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Canadian Taxpayers Paying Public Health Staff to Campaign for Vaccine Manufacturers!

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Vaccine damage linked to autism

Courts: Autism and Vaccines linked

If there was any doubt that many Canadian government bureaucrats and politicians were working for pharmaceutical interests, then this incident should clarify nicely.  Toronto’s Department of Public Health and specifically David McKeown, the city’s medical officer of health has reached right into the USA and lobbied the American network ABC to sack Jenny McCartney from The View before she starts sharing her views on vaccine damages…which no doubt would significantly reduce pharmaceutical profits.  

The Toronto Public Health bunch has started a Twitter campaign (yes, with taxpayer dollars) demanding that she be fired from The View, even before she starts with the popular program, due to ‘concerns’ that her facts about vaccinating little children with poisonous substances may cause people to stop vaccinating their children.  The veiled concern for pharmaceutical profits, however, does not escape any of those following this outright crime against children.  McKeown is reaching into another country to help protect a status quo that is killing and maiming millions of children, by threatening a free citizen of a democracy with loss of livelihood. Vaccines kill…he ignores that fact.

Medical Officer a Vaccine Proponent Despite Data Does Not Disclose His Financial Ties with Big Pharma

Toronto Public Health forgets, in its frenzied haste, that this woman lives in a democracy and is free to share her views on vaccine damage with the public.  Perhaps David McKeown should be sharing on Twitter ALL financial ties he has with the vaccine manufacturers, including any vacations, educational retreats in fancy tropical paradises and all other possible ‘gifts’ before he be permitted to interfere with the public’s right to get full disclosure of all the facts surrounding vaccines.  McCartney is not financially benefiting from exposing vaccines for what they are, but McKeown is clearly protecting his ego and his profession’s huge windfalls every time a child becomes a life-long patient.

If vaccines were so beneficial, the benefits would be self-evident, but the fact is that there are no benefits except big financial payouts to pharmaceutical shareholders.  It seems entirely beside the point to McKeown and Toronto Public Health that almost $3 Billion has already been paid out by vaccine manufacturers over vaccine damage; that yet another couple of $10 Million court orders were awarded against vaccine manufacturers after their vaccines were shown to have put two previously healthy children into vegetative states.  It seems also that it matters not the least bit that the Public Health Agency of Canada finally admitted that polio vaccines were contaminated with cancer-causing SV40 viruses.  Or that Bill Gates himself gushed over how effective vaccines are at reducing populations (remember always that eugenicists are hard at work to eliminate the inferiors).

Indeed, it seems that instead of using taxpayer dollars to protect citizens from pharmaceutical scams by getting ALL available information out to the public, Big Pharma shills, such  as David McKeown seems to be, are focused on spewing more untruthful information and interfering with the hiring of a free citizen of another country who might possibly show them for the corrupt egotistical puppets of the pharmaceutical industry they really are.  Remember that there are no separations between medical schools and pharmaceutical companies.  The medical students are well indoctrinated to be super salesman for pharmaceutical companies long before they get their medical degrees.  Thus they know little about health, nutrition and safe water; they are however, expert at how to generate more work and profits for the medical/pharmaceutical cartel.

In fact, they are willing to go outside their city, their province and their country to attack anyone who dares open this vaccine crime we call ‘preventative’ health to public scrutiny. The City of Toronto health department was quickly denounced by a council conservative, Denzil Minnan-Wong as he shared out loud what many Canadians are thinking.  “They clearly have too much time on their hands….Toronto Public Health should focus on health issues in the city of Toronto that need serious action and consideration rather than starting campaigns against American television programs.”  I would add that banning fluoridation of city drinking water would be a good start, since it causes so much cancer and thyroid dysfunction and violates the basic human rights of all Toronto citizens to SAFE drinking water.

Toronto’s Medical Officer Should Be Fired for Threatening a US Citizen, Violating TV Host’s Right to Free Speech and Violating Public’s Right to Know of Vaccine Harm

McKeown should be fired for spewing misinformation about the safety of vaccines.  He should be fired for trying to silence a citizen of a democracy by threatening her livelihood.  He is withholding that California courts just issued another two $10 million awards to the families of two children permanently brain-damaged by vaccines and the court itself admitted the link between vaccines and autism when making those awards.  He is also lying about the vaccines being safe…in the US they have an entire GOVERNMENT department (Vaccine Court) set up to pay out vaccine damage awards.  The tally so far?  Over $3 Billion (that’s a B).  And there are millions more vaccine-damaged families who cannot afford a lawyer to make their case. 

Allowing this behavior by our government officials to go unpunished is creating a slippery slope where using taxpayer dollars to protect Big Pharma by interfering with the hiring of a free citizen of another country who might well show them for the corrupt egotistical puppets of the pharmaceutical industry they really are will become the norm.  In their jobs, where they are supposed to be protecting the public and making available ALL relevant information, “corporate protection” should be considered entirely unacceptable.

I hope that someone starts a campaign to get McKeown fired and to stop city councilors and other elected officials from cavalierly supporting deliberate misinformation and pharmaceutical campaigning on public dollars.  It is entirely unacceptable that first, negative vaccine information is kept from the public, and then taxpayer money is used to advance ‘gagging’ campaigns against citizens of other countries by threatening their livelihood. 

It is clear that this ‘experts’ inability to be objective and truthful is a real danger to Canadians and especially Torontonians.  Just as with the fluoridating issue – while valid information as to the catastrophic harm caused by his policies swirl around him, he casually ignores it all, protecting the fertilizer and dental associations in the process.

If you are a Canadian and especially someone who lives in Toronto, give your Councillor some idea of how you feel about your tax dollars being used to violate the right of a person of another country to speak her mind on killer vaccines by using his position to threaten her livelihood.  Let me know how it goes.


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