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Mainstream Media Ignoring Psychiatric Crimes Against Humanity

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How can we, as a society claiming to be ‘evolved’ and civilized, continue to overlook the blatant misrepresentation of the facts regarding mental illness, psychopharmacology and conventional treatments of those suffering from normal emotional struggles?  Hundreds of landmark criminal and civil cases and scientific studies have proven that psychiatric treatments of emotional issues are nothing more than a wholesale crimes against humanity. 

Psychiatric Drug Interventions Kill and Maim

Countless investigations are showing that shooting rampages are linked to psychiatric treatments…killers literally driven mad by treatment!  Despite all this readily available information, mainstream media never refer to the countless scientific studies, court cases and psychiatric patient databases since 1970 proving that:

mental health crisis caused by treatment

Psychiatric treatments maim and kill

  • the DSM is a manual of fiction wherein all diagnoses are voted in or out on the whim of a handful of psychiatrists.  Nudism, homosexuality and even wanting to run away from slave masters were ‘mental illnesses’ treated with drugs and lobotomies, until they were voted ‘out’ later.  Diagnoses ‘point’ to nothing at all; they are created to facilitate insurance payments and legitimize the sale of the equivalent of street drugs.  A patient is stuck with one for life, while studies show diagnoses actually worsen outcomes;
  • not one single so-called mental illness is backed by scientific evidence of any kind, making psychiatric diagnoses nothing more than ‘opinions’ and moral judgments.  Further, not one psychiatric drug has ever been proven to cure anything, but most, if not all, have been proven to do brain damage over time;
  • all psychiatric treatment, including electroshock and drugs, is designed to disable the brain…they are indisputably electrical and chemical lobotomies;
  • many legitimate and peer-reviewed studies have proven that the brains of those diagnosed with depression, schizophrenia and all the other so-called mental illnesses DO NOT have brain abnormalities, chemical embalances or any other pathology.  However, once treated with psychiatric drugs, within a few short weeks and in some cases, after a few doses, the brains so treated with these drugs start to show objective evidence of brain disablement, particularly in the pre-frontal cortex, eventually leading to Parkinsonian tremors, severe hostility, emotional blunting and that is for starters;
  • the story of a chemical imbalance of depression is just that, a proven pharmaceutical marketing story with no legitimate scientific evidence to back it.  Depression remains undefined, allowing doctors to treat concussions, brain injury (such as undetected shrapnel), painful menstruation, chemical toxicity and other physical issues as ‘mental illness’ in need of antidepressants;
  • all so-called ‘mental illnesses’ are nothing more than emotional hardship that many studies and institutions such as Soteria Project and the Quaker Hospitals have shown resolve within six months to a year with empathic therapy and lifestyle changes (including dietary), with few, if any relapses.  Once treated with psychiatric drugs and electroshock, the patient is almost certain to have life-long bouts of drug-induced depression and psychosis and end up on disability, if not having committed suicide;
  • since the advent of psychiatric treatment, disability in children and adults have increased 8-fold and the leading cause of addition in North American is now to prescription psychiatric drugs as patients are never told many of these drugs are more addictive than heroin.  We thus have an epidemic of suicide and homicide directly linked to the use of psychiatric drugs and withdrawal.

Mainstream Media Ignores Work of Ethical Doctors and Researchers, but Support Pharmaceutical Propaganda

Court-certified mental health experts such as Dr. Peter Breggin –- who has not only been pivotal in international landmark criminal and civil cases against psychiatry and Big Pharma, but who has written countless books such as medication Madness and Toxic Psychiatry — are rarely if ever interviewed by mainstream media.

Many other ethical doctors, researchers and scientists who have compiled overwhelming documentation of the fraud that is psychiatric treatment and drug therapy are routinely ignored by the ‘don’t kill the mental health golden goose’ crowd who prosper from the victimization of the emotionally vulnerable.

We continue to hear the propaganda of those who still push the status quo, as our society drowns in permanently damaged survivors of psychiatric treatments, while other dignified, effective treatments for sadness, anxiety, shyness, grief and fears, such as hypnotherapy, go unmentioned and suppressed, despite these treatments being praised by institutions such as the Mayo Clinic.

Clinical Hypnotherapists have helped many mental health clients recover from their original emotional difficulties safely, only to watch them struggle to cope with the severe drug withdrawals and physical drug-induced damage for months thereafter.

We must demand that the media  let the public hear from the real experts —  the ones who have been calling for a banning of psychiatry since 1970 and especially the banning of psychiatric treatment of children for normal childhood reactions to life’s bumps and bruises, and especially from the ones who have SCIENTIFICALLY proven that it is the conventional mental health treatments that are causing the epidemics of mental illness?

How do you think pressure should be applied to mainstream media to change their ‘go along to get along attitude’?  Please leave your comments below.

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