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CALL to ACTION!  You could be the next to receive an obscenely high hydro bill, so get angry now and join the fight against Ontario Hydro rates to be held April 4th, 2014 at noon at an Ontario town near you.  Check facebook page Join the Fight Against Hydro Rates, click on EVENTS to learn where a rally is organized in your area.  If none in your area is organized yet, start one and list it as soon as possible on the facebook page.

Not only are the Hydro rates obscene, but the new Smart Meters are actually killing people as they blast people inside their homes with microwaves 24/7.  Look up SmartMeterMurder

In Ottawa, Ontario the rally is as follows:


Energy Minister Bob Chiarelli’s Office

2249 Carling Avenue -Ottawa, Ontario

Beginning at 12:00 noon

SEE YOU THERE!   If Canadians do not start to stand together soon, we will all end up homeless.  So please pass this on.

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