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Our kids behave poorly when they get sweet treats…is it the sugar?

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 Highly refined sugars and carbohydrates, found in virtually all foods in grocery stores and fast-food outlets enter the bloodstream quickly and produce rapid fluctuations in blood glucose levels. 

According to Alan Greene, MD, giving your child a breakfast containing fiber (berries, bananas, whole-grain cereal, etc.) instead of sugary cereals will improve behavior, learning and attention span. Ditto for lunch and treats. 

Sugar is affecting your children’s  behavior, health, and emotions if they:

• have crying jags

• go from charming to moody

• exhibit low self-esteem even though he or she is smart, skilled, and capable

• seem to feel alone, isolated

• want sweet foods all the time

• have meltdowns or a very short fuse

• often behave impulsively

• act restless

• tend to be a motor-mouth

• have a hard time paying attention

• have lots of allergies and/or wet the bed

• have persistent ear infections

• have a weight issue and/or diabetes

• come from school exhausted. 

The sugar addicted child feels inadequate, overwhelmed, low self-esteem, victimized and takes things personally. 

After being weaned off one of the most highly addictive substances in our food supply, your child will think clearly, be able to focus, feel confident, self-loved, in control, motivated, enthusiastic. 

Not only is sugar not nutritious or a ‘food’, it  actually leaches vitamins and minerals from the body to digest it…thus you’ll starve faster on water and sugar then on water alone!!  Combined with the hidden additives in the food he eats, it’s deadly. 


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