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Last week I was reading a blog by Lynne McTaggart on her website (What Doctors Don’t Tell You) that really scared me. After reading it I was seriously asking myself if we have made Gods of psychopaths.

Lynne was explaining that during the trial of 14,000 women vs. Wyeth, the manufacturer of Hormonal Replacement Therapy, it was learned that the company had hidden all sorts of evidence from their clinical trails that showed that their product caused breast and cervical cancer. Here for the past 14 years or so, we were told this therapy was necessary to avoid cancer and yet it in fact caused cancer and the company knew it from the get-go.

It also turned out that this kind of behavior is just part of doing business for pharmaceuticals and therefore all these studies you hear announced on the News and all these ‘research reports’ they routinely refer to in ads and TV commercials are completely unreliable.

Now all these so-called prestigious medical journals are in a tissy…one falsified and manipulated clinical trial will taint all articles that have referred to it and they will all be entirely unreliable. It seems some 75% of medical journal reports and articles are now useless, if not very dangerous because so many people have been prescribed these medications on the basis of these articles.

I haven’t touched a medication in 35 years, preferring to use homeopathy instead. Drugs have never worked and we have more catastrophic illness surfacing every day…no wonder! You would have to hog-tie me before you could get me to take a medication. Those people are deliberately forcing people onto drugs to make money and our doctors just go along, presuming that what the pharmaceuticals say is truthful. Well! The news is now out and it isn’t pretty.

I feel that if these pharmaceuticals do not meet the definition of psychopaths, their salespeople, the psychiatrists and medical doctors who favor them so highly, should change the definition of psychopath to be sure they are included.

No wonder hypnotherapy is sought after by more and more people looking for resolution of emotional issues, fears and unwanted habits!

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As a clinical hypnotherapist I’ve been asked this question countless times by clients who have healed themselves after years of drug-therapy and psychotherapy, but who found themselves unable to get their hypnotherapy fee reimbursed.  It is frustrating and confusing to a person who is helping themselves to heal, get back to work and productivity, when insurers of disability and extended health benefits will simply not reimburse the cost of the alternative remedies and therapies such as hypnotherapy and homeopathy, despite the client demonstrating sucess.

My clients will say, logically, that in  the end they are saving the insurer money if they are no longer have to claim reimbursement for drugs and therapy by having healed themselves.  But to see the logic used by the insurance companies when it comes to alternative treatments and remedies, you need only follow the money trail.

Insurance companies reinvest the monies they collect as premiums.  A high proportion of those reinvestments are in stocks and since pharmaceutical companies are among the richest and most successful, insurance companies invest heavily in them.  Insurers need to be very effective investors in order to survive…insurance policy premiums are not enough to satisfy shareholders in their companies.

I’m sure you can already figure the rest out.  If insurers started to reimburse claimants for treatments that work, yes, claims would end or stop for that claimant, but the big picture would be dire for the pharmaceuticals…fewer and fewer sales of drugs.  Fewer sales of drugs would mean less earnings for the pharmaceutical companies, and thus result in a dropping value of the investments insurance companies have in those stocks.

People routinely make the mistake of thinking that people who run these enterprises care about our health or really do want to see us get well.  Think again…there is no money for them in our getting well.

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You can’t win a war with one battalion, so why are all resources put into drug research and surgery when they are increasingly shown by independant and ethical researchers and scientists to be overall ineffective and damaging?  In additon clinical trails  are shown to be routinely manipulated and the reporting of drug trials so misleading and fraudulent that now medical journals are unreliable as sources of authoritative information.

Western society has been unsuccessfully ‘fighting’ cancers of all kinds for over 50 years…with drugs, more drugs and lots of surgery. In fact, despite the fact conventional medicines have failed dismally in curing anything, research funding still goes overwhelmingly into drug research. Lifelong patients find themselves being cut and drugged, with assurances that they are getting the best treatment possible, when in fact, millions have been healed for decades through alternative modalities and holistic approaches.

When even one person is completely cured of a disease process,  that process should be investigated  to learn how this treatment can work for others.   When thousands upon thousands find resolution, funding research into such a treatment should be a non-brainer.  But not in Western society where any therapy which is dignified, effective and costs little is suppressed, oppressed and the proponents routinely attacked with all the force of the pharmaceutical mighty dollar.

Do not let either the medical authorities or the politicians mislead you. Find out what the facts are, and make your own decisions about how to live a happy life and how to work for a better world. ~Linus Pauling, two time Nobel laureate (Chemistry and Peace)

I invite you to take  survey of how many cancer patients  have been cured (not put into a temporary remission that flares up later or reduced to surviving on drugs and their side-effects) by conventional cancer treatments and how many have healed completely from alternative therapies.  You’ll find volumes of books and testimonials about how people were cured, but I had a hard time locating even two testimonials from those who followed conventional treatment and were cured and even those two were suspect because the conventional medical community is inclined to use ghost-writers and PR people to push their agendas.

