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Saturday at the Ottawa Organic Farmers' Market

Ottawa Organic Farmers’ Market

Take the stress out of finding healthy food.  This organic farmers’ market offers great seasonal produce, honey, organic skin care products…something to delight everyone.

Sometimes it seems there are not many gems left in this world.  Our food security apepars to be at great risk of not only not meeting our nutritional requirements, but of being deliberately adulterated by harmful GMOs, pesticides and herbicides of all sorts.  Monsanto has its dirty corporate hands in our food to the point where it is estimated that 90-95% of our grocery store shelves are filled with franken GMOs and harmful chemicals. 

As people try to recover from illness – the result too often these days of relying on unhealthy food products – they are also realizing that most products sold as ‘food’ are merely food-like products (imitations) that have not only little nutritional value, but are extremely harmful to the body over time.  People are also realizing that to save oneself from the clutches of the medical/ pharmaceutical/biotech complex that makes money only when people are sick, they must get back to basics.  This involves accessing, growing and preparing whole foods free of chemicals and biotech manipulation. Ottawa’s organic farmers’ market provides just such whole foods.

Ottawa Organic Farmers’ Market is open all year round, Saturdays from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.  Vendors offer a splendid selection of Certified Organic Meats (beef, pork, chicken, sheep, lamb and even rabbit), cheese, yoghurt, Kefir, breads, vegetables, fruit, Olive Oil, teas, herbs, local maple syrup, as well as skin care products and essential oils and many other ‘treats’ such as sprouts.  Fresh, locally grown organic greens like lettuces, spinach, kale, oriental greens, chard, chives, and rhubarb truly make one’s mouth water.  During off-growing seasons, there are local organic greenhouse veggies like broccoli, cucumbers, and zucchini!

This organic farmers’ market is snuggled in behind the Canadian Tire store at the corner of Heron Road and Bank Street in Ottawa.  Click here for the directions and a map.  Lots of parking, no pressure, tons of camaraderie and sooo friendly.  Have a question? No problem, as they take the time to nurture and educate everyone who has an interest.

Several vendors are at the organic farmers’market every Saturday, regular as clockwork and with a smile and invitation to learn and enjoy – they have become my favourites.  Not only are they extremely reliable, but they take active roles in the running of the market and have a long history of organic certification.

David Charette is the President and Market Manager of the Ottawa Organic Farmers Market and the owner of the Terre-a-Terre farm .  He exudes professionalism, dedication to the organic movement and love for his work and his customers.  He and his family set an excellent example for all other vendors, thus helping to keep the market authentic and fun.  He ensures that all vendors sign an Ottawa Organic Farmers’ Market Commitment Contract and Vendor Contract.  On top of all that, the produce he offers at the market every Saturday is second to none in quality, variety and quantity. 

Samantha Klinck, owner of Funny Duck Farms has the patience of angels, as she takes the time to explain and guide any and all who line up for her many products.  Her organic butter is to die for and her Kefir is so thick you can eat it with a fork at times.  It is not unusual to see people lined up in the hallway during the winter months, when the market is held indoors, waiting for their turn to enjoy her smile, knowledge, wisdom and reasonable pricing.

I also look forward to seeing the Leduc family produce from their farm Ferme la Rosée. They have been Certified Organic for almost 20 years already and you can visit their farm with prior appointment. Their produce is always so fresh you feel you are picking it off the plant yourself.

Special mention goes out for a vendor who has become a personal friend – Klazina Kettling.  I lived in BC for 10 years  before moving back to Ottawa in 2008; as a result, I became spoiled by the easy access to wild salmon.  So when I met Klazina at the Ottawa Organic Farmers’ Market , I was absolutely thrilled.  Klazina, who was trained as a nurse and midwife in the Netherlands before coming to Canada, offers her skills in nursing, bio-energy, and nutrition to the market.  Her offerings include Certified Wild Caught Fish, Himalayan Salts, nutritional supplements, and coconut oil. Klazina carries the AIM INTERNATIONAL line of whole food supplements and Barleylife juices.  Just a note about why I prize the Wild Salmon Klazina sells:  The Stikine River Salmon Run is one of the last wild salmon runs remaining along the B.C. Northern Coast. Unlike most wild salmon along the Southern coast, these salmon DO NOT HAVE TO PASS extensive fish farm units and water affected by fish farms to enter their natural fresh water spawning grounds.  Klazina is not always at the market, so feel free to pre-order or call her at (613) 421-6679  

See you there for some stress-free shopping…make friends, learn, share!


