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Scared_Crying_ChildAward winning investigative journalist, Kelly O’Meara, has recently reported data released by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ), on the skyrocketing numbers of children diagnosed with “bipolar disorder” and the never-ending crime against children initiated by the baseless psychiatric theories of Harvard child psychiatrist, Dr. Joseph Biederman.

Biederman is credited with being the gang leader for diagnosing the alleged bipolar disorder in very young children and he is credited with prescribing the most powerful antipsychotic drugs as treatment.  Some readers may recall that he placed himself ‘next to God’ during a deposition in a landmark 2009 New Jersey lawsuit against AstraZeneca, Eli Lilly and J&J’s Janssen unit over their psychiatric drugs.

As a result of a US Congressional Inquiry it was learned that Biederman was paid $1.6 million dollars for slanting his “research” to support childhood bipolar disorder and the drugs pushed by Johnson & Johnson.  O’Meara comments  “Most revealing, however, were court documents released in March of 2009, which disclose that Biederman reportedly had promised drug maker Johnson & Johnson in advance that his studies on the antipsychotic drug Risperdone (Risperdal) would prove the drug to be effective when used on preschool age children.(more…)

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Girl Guide Cookies Unhealthy

Girl Guide and Girl Scout Cookies loaded with GMOs!

    Girl Scout and Girl Guide cookies are made with GMO ingredients despite the many studies showing rats fed GMO ingredients develop horrific tumors and health issues, including obesity and gastrointestinal issues. Today’s Girl Scout and Girl Guide cookies are filled with health-destroying ingredients like genetically-modified (GM) beet sugar, high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS), and transgenic soy derivatives.

One courageous US Girl Scout decided enough is enough.  Her petition, seen at, demands that the Girl Scouts stop this practice – already the petition has gone viral.  As parents world-wide make efforts to avoid feeding their children GMOs and toxic foods, it is abundantly clear that the Girl Scouts and Girl Guide administrations are falling well behind the level of diligence that should be expected.

It should be easy to switch to non-GMO, non-toxic ingredients in their cookies, right? But not so, because Girl Scouts administrators have decided that the opinions of their bakers, who claim their cookies are safe, trump independent research studies showing massive health issues directly linked to GMO sugar beets and HFCS. 

According to, as well as adding your name to the petition at  “You can also contact the Girl Scouts directly and ask the organization to reformulate its cookies without GMOs and toxic ingredients like HFCS, hydrogenated oils, and processed soy:  This goes for Girl Scouts Canada.

 Four additional ways to help the Girl Scouts and Girl Guides of Canada develope a healthier agenda: 

(a)  Avoid buying Girl Guide cookies and Girl Scout cookies altogether, thus helping reduce the exposure the children have to GMOs.  You can explain to the children, in an age-appropriate way, why you are not buying the cookies.

(b)  Support the Girl Scouts and Girl Guides in other ways such as purchasing magazine subscriptions through their Magazine Program 

(c)   Offer a donation directly to the Girl Scouts and Girl Guides without purchasing their cookies:  Scouts Canada: 613-224-5134   Girl Guides: 416-487-5281

(d)  Speak up to stop the unethical use of children to advance Monsanto and Big Biz agendas that have been proven to create catastrophic illnesses!

 Together we can all make Scouting and Guiding activities safe. Girl Scout Cookies and Girl Guide Cookies must be safe and healthy!

What do you plan to do to help keep Girl Scouts and Girl Guides healthy and safe?

Grace Joubarne is an Ottawa-based Clinical Hypnotherapist, Founder of GracePlace Wellness and freelance writer of articles on health, alternative remedies and therapies and environmental issues.  She may be reached at   1-888-390-3553 or Visit her website:

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Iatrogenic illness and disease are most commonly defined as a type of symptom brought about as a consequence of therapy or treatment; a physical and/or mental condition or disorder arising from a medical treatment. Secondary lymphedema occurring after cancer treatment, mental illness as a result of over-medication, iatrogenic hypothroidism and Ritalin-induced psychoses are all examples of iatrogenic illnesses.

