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On Moving Body Fat up to Your Face: Fat Transfer

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Now that the truth has come out about Botox and how it is affecting muscles in the body away from the injection site, suddenly cosmetic surgeons are all high on moving the fat from your body to your face to fill it in or somehow ‘improve’ it. They are even suggesting a person store their fat in case they need it at a later time!

You have to give these cosmetic surgeons and ‘doctors’ high marks for ingenuity….they can see people dropping Botox like the poison it is and their bank accounts suddenly becoming in need of an injection. It seems that they have been using fat to restore damaged areas since the late 1800’s, but now, since the 1980s, have been promoting the concept for the cosmetic enhancement of butts, breasts, and penises . Yet again, they’ve ratched up the marketing to where this is touted as the way to have a beautiful face.

One can have a lovely face if they don’t mind the side effects…some temporary, if your lucky and some of the permanent type…death. In the case of the former Miss Argentina, Solange Magnano, the gluteoplasty led to pulmonary embolism, which she succumbed to on November 29, 2009 after three days in critical condition. A close friend, Roberto Piazza, was quoted as saying the liquid from the injections “went to her lungs and brain.”

Besides the possibility of death and other horrific side effects, the problem with this whole idea is that toxins are stored in the fat…and there have never been more toxins in our bodies in the history of mankind. Why would someone want to recyle something that contains toxins of all kinds to their face?

In my view this procedure would suddenly cause major toxins of all kinds from food-borne toxins to environmental toxins and additives to be concentrated in the face in one fell swoop…a face won’t know what hit it! Toxins are accumulated in various body areas over time…injecting this toxin-riddled fat all at once should nicely overwhelm the supporting tissues and cause all sorts of skin problems….for which they undoubtedly have a pill just right for that too.

Again, I offer that if you don’t like your face, are not satisfied with yourself for any reason, contact a good hypnotherapist and get to the subconscious reason for your dissatisfaction before you make yourself really ill (or dead) doing all sorts of invasive stuff. You are just fine being You the way you are…

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