Grace Joubarne is a Clinical Hypnotherapist and founder of GracePlace Wellness.  She is a writer, blogger (AskGrace!) and long-time advocate of sustainable living, non-GMO and chemical-free foods and alternative health care modalities.

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Iatrogenic illness and disease are most commonly defined as a type of symptom brought about as a consequence of therapy or treatment; a physical and/or mental condition or disorder arising from a medical treatment. Secondary lymphedema occurring after cancer treatment, mental illness as a result of over-medication, iatrogenic hypothroidism and Ritalin-induced psychoses are all examples of iatrogenic illnesses.

Drugs Associated With Iatrogenic Effects
More than a million adults in Britain were hooked on drugs prescribed for them by their GPs, a 2001 BBC documentary revealed. In particular it noted that benzodiazepines (eg. lorazepam), caused millions of adults lives to spin out of control, with withdrawal symptoms as severe as those experienced by heroin addicts. The anxiety attacks reported were worse then the symptoms patients originally sought treatment for. (BBC 2001)

According to T. Robert, 2003, in America, treatment and physician-induced deaths topped the charts as the leading cause of death. OxyContin alone is linked to such an alarming rate of death and addiction that in the USA even the FDA has gotten into the act and forced Purdue Pharma, the manufacturer, to provide more accurate data on deaths and abuse. Some 59 prescription drugs in the United States contain oxycodone and it has fast become a choice drug for addicts who rob pharmacies, forge prescriptions and align with unethical physicians to feed their habit.

According to Robert Whitaker, Zyprexa, an atypical antipsychotic, was linked to serious, in some cases life-threatening side effects requiring hospitalization in 22% of the 2500 adults tested in six-week clinical trials. In fact, during testing, 20 volunteers died, 12 by suicide. A study presented in 2004 at the AACAP is believed to be the first to find the link between Zyprexa and insulin and obesity issues in children and teens. Despite ligation since, doctors still prescribe this deadly drug to thousands.

Prozac and Iatrogenic Illnesses
Within one decade, 39,000 adverse reports about Prozac were sent to Medwatch; a number thought to represent only one percent of the actual number of such events estimated to be 100 times as many (roughly four million people) (Mezzman, 2005). This makes Prozac the most criticized drug in America. Prozac is marketed to the public as a safe drug, and yet millions are complaining about mania, psychotic depression, nervousness, anxiety, agitation, hostility, hallucinations, memory loss, tremors, impotence, convulsions, insomnia, nausea, suicidal urges…all very serious symptoms. (Mezzman, 2005)

In a 2005 interview of Robert Whitaker by Terry Messman, the author of Mad in America states: “….In this county, we have Medwatch, a reporting system in which we report adverse events about psychiatric drugs to the FDA. By the way, the FDA tries to keep these adverse reports from the public…it’s very hard to get these reports….Once we got the other SSRIs on the market, like Zoloft and Paxil, by 1994, four SSRI antidepressants were among the top 20 most complained about drugs on the FDA’s Medwatch list.” As Whitaker points out throughout his interview, the adverse effects, such as suicidal ideation, hallucinations and mania are not minor inconveniences.

Marketing in Madness
This is a must see 177 minute documentary of more facts about the victimization of patients all over North America. It really does pull everything you need to know together in a way that will make you aware of the sure-to-be consequences of starting on drugs to manage the stressors of everyday life.

What Can be Done About Iatrogenic Illness and Death
It would seem that about the only sure way to avoid drug-induced (iatrogenic) illness is to avoid drug therapy as much as possible in favor of safe, natural remedies and therapies such as homeopathy, which is very popular in Europe where even the British Royal Family physician is a homeopath, and hypnotherapy, which has repeatedly been shown highly effective for everything from irritable bowel syndrome pain to anxiety, stress and depressive feelings.

When money is the driving force behind the prescription of such deadly drugs, one must ensure they do not trust blindly. As Ronald Reagan once said, “trust, but verify.” Any effort to verify claims of the safety of any drug prescribed will soon enlighten a patient to the fact that pharmaceuticals cause more harm than good.

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BBC News, May 13, 2001, ‘Hidden World of Tranquilizer Addicts’Jones, A. Nov 2004 ‘Eli Lilly’s highly touted new anti-psychotic, Zyprexa”

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I believe that WW3 has already started and it will be absolutely evident to even the staunchly indifferent by mid 2012.  Arthur Shopenhauer, 19th Century Philosopher described the 3 stages truth passes through:  First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.