Drugs Associated With Iatrogenic Effects
More than a million adults in Britain were hooked on drugs prescribed for them by their GPs, a 2001 BBC documentary revealed. In particular it noted that benzodiazepines (eg. lorazepam), caused millions of adults lives to spin out of control, with withdrawal symptoms as severe as those experienced by heroin addicts. The anxiety attacks reported were worse then the symptoms patients originally sought treatment for. (BBC 2001)

According to T. Robert, 2003, in America, treatment and physician-induced deaths topped the charts as the leading cause of death. OxyContin alone is linked to such an alarming rate of death and addiction that in the USA even the FDA has gotten into the act and forced Purdue Pharma, the manufacturer, to provide more accurate data on deaths and abuse. Some 59 prescription drugs in the United States contain oxycodone and it has fast become a choice drug for addicts who rob pharmacies, forge prescriptions and align with unethical physicians to feed their habit.

According to Robert Whitaker, Zyprexa, an atypical antipsychotic, was linked to serious, in some cases life-threatening side effects requiring hospitalization in 22% of the 2500 adults tested in six-week clinical trials. In fact, during testing, 20 volunteers died, 12 by suicide. A study presented in 2004 at the AACAP is believed to be the first to find the link between Zyprexa and insulin and obesity issues in children and teens. Despite ligation since, doctors still prescribe this deadly drug to thousands.

Prozac and Iatrogenic Illnesses
Within one decade, 39,000 adverse reports about Prozac were sent to Medwatch; a number thought to represent only one percent of the actual number of such events estimated to be 100 times as many (roughly four million people) (Mezzman, 2005). This makes Prozac the most criticized drug in America. Prozac is marketed to the public as a safe drug, and yet millions are complaining about mania, psychotic depression, nervousness, anxiety, agitation, hostility, hallucinations, memory loss, tremors, impotence, convulsions, insomnia, nausea, suicidal urges…all very serious symptoms. (Mezzman, 2005)

In a 2005 interview of Robert Whitaker by Terry Messman, the author of Mad in America states: “….In this county, we have Medwatch, a reporting system in which we report adverse events about psychiatric drugs to the FDA. By the way, the FDA tries to keep these adverse reports from the public…it’s very hard to get these reports….Once we got the other SSRIs on the market, like Zoloft and Paxil, by 1994, four SSRI antidepressants were among the top 20 most complained about drugs on the FDA’s Medwatch list.” As Whitaker points out throughout his interview, the adverse effects, such as suicidal ideation, hallucinations and mania are not minor inconveniences.

Marketing in Madness
This is a must see 177 minute documentary of more facts about the victimization of patients all over North America. It really does pull everything you need to know together in a way that will make you aware of the sure-to-be consequences of starting on drugs to manage the stressors of everyday life.

What Can be Done About Iatrogenic Illness and Death
It would seem that about the only sure way to avoid drug-induced (iatrogenic) illness is to avoid drug therapy as much as possible in favor of safe, natural remedies and therapies such as homeopathy, which is very popular in Europe where even the British Royal Family physician is a homeopath, and hypnotherapy, which has repeatedly been shown highly effective for everything from irritable bowel syndrome pain to anxiety, stress and depressive feelings.

When money is the driving force behind the prescription of such deadly drugs, one must ensure they do not trust blindly. As Ronald Reagan once said, “trust, but verify.” Any effort to verify claims of the safety of any drug prescribed will soon enlighten a patient to the fact that pharmaceuticals cause more harm than good.

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BBC News, May 13, 2001, ‘Hidden World of Tranquilizer Addicts’Jones, A. Nov 2004 ‘Eli Lilly’s highly touted new anti-psychotic, Zyprexa”

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It is astounding on many levels how parental indifference can impact a child’s life and society. My practice sees many children who have been handed the latest technology and ‘allowances of money’ only to find themselves trying to manage fear, insecurity and intense loneliness alone. I meet many parents who have no idea what is going on in their child’s life or where they are when not home.

Time after time I interview children in my hypnotherapy practice whose parents have treated them as apprenticing adults – little people expected to have the experience and knowledge of most adults – while the children became increasingly more unable to cope with the onslaught of stressors such as cyber bullies, junk foods entirely lacking nutrition, violence and sex on TV and intense loneliness and despair.

