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Michael Ellner can tell you a thing or two about chronic pain management!  He’s an expert at hypnosis pain relief, providing clients everywhere with an alternative to health-damaging, life-decimating addictive pain medications.  Zohydro, a pure opiate, is sure to add millions more to the rolls of addiction.

Guest Blog By Michael Ellner, CHT   © 2014

Michael Ellner on hypnosis for chronic pain

Michael Ellner on hypnosis for chronic pain

I believe that the last word on the use of prescription drugs for the relief of pain should be between a doctor and his or her patients, however, the fact is that most people living with chronic pain are not aware of the evidence-based alternatives to drugs because their doctors are not aware of alternatives like hypnosis.

A new drug, “Zohydro”, that is set to hit the market, is a cause for serious concern.  This is yet another approval in which the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) ignored their own Advisory Committee which strongly voted against approval (11 votes against and 2 votes for approval)! The FDA’s own Advisory Committee stated, “The FDA should not approve (extended-release and long-acting) opioids without tamper-resistant or abuse-deterrent formulations”.  Quite frankly, this approval should raise a lot of red flags and indicates the urgent need for heads to roll at the FDA!

According to The Partnership of, Attorney Generals from twenty eight states, along with four US senators, have requested the overturn of the FDA approval!  Also, the sale of the Zohydro will be banned in Massachusetts. There is good reason for this because there are many other opioid drugs currently available and there was no need or reason to put Zohydro on the market without first making it tamper-proof to avoid this potent drug’s huge potential for abuse!

As I pointed out, people living in chronic pain are often quite surprised to learn that pain relief without drugs is possible.  But it really is!  Physicians today are educated specifically to prescribe drugs to relieve symptoms and are ignorant of the efficacy of well-documented alternative approaches to pain reduction like hypnosis.  That doesn’t mean that YOU have to be ignorant about the many pain relief benefits of hypnosis as a supplement to or alternative to pain drugs!

The constant wear and tear of chronic pain can undermine a person’s emotional and physical health. What’s worse is that patients who suffer from chronic pain often develop reactions to their pain that actually increase their painful experience. This cycle becomes more powerful over time. Many of these unfortunate sufferers begin to think of their pain as normal and fear they will never be able to enjoy the lives they left behind.

I hope my guest blog helps change their perception.

That brings me back to hypnosis. Hypnosis can help people reduce or eliminate all types of pain – pain that results from injury or diseases, such as cancer and diabetes, as well as the chronic, medically unexplained pain found in syndromes like fibromyalgia and irritable bowel syndrome.

There are many factors that can impact the way a person experiences pain. These include stress, anticipation, arousal, deeply held beliefs, intentions and expectations. Stress, for example, will almost always intensify any pain experience. Alternatively, techniques like hypnosis lead to pain relief. It’s enlightening to know that we can actually change your painful experience by altering your neuro-physio-emotional tone.

Hypnosis works by helping you learn how to creatively manage stress and to increase your coping and self-regulation skills. By itself, this can make the pain feel less urgent and more manageable, thus, putting joy back into life!

Michael Ellner is a certified consulting medical hypnotist and self-help coach in private practice in Pompano Beach, FL.  He teaches advanced courses in medical hypnosis at schools throughout North America, the UK and South Africa and was a featured instructor of accredited continuing medical education courses in hypnotic pain relief at the annual Major Medical PAINWeek conference (2007-2012).  He is the co-author of Hope is Realistic – A PHYSICIAN’S GUIDE TO HELPING PATIENTS TAKE SUFFERING OUT OF PAIN and the lead author of a Peer Reviewed paper, Hypnosis in Disability [PAIN] Settings. More information can be found on his websites: and pompanobeachhypnosis

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IBS – Irritable Bowel Syndrome arises out of a disruption in the rhythmic impulses of smooth muscle in the bowel.  Pain and cramps arise when two portions of bowel close to each other both are stimulate to contract and the portion of bowel in between distends.  Causes may include life trauma, post-infectious state, genetic/familial factors, and possibly even certain pain relief medications.  

IBS, which affects more women than men, is experienced as a cluster of symptoms including bouts of constipation, diarrhea, abdominal pain and bloating. 

 Mayo clinic Proceedings, 2005 Review of Hypnosis in Contemporary Medicine Gastroenterology stated:  Patients with irritable bowel syndrome had significant improvements in well-being, bowel habits, distention symptoms and pain, with no relapses at 18-month follow-up. 

  The National Health Service in the United Kingdom established its first hypnotherapy unit, with six therapists on staff dedicated to treatment of IBS and other GI disorders with Hypnotherapy. evaluation of the effectiveness of the treatment among the first 250 patients in the unit clearly demonstrated hypnotherapy remains an extremely effective treatment for irritable bowel syndrome and should prove more cost-effective then drugs. 

American Journal of Gastroenterology Nov O2/Feb 2003: Vol 17-6 – Vol 18 No 1 stated that hypnotherapy is an effective treatment for IBS. 

Research since the 1980s has consistently shown that due to it’s cost-effectiveness, long-lasting symptom relief and gentleness, hypnotherapy should be the treatment of choice for IBS. 

I have specialized Hypnotherapy training in IBS so don’t hesitate to contact me for more information. 

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Grace Joubarne, CCHt, MH, HP is a Certified Hypnotherapist with offices in Ottawa and Bancroft.  Contact me at: or 613-422-7027

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