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For many years now I’ve hoped that somehow things in this world would change….the relentless poverty, sweeping decimation of the world’s natural food supply by Monsanto, killing and maiming in the name of ‘medicine’ by pharmaceuticals, the constant lip service paid by politicians to the abuse of children, elderly, women and so many other injustices perpetrated by big multi-nationals in the name of profit. All these wars…all in the name of making somebody, somewhere, richer.

Things are changing, big time. I believe millions are, like me, manifesting change through focussed intention.

The styrofoam pillars of our seriously dysfunctional society are collapsing before our very eyes…myths and misconceptions about our safety and security dismantled lie by lie. Monsanto’s real agenda has been revealed. It’s to control the entire world’s food supply – not to feed the hungry as claimed. The biggest religions in the world are now revealed to be among the most serious of abusers and condoners of abuses…a far cry from the ‘divine’ they led followers to believe they were.

And now, thanks to WikiLeaks and other whistleblowers, we know what really goes on behind the closed doors of the offices of people who are supposed to be ‘leaders’ and acting in our best interests. We are learning that we have sent young men and women to their deaths on the say-so of people who were either lying, knew there was lying or who were making profits from keeping the lies a secret.

I was never able to fathom how 2012 could bring the huge changes in humanity and consciousness that spiritualist have talked about for ions. But now it is very evident. Truth, no matter how suppressed and oppressed, will percolate to the top…to come into plain view of even those who choose to be indifferent.

I am so happy that people like Julian Assange (WikiLeaks) have the courage to release the truth as he has. I am relieved to know that the young people of the world are using technology to hamper the unscrupulous activities of big businesses such as MasterCard, Visa and PayPal,who are engaged in censoring information and interfering with the free dissemination of evidence and knowledge that should be made transparent and available to all people of the world as a matter of democratic process.

I praise the people who produce documentaries such as The World According to Monsanto which shows clearly the irreversible damage the company has done all around the world. Big Business subverts democracy in the most profound ways, meanwhile keeping us distracted with weapons of mass distraction such as TV, which is so controlling that our children are being lured into drugs and sex by the ages of 8 and 9 years old and vital information about vaccines and drugs censored in favor of the propaganda of pharmaceutical companies.

And to the Irish and French who are organizing and making runs on the banks in their respective countries, bravo. These banks are not part of the government…they are private businesses who print money. We all think these ‘banks’ are part of the governmental structure. They are not. The wonderful book “Spontaneous Evolution” by Bruce Lipton and Steve Bhaerman, explains how important sounding names attached to what are nothing more than big businesses have completely duped us….The US Federal Reserve Bank, the Bank of England, the Swiss National Bank and the Euopean Central Bank are all titles impressive to the average person. They cause us to erroneously link them in our minds with government, but in fact, each of these ‘banks’ is a privately held corporation with the sole mission of making a profit on the backs of the unsuspecting public.

I’m writing to PayPal about their unacceptable behavior and if their interference with my right to pay whomever I want to continues, I will close out my PayPal account in protest of their audacity in trying to censor information that I am entitled to, as a citizen of a supposed democracy. I am furious at their attempts to decide for me who I can/should support. I am also going to write to Visa and protest their behavior and if it continues, as I’m sure it will, I will look for another more ethical company to do business with. They are circling their wagons…I wonder what is in it for them in censoring Julian Assange or in preventing me from supporting him, as is my democratic right. I wonder just who was behind this anti-democractic behavior.

I have already been using my ATM less and less, almost negligibly now….in protest of the fact that these highway robbers have tricked us into using a convenience that costs us dearly. First we deposit our money for them to use to make interest and then these ‘banks’, many masquerading as government institutions, charge us to get our own money back out of their banks.

Despite the fact that the Irish and French have been organizing major runs on their banks and that this would certainly rate as news more important than the latest entertainment information, there was not a peep about this on Canada’s national news broadcast…CBC. CTV is even worse…they are reduced to having entertainers, contests for the cutiest Halloween pictures…well, you get the idea.

We are deliberately kept in the dark by the media, prevented from being able to make our own decisions or knowing fully how our elected politicians are ignoring our wishes and doing their own thing. Deadly pharmaceuticals are advertised with impunity on our major TV channels and medical ‘news’ is nothing more than fodder from the drug companies pushing their propaganda. I can’t remember the last time I saw balanced reporting on the local channels. Now, I get my TV news from RT Channel…far superior in my mind to the US/Canadian nonsense now offered. And I’ve come to love The Epoch Times, a small but wholesome newspaper.

These fear-mongring, money-hungry, heartless corporations are never going to be able to keep truth suppressed…there will always be loving, courageous humans to fight them by exposing truths and blowing the whistle on horrors perpetrated in our name.

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