Increasingly children are expected to make their way in life without the guidance they need to remain safe and secure. Many children get to interact with their parents in a meaningful way for barely a few minutes each day, yet quality time with at least one parent for several hours per day is vitally important to a young mind struggling to understand a world he/she has no experience with.

It seems that the more parents rely on technology including TV and communication devices, such as cell phones, to educate and ‘babysit’ their children, the bond between parent and child is strained and the education about life the child receives is seriously deficient in the aspects that would be in the child’s best interest. TV commercials make children lifelong consumers of junk food and unhealthy habits and the TV ‘sex and violence’ programming is surely the biggest culprit in selling early sex, unhealthy lifestyles and aggressive behavior to children as the way to live.

We now have the highest rate of child and teen suicide in history. Children are not at fault for being unable to manage in a world that is becoming increasingly more frightening and dangerous. It is the parents’ responsibility to ensure that a child feels safe and secure, loved and lovable as they make their way through life. It is a parents’ obligation to be there physically and emotionally for a child…it is not enough to give them money and tell them to find something to eat.

We need to get back to letting children be children and to acting like nurturers and caring human beings toward our children to ensure they feel confident in themselves, are learning, feeling safe and secure, loved and lovable, protected and cared about. That requires parental involvement in the child’s life…parental time and physical presence, understanding, caring and love on a daily basis.

I have yet to meet a cell phone or IPod which could replace a real live caring caregiver. I have seen the devastation of a child raised by the TV set…fearful, lacking confidence, helpless, soaked in beliefs that violence is standard fair in our world and that junk food is all there is to eat.

I hear children say they feel invisible, worthless, less than nothing, not even as good as the household pet which gets the extra attention they crave. I see children crying because they are scared, lonely and feel helpless to be able to change their circumstances. They cannot articulate what they need; all they know is that they don’t have ‘it’. It seems that intense loneliness from spending so much time alone is the prevailing condition in children today.

I have yet to hear a child say they felt unhappy because they didn’t receive the latest most popular runners, the latest technology or the clothes that are in fad. But I routinely hear them complain that mom and dad never make time for them, that they aren’t important in their house because mom/dad spends more time with the pet. Many have said they wished they were a dog or cat so mom/dad would pat them too. One child said that if he were a dog, his mom would tell him she loved him too because she always told the dog she loved it, but never him.

I personally think the most loving thing any parent can do for their children is give them their time…real quality time. Not time spent watching TV together, but real time walking outdoors or playing together, for example. Get rid of the TV; limit cell phone and technology use to a half hour per day. Monitor all texting and calls to be certain your child is not trying to manage bullies and inappropriate ‘friend’ behavior. Help them with their homework, insist on sit-down meals….walk, talk, love with them!

Remember that children grow up to be adults with a vivid memory of how you made them feel! If they are not your priority and first love now, don’t expect to be theirs later.

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I work toward helping children of all ages with their issues. Parent often bring their children to see me about time management problems, otherwise known as he/she doesn’t listen’ and ‘won’t do things when I ask them to’ or forgetfulness.

As I delve further into the issue, I learn that parents will give their children instructions such as “be home in a half hour”, or “you can play for another 10 minutes and then come to dinner”. To parents’ dismay, the children are not home on time and still playing well after the 10 minutes is up.

The real problem is not that a child is being contrary, it is that children do not subscribe to the concept of time. Time is an adult human concept; children, animals, the universe and indeed many cultures do not subscribe to time. Time is a concept devised for the convenience of humans by humans. In hypnotherapy, for example, one can self-heal easily when the concept of time is set aside -there is no past, present and future; there is only the now, which is where children live.

In addition, children do not have the mental capacity to understand the concept of time because it involves future, not something they are yet equipped to deal with. Two other concepts they are unable to grasp fully enough to consider future events in the context adult expect, are consequence and danger. This is why insurers are reluctant to insure drivers under 20 years of age and when they do the premiums are very high.

A child does not have the necessary experience with time to have a feeling that X number of minutes have passed. Additionally, children are designed to focus entirely on the ‘now’ – this very moment. Multi-tasking is not within the realm of their abilities yet. It is not until many years of experience and development have passed can children put time into the context necessary to satisfy adults.