We are now seeing how truth in every arena of life is going through those very stages:  alternative and complementary medicine (eg. homeopathy, hypnotherapy, herbal remedies, etc)  have been vehemently denied as the successful, dignified and inexpensive modalities of healing they are and have been for centuries;  the real reasons about why we went to war in Iraq and Afganistan and why Enron and other financial institutions disintegrated at our expense were suppressed;  and now people like Julian Assange and his WikiLeaks team are violently oppressed.  Slowly but surely, all this information that has been kept from us for ions is percolating to the forefront and accepted as a given, albeit grudingly.

But WW3 is not being fought with material weapons and not between countries, races or religions. It is between the average person and the very wealthy (the 10% who have 90% of the assets of the world).  It is and will increasingly be fought with truth – viral information sharing and non-violent rebellion – against established institutions and norms.  

Wiki represents a FREE sharing of information/truth amongst all classes on the world wide web, but most especially the 90% who do not figure in the world’s riches… we now have Wikipedia, Wikimedia, WikiLeaks, Wikihealth, YouTube, etc.  All free information, all provided by millions of average persons from all walks of life, from all countries of the world and across all races and religions. 

Truth is now percolating through the illusion and mis-information mass media has piled on the world.  We now learn about how banks orchestrated massive world-wide financial failures, started unjust wars, how religions propagate, condone, support and enable crimes against humanity (children), how multi-nationals undermined democratic process (Monsanto, Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, Bank of America, Enron, Lemann Brothers), how pharmaceuticals run the government and the medical system, how Monsanto now owns most of the world’s food supply, and so on.  There are now internet-organized runs on banks in Ireland and France; Spain and Portugal are bankrupt, as are Greece, Ireland, USA and soon France.  

Most importantly, nobody can stop the dissemination of the information as in the past.  The more they try to stop it, the more pours out.  Corruption is rampant, but there is no place to hide because cyberspace is both wide open space and yet inherently protective of the right to have it flow.  People now see the freedom of the internet as a human right.

I believe that the Universe has prepared certain people for this event.  Some millions of people have found major spiritual change/shift, wherein they find themselves fully accepting and able to remain calm.  Look around and see how people are unconsciously feeling the energy shifting all around them…they are frightened, stressed, insomnia is rampant, depression and anxiety levels catastrophic.  The average person is like a mouse running in every direction trying to avoid something it knows is there, but can’t put a finger on. 

Those of us who can remain detached and objective can also accept and act instead of react … we will survive the collapse of the organization of society as we know it now….most will not.  Dementia now affects 1 out of 4 people; in 15 years conservatively predicted to affect 1 out of 2 people.  Dementia has now been concretely linked to the use of anti-depressants by Grace E Jackson, a psychiatrist researcher who has made her considerable evidence and findings public in her book Drug-Induced Dementia:  a perfect crime.

Cancer now hits 1 out of 4 people, in 5 years expected to hit 1 out of 2 people if things don’t soon change.  The dollar of the financial world is leveraged at least 35 to 1…the money is not worth the paper it is written on and not backed by anything.  Have you noticed the run on gold lately? 

Those of us who are grounded by our energy and spirit will be ok.  Those who are grounded to material things will have to change or die.  The brain is something that society conditioned to become bossy and demand evidence before we do anything.  The brain has been conditioned as the perfect excessive consumer…never satisfied with anything and powerless to stop itself from being controlled by mass media and their cousins multi-national businesses.  We have been convinced to accept less value for more money (from food to furniture) and to buy well beyond our means into material things that are planned to be obsolete before they are paid for.  We have become conditioned to beleive that pharmaceutical snake oil will ‘cure’ us, as we watch ourselves dissolve into catastropic illnesses. 

The brain has access to only 1% of the available universal information. The subconscious mind (gut feeling, 6th sense) has access to 100% of the universal data bank of information.  Always pay attention to your gut feeling and go with the flow.  Do not demand evidence…just go with your gut feeling at all times. 

I love the changes; I welcome them.  Change is a vital part of life.  If you feel good about yourself, you welcome change, if not, you see every change as loss. The feeling of loss causes suffering.  I can’t wait for the whole thing to come crashing down, so we can have some real purpose to our lives again…people need to work together, not apart as in ‘survival of the fittest’.  We need now to put away all distractions (especially TV and communications technology) and get a grip on our food sources, condition of the water we drink and our value systems, especially as they affect children.