As a result of massive lawsuits that force the facts to come out about how pharmaceuticals really operate, I am more skeptical then ever about drug-treatment.  I don’t donate to any research or organization that has exclusively supported drug research and I hope people start asking the hard questions of just where their money is going before they donate to research.

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Please take a listen to this wonderful video by Dr. Bill Osmunson on the poisonous effects of fluoride in water, particularly in children.  He is an American dentist, but it’s exactly the same situation here in Canada where cities such as Ottawa are still damaging our healths for no reason.

Also note that there is historical evidence that this technique of fluoridation of drinking water started with Josef Stalin when they discovered that fluoridated water kept the prisoners and inmates of concentration camps extremely placid and complacent.  Apparently the Nazi’s used the same technique to keep the concentration and death camp inmates similarily  placid and complacent.

We all need to keep after our city councillors until they stop fluoriding our water.

And by the way, there are lots of natural toothpastes out there, free of fluoride and sugar.  Very fine baking soda works just as well to keep teeth clean and healthy with no damaging effects.

Love and light,
Grace :)

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Are you aware of the hazards of Genetically Engineered Foods (also called Genetically Modified Foods or GMO:s)?  Are you aware that up to 95% of the food on your grocery stores shelves are  made from these frankenfoods and already deaths and new diseases, such as Morgallon’s are appearing?

Do you know that it has been experimentally proven that GE foods can damage health and that they have even killed animals? Still these foods are on the market.

Do you know that the foremost experts on genes in the world have recently admitted that science knows very little about genes and that scientists therefore cannot predict or imagine what will be the consequences of manipulating the genes of a food plant? Therefore unpredictable harmful substances may appear without their knowing it. And unexpected environmental disturbances may occur.

Are you surprised? Or even sceptical about these statements? This may be because the Biotech corporations have spent many millions on misleading propaganda under the disguise of scientific and objective information, often supported by professors bought to advocate their interests. It has made many people wrongly believe that GE foods are good and safe.

This is a really serious problem endangering our health and the environment.

For more information I suggest you visit one of the world’s most popular websites on this topic. It is popular because it is easy to understand and is an impartial evaluataion of the issue. It is the website of Physicians and Scientists for Responsible Application of Science and Technology (PSRAST) at If you wonder if its worth doing, I suggest you also read “Why is the PSRAST website so popular?” at

Kindest regards,

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There are many ethical, honorable scientists, researchers and doctors who are independent of drug companies.  This is one of their refute of a pharmaceutical coalition speaker’s (Dr. Brown) clearly false claims on the merits of vaccinating children.  It seems that ‘Dr. Brown’, the speaker, couldn’t say one truthful thing in her entire speech… Especially the last page where she lists the health damaging additives and toxins in vaccines and then tries to dismiss them as ‘minimal amounts’.

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Hi all,

 The link below is to a document calling for legal and government actions in
 the US to prevent further vaccinations of people. It is a long, legal document,
 but conclusively shows  the vaccination programs in North America (including Canada)  are licensed on the basis of false and fraudulent data and poor quality
 research. Top quality research and ‘proofs’ that vaccination programs cause
 epidemics and pandemics, such as autism, were ignored by the licensing
 authorities and these authorities are shown to have direct links to the
 pharmaceuticals manufacturing the vaccines. In addition, there is evidence
discussed that conclusive research by top, independent researchers and
 scientists were altered by pharmaceuticals and authorities during a secret
 meeting to eliminate evidence.

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Q.  The school forced me to put my son on drugs for ADHD, but he’s in a stupor all the time. He went wild and out of control when I stopped the drugs.
What’s happening?   Carole A.

A.  Can you imagine what it must be like to be drugged 24/7 and not be able to explain the headaches, withdrawal symptoms, nausea, stomach cramps, etc. etc?  When you try to take your son off the drugs now, he is facing major withdrawal symptoms. Dr. Fred Baughman states that with very few exceptions, mental disorders have no scientific basis… a handful of psychiatrists/ psychologists sit around a table and decide what constitutes ‘normal’.  

I urge all parents/caregivers to read: 
The ADHD Fraud by Dr. Fred Baughman &
 Manufacturing Victims by Dr. T. Dineen

These drugs have not been tested or approved for children. Using any drug on a human mind has terrible effects resulting in changes in perception, mood, consciousness and behavior …using them on a developing mind prevents normal development altogether.

A child IS perfectly normal if he is fidgety after periods stillness, curious about everything, shy or precocious, talkative, playful, energetic, etc.     If there is a genuine problem with the child’s behavior, check environment and diet for the solution….allergies, food additives, TV, bullying at school, poor sleep or just too much stress in the home. Parents and caregivers need to arm themselves with facts so they can say…”Not so fast.  What is he/she doing exactly that is not ‘normal’ for a child and define ‘normal’?”    

There are hundreds of natural ways of assisting children to become healthy, balanced adults. 

(send your questions to  and/or send me a message at and be sure to visit me at my website

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