Avoid asking the child to take on any task requiring a focus on the future and on the concept of time, as he is entirely not yet developed mentally to meet your demands. Instead, provide him a watch or show him a clock, if he is familiar with numbers and clocks, and point out what you want him to do when a certain hand gets to a certain place on the clock. For those children under six who are not yet familiar with clocks, simply help them put their toys away when it’s time to do so. This is far less stressful on everyone and certainly more rewarding for the child.

For more tips on child/parent relationships, I invite you to visit my website: .

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In my view there are not and I feel strongly that there are many justifiable reasons for referring to the drugging of children to manage so-called behavioral problems what it is…a form of child abuse. Just who is advocating for the child when he is accused of misbehaving? And, why should it be a crime punishable by ill health and life damaging drugs? Ethical doctors and scientists all over the world are calling for a ban on the psychiatric drugging of children.

Children are born loving and with a desire to please…this is consistent with the unconscious need to be accepted and therefore to survive. If a child is acting out, that child is trying to say something he is not linguistically able to express. He is frightened, feeling threatened and doing the best he can to survive with the little experience he has with life.

I have seen countless beautiful children in drug-induced stupors…on Ritalin, Concerta, Adderal, Prozac and so on. Once I get information from the caregivers, it often becomes apparent that the medications are to serve the agenda of the caregiver. More often then not, I learn those parents and caregivers have busy lifestyles and little time to spend with their children; the children are lonely and feel abandoned. They arrive at school, to a world that is even scarier then home with all its stressors. School may pose many hazards…bullying, incompetent and abusive teachers, and impossibly long days that would tire a healthy adult.

There is mounting evidence that the drugging of children is done to cover up neglect and abuse of all kinds at home. What better way to ensure that a child being sexually molested or physically assaulted can’t alert the authorities. All such abusers need do is take the child to the nearest psychiatrist and he comes out with a perfect way to avoid detection.

All sorts of chemicals and toxins in the environment can cause a negative reaction in a child and TV and video games are damaging to all little children. This was shown in research done in Australia not long ago. Then there are the additives in food and the lack of real nutrition…how can anyone expect a child to learn if he is tired, hungry, wired on sugar and neglected?

There should be a law to ensure that before any drugs are forced onto a child, all possible stressors are completely eliminated from that child’s world. With such a law it is quite likely no child would ever be on medication and Big Pharma would not like that much would they? And maybe some parents/caregivers wouldn’t either.

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At GracePlace Wellness I work with children presumed to have behavioral problems. However, as I teach parents, the child is never to blame.

The reason we look to the child for resolution is because adults presume that a child’s mind is developed to the level of their own and thus that a child should be able to reason things out, understand cause and effect and have the verbal skills to explain themselves.

When a child is born, he is virtually born blank in terms of language skills, physical skills and mental skills that adults take for granted. But they do have feelings and it is these feelings that guide them. If they feel safe and secure, they continue their behavior; if they feel unsafe and not accepted, they adjust their behavior to restore the preferred feeling. Thus their personalities develop to satisfy their evolving perception of their world. Their brain’s reactions and responses to their world are entirely consistent with the child’s belief of his level of safety.

Because of a profound lack of experience with life, children have little information with which to put stimuli in context. Thus rarely are stimuli put into the context an adult would expect. The more information a person has to draw on, the better and more reliable the context, thus it’s not hard to see that most of a child’s life is about doing the best they can to understand their world with little, if any, relevant information at hand.

The expectation that a child can engage in deductive reasoning, put events and feelings into proper and productive perspective, or recognize patterns is truly unreasonable, especially in children under twelve. They react to stressors, but with limited resources, knowledge and experience and thus the resulting behavior seems unacceptable to the adult.

All negative behavior in children has, at its root, fear. The more aggressive the child, the more fearful you can be assured he is. When the feeling is that their very survival is at risk, a child literally panics and he expresses this panic in what, for an adult, would seem to be unacceptable behavior.

The overriding factor for all beings is the unstoppable instinct to survive. A problem child is a child trying, in his not yet fully developed mind, to survive as best he can…and adults are not understanding the message often enough to help him.