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As a clinical hypnotherapist I’ve been asked this question countless times by clients who have healed themselves after years of drug-therapy and psychotherapy, but who found themselves unable to get their hypnotherapy fee reimbursed.  It is frustrating and confusing to a person who is helping themselves to heal, get back to work and productivity, when insurers of disability and extended health benefits will simply not reimburse the cost of the alternative remedies and therapies such as hypnotherapy and homeopathy, despite the client demonstrating sucess.

My clients will say, logically, that in  the end they are saving the insurer money if they are no longer have to claim reimbursement for drugs and therapy by having healed themselves.  But to see the logic used by the insurance companies when it comes to alternative treatments and remedies, you need only follow the money trail.

Insurance companies reinvest the monies they collect as premiums.  A high proportion of those reinvestments are in stocks and since pharmaceutical companies are among the richest and most successful, insurance companies invest heavily in them.  Insurers need to be very effective investors in order to survive…insurance policy premiums are not enough to satisfy shareholders in their companies.

I’m sure you can already figure the rest out.  If insurers started to reimburse claimants for treatments that work, yes, claims would end or stop for that claimant, but the big picture would be dire for the pharmaceuticals…fewer and fewer sales of drugs.  Fewer sales of drugs would mean less earnings for the pharmaceutical companies, and thus result in a dropping value of the investments insurance companies have in those stocks.

People routinely make the mistake of thinking that people who run these enterprises care about our health or really do want to see us get well.  Think again…there is no money for them in our getting well.

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You can’t win a war with one battalion, so why are all resources put into drug research and surgery when they are increasingly shown by independant and ethical researchers and scientists to be overall ineffective and damaging?  In additon clinical trails  are shown to be routinely manipulated and the reporting of drug trials so misleading and fraudulent that now medical journals are unreliable as sources of authoritative information.

Western society has been unsuccessfully ‘fighting’ cancers of all kinds for over 50 years…with drugs, more drugs and lots of surgery. In fact, despite the fact conventional medicines have failed dismally in curing anything, research funding still goes overwhelmingly into drug research. Lifelong patients find themselves being cut and drugged, with assurances that they are getting the best treatment possible, when in fact, millions have been healed for decades through alternative modalities and holistic approaches.

When even one person is completely cured of a disease process,  that process should be investigated  to learn how this treatment can work for others.   When thousands upon thousands find resolution, funding research into such a treatment should be a non-brainer.  But not in Western society where any therapy which is dignified, effective and costs little is suppressed, oppressed and the proponents routinely attacked with all the force of the pharmaceutical mighty dollar.

Do not let either the medical authorities or the politicians mislead you. Find out what the facts are, and make your own decisions about how to live a happy life and how to work for a better world. ~Linus Pauling, two time Nobel laureate (Chemistry and Peace)

I invite you to take  survey of how many cancer patients  have been cured (not put into a temporary remission that flares up later or reduced to surviving on drugs and their side-effects) by conventional cancer treatments and how many have healed completely from alternative therapies.  You’ll find volumes of books and testimonials about how people were cured, but I had a hard time locating even two testimonials from those who followed conventional treatment and were cured and even those two were suspect because the conventional medical community is inclined to use ghost-writers and PR people to push their agendas.

As a result of massive lawsuits that force the facts to come out about how pharmaceuticals really operate, I am more skeptical then ever about drug-treatment.  I don’t donate to any research or organization that has exclusively supported drug research and I hope people start asking the hard questions of just where their money is going before they donate to research.

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Our Children Will Accuse Us!

Lest we forget, we are the gatekeepers to our children’s futures.  How will we explain that we were too busy to stand up for their rights to healthy food, a GMO-free lifestyle, clean air, additive-free nutrition and fluoride-free drinking water?? How will we justify drugging them because we were too busy to investigate, locate and remove the stressors in their lives?

Love and Light,

Grace :)

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  David Suzuki (Oct99): “When [corporate] scientists say these products [Genetically Engineered foods] are safe, they are either stupid or lying.” Independent scientists (2005) proved our gut cannot process this genetically altered food, now responsible for horrific new diseases such as Morgellon, soaring cancer, IBS, Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia rates and the kill-off of 30% of Thailand’s bees. 

Pigs, deer, raccoons, mice, rats —none will eat GE grains or beans. 94% of Canadians do not want GE foods …yet, 80% of all processed foods contain indigestible GE foods—without our knowledge … scorpion genes in tomatoes, fish genes in strawberries, bacterial genes in soya and corn, human and frog genes in potatoes.   

