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There is Lots of Proof that Homeopathy is Effective and Safe!

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Last week I received an email comment from a fellow who claimed that homeopathic remedies were nothing more than ‘water’. His comments were entirely devoid of supportive evidence and it seemed to me he was just another of those ghost writers hired by pharmaceuticals to keep the public confused.

Homeopathy, like hypnotherapy, has stood the tests of time…the only truly reliable test of anything. The test of time proved that drug-therapy is either ineffective long-term and/or damaging. Despite being suppressed and oppressed by Big Pharma and conventional medical biases, especially in North America, homeopathy and hypnotherapy are not only still around, they are thriving. In their book, Spontaneous Evolution, Bruce Lipton and Steve Bhaerman note that a full 1/2 of the American population have used alternative therapies. Considering that most alternatives are not covered by insurance, this says a great deal about their efficacy for one half of the American population would not be foolish enough to continue with therapies that did not work.

The F.D.A. Consumer (March 1985), a government magazine reported that the sales of homeopathic medicines increased 1000% (yes, one-thousand percent) from the late 1970’s to the early 1980’s alone. By 1985, The New York Times (Jan 9, 1985) reported that 48% of the physicians in England were recommending homeopathy to their patients.

By 2009, NewsWeek, Time, The Today Show, CBS Morning News, New York Times, Los Angleles Times, Boston Globe, UPI, AP and National Public Radio were but some of the media who had done one or more favorable stories on the effectiveness of homeopathy.

Homeopathy was growing so rapidly in France by 1985 that it was reported in the Le Nouvel Observateur, a leading French magazine, that the then President Mitterrand and six Medical School Deans were calling for more research on homeopathy.

I am living testament to the fact that homeopathy works very well, without negative side-effects. I lost two younger brothers to the conventional treatment of leukemia. I remember listening to the doctor’s pronouncement…grave and scary sounding, with the timing seeming rather opportunistic to me (I was in Ottawa to share my bone marrow with my dying brother) when he told me. The specialist seemed quite shocked at my calmness after he revealed his findings. I told him I would take care of it with natural remedies and changed the subject.

I tackled what their specialist said were ‘signs’ I may soon have full blown leukemia with a course of homeopathy from my personal care physician, Dr. Vladimir Topalo … a truly caring and highly ethical european-trained medical doctor who treats only with natural remedies. I did not have a single down-day and when they checked my blood 2 months later, white blood cells were again perfectly normal.

As a clinical hypnotherapist I know the power of the word to influence behavior. I was not about to let the specialists belief system and his fear-mongering cause me distress. I know in my heart that cancer is not the ‘killer’ that it is made out to be by the conventional medical community. For instance, German New Medicine has proven that at least 13 cancers resolve on their own, simply with a change in diet and lifestyle.

Nobody dies the day after they get the diagnosis, but they will certainly die prematurely if they are told, while in a highly suggestible state, that they will die soon or that they have a ‘killer’ disease…that is often referred to as the nocebo effect. A person is in a highly suggestible state when in fear…that is, the critical faculty of their mind is bypassed and therefore they are not assessing effectively and rationally the information put to them.

I viewed cancer as a signal that my body was out of balance and that it needed some assistance to balance itself. My body’s natural instinct is to find balance and harmony and I knew that if I supported my system with the correct energy, healing foods and lifestyle, I would be fine. And so it was. Rather than add to my immune system’s burden, I supported it. Rather than add poisons to my body, I provided loving energy, thought, food and homeopathic remedy. I feel that is all the evidence I need.

Recently Nobel Prize winner Luc Montagnier Foundation proved how homeopathy works in a series of rigorous experiments investigating the electromagnetic (EM) properties of highly diluted biological samples.

But for those who need more evidence there is lots of research and reporting of facts, hundreds in fact. These are a few:

1. Howard P. Bellows, 1906 The Test Drug Proving of the O.O. and L. Society: A Reproving of Belladonna
2. Book: The Logic of Figures or Comparative Results of Homeopathic and Other Treatments. Comparison of the dis-ease and death rates in Homeopathic and Allopathic (conventional) Hospitals including the epidemic disease of scarlet fever, yellow fever, typhoid showed that homeopathic hospitals usually had 50 to 80% less deaths per 100 people.
3. Singh, L.M. and Gupta, G., : Double-blind studies prove the antiviral effects of homeopathic remedies for 8 of the 10 remedies tested British Homeopathic Journal, 74 (July 1985): 168-174.
4. Homeopathic effectiveness of homeopathics in eliminating arsenic from the body. Journal of Human Toxicology, July 1987
5. Cancer Research Center in India found that of the 77 mice receiving a transplant in Fibrosarchoma, 52% survived more than on e year with homeopathic remedies. The 77 mice that were uncreated died within 10-15 days. British Homeopathic Journal, 69 (1980):168-170
6. Scientists at the British School of Pharmacy showed that homeopathic remedies inhibited pain responses Proceedings of the 40th International Homeopathic Contress (Lyon, France 1985) pp. 228-231.

Further, in England, the Royal Family have regularly used homeopathy since the 1800’s and Queen Elizabeth II is a patron to the famed Royal London Homeopathic Hospital. Apparently Prince Charles never leaves home without his homeopathic medicines. John D Rockefeller was quoted as saying that homeopathy was a ‘progressive and aggressive step in medicine.”

The old tired refrain of pharmeceuticals and conventional medicine is that homeopathy and hypnotherapy are not ‘clinically proven’. Not only are they clinically proven with reliable, truthful clinical results, but when viewed in the context of the latest revelations that 75% of the articles written in the most prestigous of medical journals, the BMJ (British Medical Journal) included, are tainted and rendered useless with false clinical trial reporting by pharmaceutical companies, it would seem that homeopathy is certainly your best bet for remedies that won’t kill you with side-effects.

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