answer to our ‘bad feelings’ and ‘mental illnesses’.  Notwithstanding the false and misleading claims of our doctors and drug companies, the scientific fact is that these drugs have been proven, since 1970, to be just as addictive, just as brain-damaging and just as life-decimating as street drugs.  

Doctors and street drug-pushers are one and the same to a child – a source of ‘happy pills’.  Teenagers easily see through the hypocrisy of drug prescription – if already force-fed drugs as children, they are well programmed for a life-time reliance on drugs for mood alteration.

Parents take prescription drugs and alcohol for the ‘high’ – to experience a ‘feel good’ mood, to alter their experience of life – obtaining them from a doctor after a 10 minute chat.  While parents tell children to ‘do as I say, not as I do’… youth soon find their own experts on drugs.  Thus, the only difference in the two scenarios becomes the source of the drugs.

Drugs do not work! Until we get a grip on that fact, we will continue to lose our children in the epidemic proportions we now see.

Isn’t it time we walked the talk and showed children, through better example, that there are healthy alternatives to drugs for the ‘bad’ days in life?   A qualified hypnotherapist can help with those ‘bad’ feelings. Please see my advice on choosing a hypnotherapist at .com

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