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Canadian Democracy Needs Your Help!

Canadian Democracy at High Risk

Enforcement of a country’s democracy determines the state of its food security, drinking water, air and independence of its government from the influence of corporate corruption and greed.  Canada has been taken over by pharmaceuticals, biotechnology companies and corruption in government.  Citizens are becoming very angry.

Definition of Tipping Point and How It Impacts the Canadian Democracy

Wikipedia defines sociological ‘tipping point’, as the event of a previously rare phenomenon becoming rapidly and dramatically more common.  Other definitions include that from  “the critical point in an evolving situation that leads to a new and irreversible development. The term is said to have originated in the field of epidemiology when an infectious disease reaches a point beyond any local ability to control it from spreading more widely. A tipping point is often considered to be a turning point.”

Collectively-speaking, Canadians are of the meek and mild variety of the human species; it was rare that they would get upset at government waste, corruption and refusal to protect their basic human rights.  Thus we have drinking water wilfully contaminated by fluoride, a serious environmental toxin directly linked to several cancers and organ damage.  We have our entire food supply and agricultural base decimated by Monsanto crops, to the point where an honest, hardworking farmer’s field becomes polluted by wayward genetically modified horrors called ‘plants’ and he has to pay Monsanto for ‘having’ their seeds on his property.

When a corporation has control of the Canadian food supply to the point where GMOs are found in 90-95% of food on grocery store shelves, clearly we have no hope of food security despite ‘food security’ being a basic human right.  As defined by the UN, food secuirty includes ‘preference’ of food one wants to eat.  In Canada we are routinely prevented from ‘choosing’ our food by refusal of the government to mandate labelling, by protection of the government of GMOs and adulterated foods through funding, while not funding natural sources of food, such as organics.

Government Dissolving Canadian Democratic Rights having Catastrophic Health and Wellness Results

Canadians have lost massive fish stocks and we have 30,000 people living on the streets on any given day.  We also have most of our youth coming out of school illiterate and/or brain damaged by ADHD drugs and thus unable to find work.  We have thousands of little children being molested, then quieted and prevented from getting assistance because molesters and their protectors can easily have the child medically drugged.  In fact, perfectly normal little children are being drugged with brain-damaging psychiatric drugs for the convenience of parents and schools by the thousands daily.  Even though the ‘father of bipolar’ in little children was caught agreeing to skew his research to ensure the existence of a previously non-existent bipolar disorder and the recommendation of Johnson & Johnson’s antipsychotic drug Respirdal for the tidy sum of $1.6 million, Joseph Biederman still has his job and medical doctors are still dosing perfectly normal little children by the thousands with impunity.

We have thousands upon thousands of class action lawsuits and other civil and criminal actions proving the horrific damage of pharmaceutical products, doctor/pharmaceutical collusion, deceit and misrepresentation, but still, natural treatments that have never maimed or killed anyone are suppressed, banned, harassed and kept from the public to protect what can only amount to corporations and doctors engaged in pre-meditated murder.  Let’s face it, if you give someone something that you know for a fact from your studies will likely kill, or at least damage them severely and they do die or get seriously ill, you would be charged, likely with pre-meditated murder.  But not big corporations…they simply ensure they have a nice fat fund at the ready to pay just the right people at just the right time to get away with it.  One tiny example, the CDC and Health Canada support the pharmaceutical vaccinations of children, despite knowing that Big Pharma has quietly paid over $3.9 Billion (that’s a B) for vaccine damage of children, with most of the payments coming with the ‘gag order’.  A couple of recent $10 Million dollar awards clearly shows that vaccines, autism and brain-damage in children are linked.  But still the spinning of the big lie by mainstream media and medical doctors, at the behest of Big Pharma continues unabated.

However as more and more people succumb to the corruption of our ‘free’ medical health care system, to the corruption of their food supply by Monsanto and friends and to air and water deliberately contaminated by those who have no interest in a ‘healthy’ population and notice that more and more they have no say in anything important to them, they are protesting both at marches such as March Against Monsanto and town hall meetings.  They are writing letters to the MPs and MPPs.  They are awakening and becoming involved in their own security and survival.

