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On the Psychiatric Drugging of Children: Dr. Peter Breggin says “Don’t!”

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Scared_Crying_Child     Child advocates around the world are calling for a ban on the psychoactive drugging of children. Psychiatric drugs are not approved for use in children…they are prescribed off-label.  These drugs are damaging millions of children. Can we continue to allow this?

 WARNING:  never stop taking psychoactive drugs abruptly.

The Effects Psychiatric Drugs Have on Children

Medicated children may be quieter for a while, but they often endure daily headaches, withdrawal symptoms, nausea and stomach cramps, suicidal thoughts, diabetes, stroke, depression, mania and hallucinations.   Children routinely report feeling empty and unable to feel interest in anything.  Most develop chronic physical health problems, stunting, obesity and uncontrollable muscular tics and movements. Many end up suffering irreversible drug-induced bi-polar disorder, as well as permanent emotional blunting. 

Every month four North American children die from psychiatric drug side-effects; every week a child commits suicide attributed to psychiatric drugs.  In 2011, a Winnipeg Judge put the blame for the stabbing of a teenager by his friend squarely on the drug Prozac.  At least 14 of the last 18 shooting rampages in the US are linked to psychiatric drug use…in the other 4 cases the information is kept secret.

Researchers have shown repeatedly that there is no scientific support for any ‘mental disorder or illness’; they are voted in or out!  The diagnosis of ADD/ADHD by the psychiatric profession is based on voodoo science, fraudulent clinical trials and misleading pharmaceutical marketing practices, the scale of which is unprecedented and well documented. (The ADHD Fraud by Fred Baughman).

Prescription drug addiction is now the most serious addiction issue in North America. More children have become drug addicted, brain damaged, stunted in growth and permanently disabled by pharmaceutical drugs then from any other cause. (Anatomy of an Epidemic, the Emperors New Drugs by R Whittaker and Commonsense Rebellion by Bruce Levine).

Bruce Levine, renowned psychologist and author, also advises parents to avoid any doctor who will label the child mentally ill or prescribe psychoactive medications as the results will stick for a lifetime.  Citizens Committee on Human Rights International is a non-profit, non-political, non-religious mental health watchdog, responsible for helping to enact more than 150 laws protecting individuals from abusive mental health practices .

Parents often seek holistic treatments after psychologists/psychiatrists and/or teachers have subjectively diagnosed their children with a mental ‘illness’, especially ADD/ADHD.   This spares the child a life-long label and brain damage from psychiatric drugs.

Alternatives to Psychiatric Drugging of Children

When I am consulted, I observe children behaving as expected…naturally fidgety after periods of inaction, curious, precocious, talkative and playful. Children diagnosed with ADHD typically have no ‘symptoms’ whatever when engaged in something they enjoy. More often then not, nutritional deficiencies and overexposure to neurotoxins and sugar in food and drinks are the culprits in behavioral problems.  Stressful home environments and bullying at home and school are typically also significant factors.

I advise parents that the instigator of unwanted behaviors is found in the child’s environment and/or diet.  Children are not ‘apprenticing adults’, disenchanted with life as most adults tend to be; they are excited, stimulated and curious.  I try to make caregivers aware that:

(a)  psychiatric drugs mask boring school curriculums, incompetent teaching, home and school environments that do not meet the child’s need to feel safe, secure, loved, important and included.

(b)  drugs will never repair the damage caused by social problems such as poverty, neglect, sexual, emotional and physical abuse, or the effect of foods containing mood-altering GMOs, sugars and chemicals.

(c)  using any drug on a human brain has damaging effects. On a developing brain, normal development is prevented altogether.  Short-term zombifying effects of psychiatric drugs are soon replaced by irreversible behavioral problems especially aggression, hostility and suicidal ideation.

(d)  it has been objectively demonstrated by ethical doctors and researchers that the purpose of psychiatric drugging of children is the same as for the illegal drug pusher – creation of a life- long customer base.

(e)  psychiatric drugs are now the ‘gateway’ drugs – children move into adulthood as addicts, ill-equipped to handle reality.  Productive coping skills cannot be learned in a zombie state.

(f)    since psychiatric drugs came on the scene in 1955, the rate of disability in North America, especially childhood disability, has skyrocketed 8-fold.

There are natural ways of assisting children to become healthy, balanced adults. Ensuring that environmental factors such as whole foods, nurturing caregiver behaviors and quality education are provided is a good start.  Homeschooling has become a very satisfying option for both parents and children – one I highly recommend.

Many parents drug their children because they feel helpless and bullied by school authorities. I can offer such parents assistance to help dissolve the emotional hurt of an unhealthy environment, resources to support parents in managing and repairing medication damage and support in standing up to school authorities.  Parents can arm themselves with NON-pharmaceutical produced information ( so that when pressured to put the child on drugs, they can say ”Not so fast! What is he/she doing exactly that is not ‘normal’ for a child and define ‘normal’.”

No child ever deserves permanent brain damage, physical stunting, obesity and a life of addiction and illness for responding normally to the rigors of childhood, and definitely never for the convenience of parents and teachers and the profit of pharmaceuticals. There should be no penalty for trying out life.

From one who has seen firsthand, almost daily, the consequences of psychiatric drug treatments, I implore all parents to avoid the psychiatric drugging of their children. (Note that vaccines and antibiotics are also drugs linked to behavioral issues).

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