Monsanto, et al, dedicated to feeding us GE foods also specialize in pesticides, herbicides and drugs. Pharmaceuticals profit as their pesticides and frankenfoods sicken us, deplete the soil, use 10x more pesticides with very low crop yields. 

European banned GE food, so Canada lost its canola export industry. Western Canada now faces the GE- super weeds predicted.  

From 1980 our taxes subsidized GE companies ($700 million annually); our government refuses to require labeling of GE Foods. 

Research conclusively shows:

* GE foods adversely affect the immune system, pancreas, reproductive system, brain, thymus and ovaries; the residual pesticides and herbicides can trigger cancer and endocrine diseases and promote antibiotic resistance;

* Chemicals connected with GE crops further degrade the soil, reduce key nutrients, lead to increased allergic disease, promote emergence of new viruses and the extinction of entire eco systems.

* GE pharmaceuticals have uses for biological warfare, (eg. virus-bacteria of Gulf War Syndrome). 

Send questions to: 

Grace Joubarne, CCHt, MH, HP is a Certified Hypnotherapist with offices in Ottawa and Bancroft. Contact me: or 613-422-7027

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I urge people to contact this minister by the Feb 10th deadline and make your views known.  Are they are selling us deadly snake-oil once again!

Honouable Madam Aglukkag:

                     Re:  your proposal to amend the Food and Drug Regulations
                              To permit the use of enzyme asparaginase in junk food

I am vehemently opposed to the addition of any drug to any part of our food supply. 

Asparaginase  is a drug conveniently categorized as an enzyme and sold under the brand name Elspar.  It catalyzes the hydrolysis of asparagine to aspartic acid. It is marketed under the brand name Elspar, to treat acute lymphoblastic leukemia

 The cumulative effect of ingesting this drug by an unsuspecting public is wholesale fraud and there can be no outcome other then more illness.  By the manufacturer’s own statistics over 1/3 of the junk food eating population will be harmed by this drug.  In addition, this drug will end up in the drinking water. 

All available literature states that one must not receive any kind of immunization or vaccination while taking asparaginase. If the drug is put into our food, how can the public possibly protect itself from this type of interaction and health damaging effect. 

Available literature also states that Asparaginase must not be used if you are pregnant or may be pregnant prior to starting on this drug or if you are breast feeding the baby.    In addition the literature from the manufacturer indicates that for both men and women, they must not conceive a child (get pregnant) while taking asparaginase.

The following direct effects are common (occurring in greater than 30%) for people taking asparaginase:   

  • Fever, chills (see flu like symptoms)
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Allergic reaction, (sudden onset of wheezing, itching, rash, face swelling, agitation, low blood pressure). 
  • Poor appetite
  • Stomach cramping
  • Central neurotoxicity: excessive sleepiness, depression, hallucinations, agitation, disorientation or seizure.  Less commonly seen stupor, confusion and/or coma.

These side effects are less common (occurring in about 10-29%) of people receiving asparaginase: 

  • Mouth sores
  • Pancreatitis (inflammation of the pancreas) in up to 10% of patients.  Symptoms of acute pancreatitis include: (pain in the upper abdomen that worsens with eating, swollen and tender abdomen, nausea, vomiting, fever, and rapid pulse). 
  • Blood test abnormalities (Increased blood glucose level – some refer to this as “sugar”). 
  • Increases in blood tests measuring liver function.  These return to normal once treatment is discontinued (see liver problems).
  • Blood clotting disorders, increases risk of both bleeding and clotting.
  • Fever of 100.5º F (38º C) or higher, chills (possible signs of infection). 

An honorable action instead would be to pursue junk food manufacturers to clean up their act, which would involve actually removing additives and harmful contents, not adding to it.


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Hi all,

 The link below is to a document calling for legal and government actions in
 the US to prevent further vaccinations of people. It is a long, legal document,
 but conclusively shows  the vaccination programs in North America (including Canada)  are licensed on the basis of false and fraudulent data and poor quality
 research. Top quality research and ‘proofs’ that vaccination programs cause
 epidemics and pandemics, such as autism, were ignored by the licensing
 authorities and these authorities are shown to have direct links to the
 pharmaceuticals manufacturing the vaccines. In addition, there is evidence
discussed that conclusive research by top, independent researchers and
 scientists were altered by pharmaceuticals and authorities during a secret
 meeting to eliminate evidence.

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