Government Acquiescence to Corporate Agenda and the US-led Depopulation Agenda Dissolving our Democracy:  Canadians are Running for their Lives!

Canadians by the tens of thousands are realizing that corporations rule the day, that the government is not working in the best interests of Canadians, but rather in the best interests of multinationals.  The government barely gives organic farmers the time of day, but funds research for biotechnology, which is so unreliable, health damaging and corrupt that there is little point in bothering to pretend it is science.  Most independent studies and findings are dismissed by Health Canada.  It has taken 13 years to get plain language labelling of prescription drugs, an unacceptable period of time during which tens of thousands of people have died or suffered needlessly from drug effects. Yet, they will happily fast-track pharmaceutical drugs and GMOs.

Now that criminal and civil trials are uncovering the breathtaking deception in our medical/pharmaceutical complex and biotech claims, people are racing away from conventional treatment and searching for organic foods.  Trust is lost.  Pharmaceuticals, which have complete control over the mainstream media corporations ensure that big lies continue to be spun as ‘truth’, ‘science’  and ‘expertise’…but people are awakening and are turning away from mainstream media in droves as well, preferring to get reliable, unbiased health and wellness information from independent sources such as  and and and so many other great sites (visit GracePlaceWellness for many great links to life-enhancing therapies and food information)

It is apparent to many that the governments in both Canada and the USA are nothing more than fronts for Monsanto, Big Oil and Big Pharma.  Health Canada is so froth with uselessness to Canadians, that clearly, right after getting rid of the Senate, Health Canada should be abolished.  They do little independent testing and have the nerve to say they rely on the scientific reports of manufacturing companies and biotechnology companies.  When one of their own scientists raise alarms about GMO damage or drug effects, they are fired, harassed and threatened.  Health Canada repeatedly fast tracks (means not bothering to even take the time to look at the data submitted) and mandates recalls of deadly drugs ONLY after they have killed and maimed.  They have no system that truly protects the citizens – every system is designed to meet corporate needs.

What Can Every Citizen Do to Protect their Democracy and their Democratic Right not to be Harmed by their Government?

It’s easy enough to reach the tipping point to permanent reversal of the government/big corporation collusion that is damaging our democracy, health, wellness and independence:

(a)  turn off the TV and all mainstream media:  learn what is going on from independent sources such as already mentioned;

(b)  stop thinking you are one of the privileged who will not be affected by the depopulation agenda, because you are definitely a target unless you are extremely wealthy and related to one of the ‘elites’ who consider the rest of us truly ‘undesirable’;

(c) protect your children by using natural treatments, thus avoiding pharmacetuical antibiotics, vaccines and medications.  Even Health Canada had to admit and therefore license homeopathic vaccines as safe and effective and centuries of keeping people healthy and well is all the ‘proof’ you need that natural herbs, homeopathic and other therapies for mental wellness such as hypnotherapy are the way to stay alive and vital;

(d) find out where you can help out…marches, protests, petitions and be sure to pass all information on to others.  Post health information to Facebook, leave comments that will cause the search engines to bring attention to articles that informed you.   Awareness is everything and most people are so distracted by the stressors of their lives (most of which are imposed by government, medications, false media medical claims and false pharmaceutical advertising and marketing) that they will be grateful for life-saving information;

(e) remember that for every drug, there is a natural healthy remedy.  Remember that all drugs are poisons and all end up causing side effects that require more drugs:  avoid becoming a money-maker for Big Pharma

(f) remember that pharmaceutical vaccines are such a big fraud and so harmful that now government is trying to force people in violation of their democratic rights to vaccine their children, despite all the reliable information about their deadliness.

(g) don’t wait for others to make changes ….use your talents, skills and basic human desire to do good to push the entire organic food and alternative health movement so far beyond the tipping point that the anti-democratic medical/government/pharmacetuical/GMO giants cannot cause further carnage.

Grace Joubarne is a clinical hypnotherapist with offices in Ottawa and Belleville, Ontario Canada and a freelance writer of all things affecting mental, spiritual and physical health and wellness.  Contact:    1-888-390-3553        Let me have your ideas for topics………………

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