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A Successful Smoking Cessation Approach: Stop Smoking Sensibly!

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Despite the slick marketing out there, research has repeatedly shown that quick stop smoking programs are questionably successful, if ever successful long-term.   However, getting to and eliminating the reason for the smoking habit gets lasting results!

Yes, we do hear of people who quit smoking cold turkey, with hypnosis, patches and sheer willpower…but we don’t hear that they ended up taking up other habits (symptom migration) or intensifying others (overeating, overworking, gambling, etc) to manage the severe anxiety that drives all unwanted habits.  We don’t hear that later most of those smokers took up smoking again, only to smoke even more when they relapsed, because nothing was done to eliminate the anxiety that drives all habits.

In hypnotherapy parlance, a symptom is a disease, disorder or disharmony that results from a deeper root issue.  Thus, smoking, excessive drinking, excessive eating or any other behavior that is self-sabotaging, is a ‘symptom’ of a deeper issue such as anxiety or depression.  So too is nail-biting, teeth grinding and clenching, panic attacks, exam anxiety, fear of public speaking and so on.

How to Permanently Stop Smoking

To be permanently successful, without introducing new symptoms or intensifying others one may already have, a person must understand that the smoking habit is a coping mechanism, not the root issue.  When dealing with prolonged anxiety and stress reactions, our brain looks for ways to cope with the constant barrage of cortisol hormone that is released into our bodies, which itself causes distorted thinking and more worrisome thoughts and behaviors. 

All loss of control in one’s life is caused by a deeper root issue that intensifies anxiety to the point where one has to have something to suppress it or they cannot manage day-to-day activities.  I have long experience with stop smoking, weight management, all habits including alcohol and drug abuse.  It seems the only way to succeed permanently without symptom migration or severe withdrawal is to find and dissolve the underlying root cause of the anxiety that demands relief.

The root cause of long- standing habits is seeded in childhood and re-enforced throughout youth and finally into adulthood where the habit becomes entirely an automatic response to stress and anxiousness.   Though the root-cause is seeded in childhood, it does not mean that the preferred methods of coping (smoking, alcohol, etc) started then.  The brain has developed conditioned responses along the way that the client becomes stuck with.

Once a person can remain calm in stressful situations, they can wean off sensibly and safely with very little struggle. This is the stop smoking approach of my 3-session regression hypnotherapy program, which directs its efforts to neutralizing the root cause of the behavior.  As a result the client regains control of all aspects of their lives. They then feel calmness and peace as a natural state ….there is nothing left to ‘cope’ with.  Without the constant vortex of anxiety and cortisol in one’s life, calmness and objectivity can prevail and a person can make the best decisions in their highest good at all times, including about what they do to their bodies.

Stop Smoking Safely:  Weaning Carefully is Best

With the 2,000 plus poisonous substances in cigarettes, going cold turkey is an extreme shock to the body and I discourage this altogether.  In my view nicotine replacement approaches simply add to the already toxic load in the body and create other issues without ever resolving the emotional driver of the habit.

There is nothing safer than hypnosis…it is a natural state of relaxation.  You go in and out of hypnosis perhaps 40-50 times per day naturally. In of itself it can do nothing.  It is the therapy undertaken while the client is in hypnosis (relaxation) that facilitates the necessary changes.  Genuine hypnotherapists do extremely safe, gentle and dignified therapy because the client is always in control.  Please review ‘Choosing Your Hypnotherapist’ at my website GracePlace Wellness.

Regardless the substance the client is struggling with, and often there are several substances involved (tobacco, marijuana, alcohol and so on), my recommendations are always that they work with my Emotional Freedom Program (3 sessions) to allow them to self-heal at the subconscious mind level in order to permanently dissolve the root cause of the anxiety that provokes the repetition of the habit, and wean off in a safe, gradual manner.

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