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If you are a dog owner, and especially of a Pit Bull type, you need to know your legal rights, responsibilities and what to do if your dog is involved in an incident.  The current environment is often not friendly to dog owners and especially not to pit bull owners, so being aware and prepared may save you thousands of dollars in damages if your dog harms another animal or a person. Your preparedness may prevent a seizure of your dog.

Know Pet Laws

Know Pet Laws

Whether an altercation is innocent and initiated by your dog or another owner’s, you remain responsible for the actions of your dog.  Pet laws, including leash laws, are often very strict and by-law officers can be unforgiving.  In many instances, by-law officers are not trained in investigation, therefore arming oneself with the right sort of evidence of any altercations can save you a fine, damages and may help you in a legal action whether your dog is falsely accused or you or your dog is the victim.

If your dog initiated an altercation, knowing your rights and responsibilities can assist in mitigating damages.  It is important to know the Dog Owner‘s Liability Act (DOLA).  In particular, if you own a dog that is either a pit bull or a pit bull look-alike, there are particular actions that you should take in order to protect yourself and your dog from possible seizure.

In order to assist dog owners, Terrance Green of Green and Associates has prepared an excellent brochure called You, Your Dog and the Law.  I highly recommend this free information…being prepared may save you having to hire a lawyer to defend your dog.

CLICK HERE for the free downloadable brochure:  You, your Dog & the Law – brochure – 2013

Because the current environment for dogs and dog owners  is not secure or particularly friendly, it is also important to have handy, the name and contact phone number of a lawyer in your area who is well-informed in the area of pet legislation and regulations.  If you are located in the Eastern Ontario region you can contact:

Terrance Green
712-170 Laurier Avenue
Ottawa, Ontario    K1P 5V5                  Phone: 613-560-6565

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