Visit my website to learn more about mindful parenting.

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While the UN persuaded countries to control carbon monoxide emissions in transportation and industry in 1997, indoor quality was 10x worse than outdoor air.  EPA research showed one cause of indoor air toxicity is the propane and natural gas appliances so many of us cook over.   They produce odorless carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide. 

In the 1950’s, Dr. Theron Randolph proved women using gas ranges developed specific illnesses, the most prevalent were depression, apathy, circulatory problems, confusion, fatigue, memory loss and all sorts of infections.  His 800 patients recovered once gas exposure stopped. 

Depression is only one of the  toxic effects of nitrogen dioxide and carbon monoxide: even at extremely low levels of exposure, these gases inhibit respiration, decrease brain activity, cause oxidation of unsaturated fatty acids in cell membranes, are carcinogenic (cancer-causing), form nitrosamines which are powerfully carcinogenic,  bind with blood components to cause hypoxia, and cause long and short-term brain damage.  Most at risk are kids and the elderly. 

Gas ranges no longer have pilot lights and carbon monoxide detectors are now readily available. It is troublesome however, that these detectors do not show you the levels of nitrogen dioxide because as little as 0.1 parts per million per cubic meter of air is extremely harmful. 

It is highly recommended that you get rid of gas ovens…breathing in those gas fumes every time you cook cannot be healthy and life-giving.  Because these gases cause the formation of free-radicals, which in turn are the root-cause of cancer, it is very wise to get started on top-quality anti-oxidants.   

Please send your questions and comments to:

Grace Joubarne, CCHt, MH, HP is a Certified Hypnotherapist with offices in Ottawa, Bancroft.  Contact: or 613-422-7027  and visit for publish articles by Grace

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Our Children Will Accuse Us!

Lest we forget, we are the gatekeepers to our children’s futures.  How will we explain that we were too busy to stand up for their rights to healthy food, a GMO-free lifestyle, clean air, additive-free nutrition and fluoride-free drinking water?? How will we justify drugging them because we were too busy to investigate, locate and remove the stressors in their lives?

Love and Light,

Grace :)

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Here are sources of valuable information as to how to stay healthy and what is being hidden from us by the current medical system and the pharmaceutical companies.

At KOS Publishing you will find free downloads.  The author, Helkie Ferrie, is a highly regarded international medical writer who exposes many of the scams and frauds perpetrated on us.  “Dispatches from Environmental War Zone” is also available free from KOS Publishing…in my view it is a must read!  She is Canadian and writes particularly for Canadians.   

One of my favorite websites for real information on keeping healthy is:  (wddty stands for What Doctor’s Don’t Tell You).  WHAT DOCTORS DON’T TELL YOU is a journal that uncovers the hard-to-get facts about health and the causes of illness.  It’s  practically addictive! 

There is a new International Medical Journal available to all people, which provides information about many things we are being sold as ‘health care’.   Go to: . It is exposing many horrific things being done to our food and health without our knowledge.  The doctors, scientists and health care providers who contribute to this Medical Journal are not affiliated in any way with the drug companies.  

I urge you to follow these sites regularly to keep yourself and your family healthy.

I highly recommend Dr. Vladimir Topalo, a European medical doctor and naturopath living in Vancouver, BC…I usually refer my clients to him if they have physical challenges…he uses only natural remedies.  He does not have to see you in person…he uses  technology from Europe referred to as Iridology, which relies on the unique properties of the cells of the irises of the eye to determine what systems of the body need asssistance to make one well  (also used in Airport Security systems) and everything can be done over the internet and telephone.  Dr Topalo’s web address is:   

 I hope you’ll visit my website at . If I can ever be of assistance please don’t hesitate to contact me.   I also have a specialized parenting course (Good Kids on Purpose) which has benefited many people who are raising kids in this day of mis-information and deliberate fraud in the health care and food supply world. 

 If you want to be added to my Alert List in order to get timely health-related information direct to your r email inbox,  contact me at  and just ask that you be added to the Alert List and provide the email address you want me to send to.. 

If you find all these sites helpful please be sure to pass it on to others.  Awareness is everything!

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