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Justice System Hijacked by Psychiatry: Believing in Junk Science is a Roadblock to Real Justice in our Courts

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Justice is Not Justice if Psychiatry is Involved in the Justice System

Justice System Hijacked by Psychiatry is Not Justice

If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed. Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it.  ~Adolf Hitler

The truly useless expenditure of time and intellect in the process of pumping air into a dead horse will remain just that…useless, and in the end, extremely damaging to the person who believes the horse will get up.  However, as long as the marketing pump and the courts, justice system and governments believe that the junk science of psychiatrists and psychologists has merit in the assessment of a person’s mind and intentions, the decisions of the courts will be, essentially, the decisions of pseudo-scientists who cannot objectively prove a single thing they claim as ‘fact’, but who will arrogantly claim the horse is rising! 

What is Junk Science and How Does it Affect Justice?

In his 1993 book Galilee’s Revenge: Junk Science in the Courtroom (pp. 2,3), author Peter Huber defined the term as follows:  “Junk science is the mirror image of real science, with much of the same form but none of the same substance.. . . It is a hodgepodge of biased data, spurious inference, and logical legerdemain, patched together by researchers whose enthusiasm for discovery and diagnosis far outstrips their skill. It is a catalog of every conceivable kind of error: data dredging, wishful thinking, truculent dogmatism, and, now and again, outright fraud. “ 

Marcia Angell, Senior Lecturer in Social Medicine at Harvard Medical School and former Editor in Chief of The New England Journal of Medicine might be tempted to correct Huber’s suggestion of ‘occasional’ fraud with facts about fraud being standard practice.  In her tell-all book, The Truth About Drug Companies: How They Deceive Us and What To Do About It, she details countless examples of pharmaceutical deception.   Russ Sherwood, a trained physicist and chemist, in his April 21/13 commentary on Natural, stated what has now become obvious:  ‘FRAUD is the standard today in every industry and branch of science.’  As has become clear, this same fraud masquerades as ‘expertise’ in the courtroom.

There Can Be No Justice in Psychiatrist-influenced Justice System

The DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) is nothing more than fiction and the psychiatrists who authored it nothing more than novelists with a superiority mind-set so profound that they truly believe they are the moral judge of others. Psychiatry is a religion in disguise.  It’s habit of creating ‘sinners’ from normal, unique individuals tears at the fabric of society on every level.  Since Freud and Jung, we have heard nothing but ‘explanations’ about what is wrong with the rest of us. 

Yet, every one of those rationalizations have been more absurd then the previous, without a single iota of real science to back up a single word written or spoken about mental illness.  Now that their ‘chemical imbalance theories’ have been shown to be nonsense, they are resorting to claims of ‘bad genes’.

You cannot prove any psychological theory wrong; that would be like arguing with a child that unicorns don’t exist.  It’s their fantasy therefore you cannot tell them their fantasy has no basis in fact.

In too many cases, bent on being ‘right’, doctors will sit directly across from someone and pretend not to see the tell-tale signs of the brain damage that should alert them to immediately discontinue the medication they prescribed.  Thus, there is now an epidemic of medication-induced tremors, tics, tardive dyskinesia and akathisia.  If it is noticed by the patient or patient’s caregivers, it is dismissed as simply a result of their original mental disorder and medications are increased. 

Creative Diagnoses Create Massive Injustices

Going back to the ‘dead horse’ example, if they say it exists and evidence proves they are wrong, they simply change the diagnosis. A great example is how, once proven that psychiatric drugs were highly addictive, the term withdrawal syndrome was replaced by the term discontinuation syndrome, with the enduring refrain that these drugs are not addictive and therefore do not cause withdrawal suffering.  In others words, the horse is not dead, it is merely short of oxygen!  And the drugs were not responsible for the defendant’s bizarre behavior, he just didn’t have enough of them.

The twisting of facts, the creative spinning of lies by the medical/pharmaceutical complex and permitting ‘novelists’ to influence court judgements with these lies is having profound effects on our justice system, creating massive injustices and destabilizing society.

While the justice system would not easily accept that unicorns exist just because one cannot prove they do not exist, they happily accept psychiatric diagnoses and theories as fact, even though they are fabrications of the mind of those making massive profits from ‘pretending’ they do.

In mainstream media, speakers talk about new science, new theories, new diagnoses, not once ever having to provide legitimate findings and evidence to support their claims.  Not long after, as the result of repetition, these expert ‘opinions’ morph into scientific fact and make their way into government policy, the justice system and court decisions that affect an entire society for generations.  We are never told that first the drug was manufactured and then the ‘disorder’ created out of thin air.

When unable to withstand cross-examination on their ‘opinions’ and ‘intuitions’, these pseudo-scientists simply create yet another diagnosis and another theory, so that people have been convicted on the basis of testimony of Type 1, Type II or Type III diagnoses when in fact, these are all magical and necessary creations and sub-creations of minds geared to maintaining their façade of ‘expertise’.  There is no logic, no proven theory, no science.  There is only an opinion – the consequence of needing to  Indeed bullshit baffles brains, and psychiatrists and psychologists are the finest manufacturers of the stuff of brain disablement.  In fact, they have manufactured so much, it has overwhelmed the entire justice system, until there is no justice whatever when mental health professionals are involved in a case.

Defendants are now too often found guilty or innocent on the basis of the opinions of people who are themselves guilty of creating fraudulent diagnoses to sell drugs for the pharmaceuticals; who themselves are complicit in pharmaceutical/medical collusion on a grand scale.  Children are drugged and damaged for life on the basis of an ‘opinion’ without so much as anyone advocating on the child’s behalf about the effects of the conditions that child lives in daily.  A child can be subjected to a slow death penalty for acting out against molestation, bullying, physical and emotional neglect and neurotoxin overload.

Can Justice Prevail When the Equivalent of the Death Penalty is Assigned by Proxy?

Once a defendant is found guilty of a crime, and especially if the crime was the result of a pharmaceutical drug effect – a fact that is always suppressed by the media and downplayed by the justice system – they are guaranteed to again be subjected to ‘opinion’ and given more ‘treatment’ guaranteed to be a death penalty, albeit a slowly induced one.  So while the courts don’t directly assign the death penalty, they do so indirectly by subjecting defendants, even for minor offences, to the life-long, brain-damaging and debilitating effects of psychiatric treatments and opinions based on fraudulent junk science!

As Margaret Hagen, author of Whore of the Court (pg 44) points out, no amount of evidence that psychological professions are merely religions disguised as science can seem to overcome the slick marketing of this voodoo behavior, despite the carnage it leaves behind in permanently damaged people and lives, and a compromised justice system.


Grace Joubarne is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and founder of GracePlace Wellness, a freelance writer, blogger (AskGrace!) and decades-long advocate of sustainable living, non-GMO and chemical-free foods, fluoride-free drinking water and alternative health care modalities.  For Grace’s verifiable credentials: .  Visit her new GracePlace Wellness Blog where your comments are always welcome!


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