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Eczema is a common skin disorder which has an inflammatory and itching component no matter which of the many types one may have.  It is a condition often found in children and the cause is unknown.  What’s more there is supposedly no cure. However, I did finally beat eczema and my experience may help you.

In 2009 I was diagnosed with eczema after a year of suffering with increasingly larger areas of itchy skin patches  on my face, which turned bright red, became very dry and scaly…and embarassing!  The local doctor told me it was a skin disorder for which there was no known cause and no cure.  She offered me her only solution…steriods.

Because I had always had excellent skin, especially on the face, this created a great deal of additional stress and now I realize that the additional stress only enouraged greater areas of my face and neck to be affected.  As well, my facial skin became excessively dry no matter what moisturizer I used, as did my hands, despite my being a heavy water drinker and consumer of organic only foods and drinks. I also do self-hypnosis daily and I believe in the end this helped considerably in preventing the condition from affecting my entire body.

Baffling and frustrating are understatements that only touch the surface of how I felt as I tried to understand this entire situation …adding to the stress!  I was not about to take steriods, being completely aware of the adverse health effects it has over time.  So what did I do?

First I consulted with Dr.Topalo, a medical doctor who treats only with natural remedies and he advised me that while I’m a laid-back person who is usually very calm, I am always very busy, sometimes taking on more than I should.  My iridology report showed that I had been subjected to high stress levels…indeed, in 2008 I had been through a very sad and demoralizing situation and shortly thereafter the first little spot showed up. A good detox was in order for certain!

I  took Dr.Topalo’s liver detox remedy and I felt considerably better…and I reduced my workload and other stressors.  I felt great, but the skin eruptions continued although significantly diminished in severity, each time encompassing yet another small area of my face.  But the cummulative effect of all these little spots turning bright red and violent-looking over almost 2 years was taking its toll.  My forehead had become fully affected in the area above my eyebrows, on both sides of my nose I had major rough spots and so too down my cheeks, around my mouth and on one temple.  Sometimes the itchiness was distracting and relentless, even at night when I was asleep.

Finally, roughly 5 months ago, I decided to look into all of the products (yes, all of them natural) that I was using.  I also started using Traumeel, a homeopathic cream which pretty much eliminated the itchiness and reduced the redness.  I took Bach Rescue Remedy and it seemed the redness and breakouts diminished yet again in both severity and frequency. But, I did continue to have very mild eczema outbreaks from time-to-time.

As I was eliminating one thing after the other from my diet and my skin care products and then re-introducing them one at a time to learn whether I might be allergic to something, I discovered that I was reacting to glycerin (vegetable glycerin) products.  Many soaps and most facial cleansing products contain some glycerin.  As I don’t wear makeup, I decided to wash my face only with warm water.  Also, at this time, I noticed that the rest of my body was just fine…not dry, not itchy, not breaking out.  This suggested that whatever I was using outside the shower was the culprit as it affected my face and hands….I was not using glycerin products in the shower!

Once I stopped using glycerin (which is a natural product) I had no further breakouts.  But I did continue to have a very slight dryness to my facial skin.  I reviewed all my products and sure enough, there were one or two which contained very slight amounts of glycerin.  When I eliminated those, all breakouts stopped, my skin is clear and supple and there is no hint I ever had such angry looking rashes and such a disconcerting skin disorder.

Today I can see that the severe stress I was under in 2008 set my skin up for trouble… not only because of the cortisol released into the body during stress reactions, but because it depleted my immune system.  Perhaps my skin was not fond of glycerin in the past, but now that stress had compromised it’s ability to heal itself, the dislike of glycerin was perfectly evident.

So, if you are suffering eczema, I suggest you try what worked for me…identify and reduce stress, get a good liver detox, take Bach Rescue Remedy to help you remain calm in stressful situations, use Traumeel ointment to quell the itchiness and redness and eliminate glycerin or any other ingredient you discover exacerbates the problem. And don’t forget to meditate or do self-hypnosis!

I don’t believe there was only one culprit at work here…it was just a set of circumstances that made the situation come to a head.

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