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Why Won’t Insurance Companies Provide Coverage and Reimbursement for Hypnotherapy?

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As a clinical hypnotherapist I’ve been asked this question countless times by clients who have healed themselves after years of drug-therapy and psychotherapy, but who found themselves unable to get their hypnotherapy fee reimbursed.  It is frustrating and confusing to a person who is helping themselves to heal, get back to work and productivity, when insurers of disability and extended health benefits will simply not reimburse the cost of the alternative remedies and therapies such as hypnotherapy and homeopathy, despite the client demonstrating sucess.

My clients will say, logically, that in  the end they are saving the insurer money if they are no longer have to claim reimbursement for drugs and therapy by having healed themselves.  But to see the logic used by the insurance companies when it comes to alternative treatments and remedies, you need only follow the money trail.

Insurance companies reinvest the monies they collect as premiums.  A high proportion of those reinvestments are in stocks and since pharmaceutical companies are among the richest and most successful, insurance companies invest heavily in them.  Insurers need to be very effective investors in order to survive…insurance policy premiums are not enough to satisfy shareholders in their companies.

I’m sure you can already figure the rest out.  If insurers started to reimburse claimants for treatments that work, yes, claims would end or stop for that claimant, but the big picture would be dire for the pharmaceuticals…fewer and fewer sales of drugs.  Fewer sales of drugs would mean less earnings for the pharmaceutical companies, and thus result in a dropping value of the investments insurance companies have in those stocks.

People routinely make the mistake of thinking that people who run these enterprises care about our health or really do want to see us get well.  Think again…there is no money for them in our getting well.

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